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Life feeling complicated? Mo Gilligan guides people through life’s modern conundrums

Comedian Mo Gilligan appointed Sky Stream’s ‘Simplicity Guru’, is joining well-known experts to break down mind-boggling topics around finance, health & wellbeing, dating and more…


Feeling daunted by dating? Flummoxed by tech? Befuddled by finances? Overwhelmed with wellness advice and more argh than Ommm? Then you’re not alone - three quarters (74 per cent) of Brits agree life today is more complicated compared to five years ago, according to new research commissioned by Sky Stream, the simple way to get Sky on any TV.

Despite nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of baffled Brits trying to adjust by using tricks and hacks to make things easier, a staggering 94 per cent still wish their lives were simpler.  

In a bid to help the nation navigate the most complicated areas of life, Sky Stream has enlisted comedian and triple BAFTA winner Mo Gilligan as its first-ever ‘Simplicity Guru’.  

Sky’s research found nine in ten (89 percent) say they’re bemused by life on the daily, with younger generations topping the charts as the most confused. Thanks to overwhelming choice, new technologies and crazes Brits under 35 feel perplexed by how complicated life has become – 11 times a day, with 18 minutes of pure confusion.  

As the Simplicity Guru, Mo collaborated with a host of experts recruited by Sky Stream to unearth their top tips and provide some light-hearted know-how to the nation around the areas of life that have been over complicated: love, money, wellbeing and decision making.  

In the newly launched video series, Life Simplified, Mo speaks with four experts to understand the simple steps we can take to make elements of modern life more straightforward. Appearing in weekly episodes alongside Mo are dating coach Jacob Lucas, psychologist Jo Hemmings, wellbeing influencer Carly Rowena and social media finance star Poku Banks.  

Whilst literally everything in modern day life is seemingly leaving us puzzled – money bagged the top spot for the most confusing part of life (44 percent), followed by tech (41 per cent), dating (26 percent), health (24 percent) and work (20 percent). And for under 35s, more than a tenth (13 percent) admitted they don’t know how to balance their career and relationships. 

Mo Gilligan said: “We all feel like life can be confusing and there’s so much information everywhere. I’ve loved partnering with Sky Stream to show viewers like me that you no longer need to worry about choosing what to watch. Sky Stream makes it super simple to find your favourite shows and films, with personalised recommendations so however hectic your day has been, we can all relax.”  

The first episode of Life Simplified, lands today (1 June 2023), and sees Mo meet dating coach Jacob Lucas to understand his top tips for dating and relationships. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis on Sky UK’s YouTube channel.

Episode 1: DATING SIMPLIFIED, with Jacob Lucas (1 June 2023) 

Sick of swiping right only to get the ick? Stuck with a Karen when you’re after a worldie? You’re not alone (single, yes, but not alone in how you’re feeling). Dating is one of the most bewildering parts of modern life for under 35s, and 37 per cent of Brits have taken a break or stopped using dating apps because they became too overwhelming. Dating coach Jacob Lucas simplifies the rules of dating and tell tell signs with Mo. 

Episode 2: DECISION MAKING SIMPLIFIED, with Jo Hemmings (5 June 2023) 

Sometimes, having too many options can make life more complicated. World-famous author and psychologist Jo Hemmings gives her hacks to navigate the modern world when there’s endless options to choose from. And find out what Mo does with a hula hoop… 

Episode 3: HEALTH & WELLNESS SIMPLIFIED, with Carly Rowena (9 June 2023) 

Tired by meditating on how difficult it is to, well, meditate? With 85 percent of people saying they’re confused from the conflicting health advice they’re getting online, Mo joins health and wellbeing coach Carly Rowena to get her three simple tips for feeling good, including tips for nutrition and movement, demonstrated by some mindful yoga from Mo. 

Episode 4: FINANCE SIMPLIFIED, with Poku Banks (14 June 2023) 

According to Sky’s research, nearly half (44 per cent) of Brits find money the most confusing. So, Mo and personal finance expert and TikTok sensation Poku demystify the complex world of savings, money management and side-hustles.

Liz Wynn, Managing Director of Sky TV, said: “Modern life just seems to get more and more complicated – including what to watch, with 91 percent of Brits wishing it was easier to find something to watch on TV.

While Mo’s helping us solve our dating dilemmas and wellness woes, Sky Stream gets rid of those TV tech hassles – no dish and installation to worry about. With all your TV apps in one place and personal playlists, there’s no time wasted hopping in and out of apps and finding something to watch. You can watch what you want, when you want.” 

Sky Stream makes enjoying your must-watch entertainment simple. The most affordable way to get Sky TV and Netflix together, Sky Stream is full of the best TV apps, including, Disney+, Amazon and discovery+, plus clever features like Voice Search and Playlist, to create a bespoke list of what you want to watch. There’s no installation and no dish – simply plug in connect to WiFi, and you’re ready to stream Sky TV.  

All episodes of Life Simplified will be on the Sky UK YouTube channel:

  1. What an NFT is 34%
  2. How AI and Chat GPT works 31%
  3. Price of gas and electricity 29%
  4. What exactly a black hole is 27%
  5. How interest rates are set 26%
  6. The rules of cricket 26%
  7. The difference between calories and macros 25%
  8. How to do a tax return 25%
  9. What people are really thinking 21%
  10. The concept of the solar system 20%
  11. How much protein you’re meant to eat 17%
  12. What my dog is thinking 17%
  13. Why rental are prices going up so much 16%
  14. What people mean in vague text messages 16%
  15. How anyone manages to get on the property ladder 16%
  16. The difference between a noun, verb and adjective 15%
  17. Difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius 15%
  18. How Gwyneth Paltrow survives on bone broth 15%
  19. Where dust comes from 14%
  20. The difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ 14%
  21. How to read a utility bill 13%
  22. The rules of modern dating 11%
  23. The rules of punctuation 11%
  24. How to retune a TV 11%
  25. Why Hollywood celebs are buying football teams 11%
  26. Why songs live in our head rent free 10%
  27. How to balance work and relationships 10%
  28. The clocks going back and forwards 10%
  29. How much you’re meant to tip in the UK 9%
  30. How the For You page on TikTok knows me so well 9%
  31. What Black Friday actually means 9%
  32. How much exercise you’re meant to do per week 8%
  33. How to say ‘Worcestershire sauce’ 8%
  34. Why people leave voice notes 8%
  35. Whether the cream or jam should go first on a scone 7%
  36. If red wine is good for you or not 7%
  37. Where to stream a TV show you want to watch 6%
  38. How often to change the bed sheets 5%
  39. The easiest way to watch the latest shows 5%
  40. What dating app I should be on 4%


Research of 2,000 Britons was commissioned by Sky Stream and was conducted by Perspectus Global in May 2023. 


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