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Basil “Buzz” Howell’s Book “70 Years of God’s Miracles” Shares a Story of a Man Who Went to Heaven

Delve into a spiritually-uplifting story of a man who had an experience with God to help others who are in need of Christ in their life.

San Diego, California, USA – WEBWIRE

On the surface it may appear to be the wonderful-- even miraculous-- story of one man’s life. But while that should be enough, there is much, much more.

Basil “Buzz ” Howell takes his readers to the time when he was awakened by God two late nights in a row to write a book. A year later “70 Years of God’s Miracles.” The book was displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The book festival was held last April 22-23, 2023, at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

“70 Years of God’s Miracles” follows Buzz Howell’s experiences with God. He had a life-changing conversation that changed the trajectory of his life. Buzz experienced a sudden burst of pain in his stomach while he was watching a soccer game. His wife, Esperanza, took him to the hospital. She prayed for his health as his appendix was about to burst! On the wheeled bed, Buzz was scared and asked God to guide his surgeon in the operation as the anesthesia kicked in.

He realized he had risen to heaven and realized that things on Earth were not as important or meaningful. After this amazing experience, the only disappointment he felt was coming back to Earth. God told him to write this book to inspire people.

Basil “Buzz” Howell held a book signing session, signing copies of his book “70 Years of God’s Miracles” on April 23, 2023, at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The book signing session was organized by ReadersMagnet.

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“70 Years of God’s Miracles”
Author| Basil “Buzz” Howell
Published Date| October 7, 2021
Publisher| Trilogy Christian Publishers
Genre| Christian

Author’s Biographyz

Basil “Buzz” Howell moved from Rulo, Nebraska to San Jose, California with his family to meet their father who was arriving on a ship to Oakland after World War II, on November 8, 1945. It was a miracle that he had survived a near-fatal strangulation from his alcoholic father at the age of seven, after which his parents divorced. During his childhood, he and his brother spent their summers working hard picking fruit, playing Little League Baseball, and swimming at Ryland Park in Santa Clara Valley, which had many orchards.

Their adolescence began with Rock and Roll, bowling and playing pool at 4th Street Bowl, where they made many friends. After two years at San Jose City College with a major in business, he had to fulfill National Guard basic training at Fort Ord in Monterey, CA for six months, where he met John Moller, who became a great friend. Unfortunately, their National Guard unit upgraded to A-1, which meant two weekends of training instead of one, and his income went down dramatically. He called John Moller, and he told him to come to Azusa, CA and stay with him and his brother in a home they had just bought. He moved as fast as possible and changed his National Guard unit to Pasadena. During his service in the National Guard, he was later assigned to the riots in Watts. The move south became a major life-changer because he loved Mexican people and Spanish food. He went to La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant, where he met his future wife, Esperanza Jimenez. She had to be escorted on their dates by her younger sister and smaller brother. After a few months, they fell in love, and in his heart, he knew she was the one. By July, they decided to drive to Las Vegas to get married. After three flat tires, in the desert heat, it was a miracle they made it to Cupid’s Chapel on July 23, 1966.

They soon prepared for a beautiful baby girl named Charlene Jean, who was born on March 20, 1967. It was a miracle they were able to buy a home because he didn’t have any money. The Realtor himself loaned them the down payment to buy their first house! In the summer of ‘69, Espe was 7 months pregnant with their son Albert when she was stricken by the Hong Kong flu. Her temperature skyrocketed to 107 degrees, and she was in an oxygen tent for a week. It’s a miracle his wife and unborn son survived when the hallways of the hospital were lined with bodies. By 1972, he jumped at the chance to use the newly developed computer at the Don Lucas Volvo dealership. Before that, they were handwriting contracts. They began leasing cars for $99 down, and $99 a month with miraculous results, which made a fortune for the dealership practically overnight. He soon became a minor partner at Don Lucas Cadillac San Francisco in 1974, but it was in 1978 that Espe accepted Jesus Christ at a Catholic Revival meeting in San Jose. He was at his worst with drinking and other women, but Espe went into heavy prayer until he joined her for a prayer meeting a week before Christmas. After confessing a lifetime of sins, he came forth from the confessional glowing with the miracle of his new life in Christ!

In 1984, while on the operating table, his spirit rose above his body and went to heaven. All his senses were heightened, and he experienced the most divine perfection. It was like an orchestra of millions playing in perfect tune. Even though he only spoke English, he could understand every language. For him it was a disappointment to recover and come back to earth, but he was so grateful to have enjoyed 56 years of marriage to the love of his life, 42 years of ministering God’s love.

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