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A Groundbreaking New Book by Chet Shupe: “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness”

Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature—How Civilization Destroys Happiness, goes beyond the categories of psychology, sociology, and self-help, with its revelations about the failure of modern culture. Modern life destroys human happiness, by severing our natural emotional connections to one another. Shupe’s ideas spur readers to conversation and introspection about the nature of life and how evolution prepared us to celebrate it.

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The author raises the thought that we as a society have become immersed in gaining wealth and independence. While in reality, we are created to be interdependent. - Amazon Review.

According to anthropologist Doug MacDonald, our hominoid ancestors lived pretty well for three-million years: “They moved around in extended family groups that took care of each other. It was a healthy way for humans to live, because we were well adapted for it, by evolution. It was egalitarian, because there was no wealth.”

MacDonald’s observation implies that evolution prepared a place for us. But we moderns no longer live there, because we depend on personal wealth to survive, not on sisters and brothers. This severs the emotional connections through which humans once loved, and were loved by, their fellow man. No longer living in concert with our own Nature, we find our lives fraught with complicated problems, for which viable answers seem increasingly elusive.

The widespread social isolation from which so many modern humans suffer is a red warning sign that’s largely being ignored. Meanwhile, our dependence on material wealth continues to dominate and define every aspect of our lives. Is this unnatural dependency on material wealth THE source of all the modern problems that we seem incapable of effectively addressing?

Imagine what life was like for our distant ancestors. There were no bills to pay. People didn’t have to spend most of their time doing things they didn’t feel like doing, to make a living. There was plenty to do, of course, but their activities were rich in meaning, because they were in service to loved ones—not self.

Is the existence of wealth the source of our unnatural state of suffering? Chet Shupe addresses that, and many other heretofore unasked questions, in his startling and revealing book, “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human NatureHow Civilization Destroys Happiness.”

The new, 2nd edition of this book was exhibited April 18-20, 2023, at the 2023 London Book Fair, London, England, by self-publishing and book marketing company, ReadersMagnet.

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Author Bio

Chet Shupe is an electronic engineer who was diagnosed at the age of 43 with severe Attention Deficit Disorder. After starting treatment with Ritalin, Shupe gained a new perspective on the human condition. His engineering background in system control theory led him to ask questions about the brain’s purpose, how the mind is organized, why emotions exist, the dynamics of human relationships, and how all of these relate to man’s happiness and well-being.

As a whistle-blower to the world, Chet Shupe speaks with urgency about our need to rediscover our connections with our own nature, if we are ever again to experience the contentment of sisterhood and brotherhood that is our natural heritage.

“Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness” (Second Edition)
Author | Chet Shupe
Published date | December 6, 2022
Publisher | BookBaby
Book Genre | Philosophy, Evolutionary Psychology, Sociology, Self-Help

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