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Bruce Roger Matson’s Continues Crusade for Creationism with Book “From Goo to God”

Despite continuous criticisms from mainstream science, faith-based educators like Bruce R. Matson continue to dispute the theory of evolution, and he’s even taken the fight worldwide. His book, “From Goo to God,” has joined the ranks of books exhibited at international book fairs and festivals. He hopes the exposure will give his fellow creationists spiritual support while exposing uncomfortable facts for evolutionists suppressed by the mainstream scientific community.

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The author presents indisputable facts that explain why the evolution theory is baseless. I now feel that I can confidently explain to my teenage son why he can rely on God’s word despite the educational system’s attempt to use Darwinism to disinform our society by excluding God out of the origin of the creation of life. – James Killion

Since the day Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution became accepted fact, many Christian groups and churches have been fighting an uphill battle in their rejection of it. This appears most prominent in the discourse of American education. Creationists continue to protest the teaching of Darwin’s theory without including the numerous scientific facts that go against it or the well-known scientists that don’t agree with it. These exclusions make the teaching of evolution indoctrination, not education.

Today, another Christian educator steps up in the crusade.

Bruce R. Matson has spent over 30 years teaching students from kindergarten to 8th grade. He has also served as a coach, athletic director, and even principal. Yet, he became inspired to defend Creationism as a result of surviving stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This humbling experience compelled him to publicly expose the falsehoods of evolution and the belief human life is just a product of mere happenstance.

That is why he published “From Goo to God: A Science-Based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution,” his personal treatise against the theory of evolution and how its core premises are both flawed and dehumanizing. The title itself is an abbreviation, with Goo representing the Godless Ocean Origins described in the theory of evolution, while God stands for Grace Ordained Designer.

Matson’s book illustrates examples of intelligent design throughout the universe and in biological systems that are too complex to attribute to random natural processes. For people of faith, Matson shows with fact after fact that we don’t have to fear science because the science is on our side. Recently, the book was well received while exhibited at the London Book Fair.

Bruce Roger Matson hopes that by spreading the word, more Christian households can equip themselves and their children with a faith-based alternative to the theory of evolution. “From Goo to God: A Science-Based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

From Goo to God: A Science-Based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution
Author | Bruce Roger Matson
Published date | July 30, 2019
Publisher | Trilogy Christian Publishing
Genre | Creationism, Spiritual Growth, Apologetics

Bruce Matson is an educator of 30 years who has taught kindergarten through 8th grade. He has also been a principal, athletic director, bus driver, and a coach of football, basketball, and track. Most importantly, Bruce is a survivor of stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After 18 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation, Bruce was humbled to the core of his existence. Seeing his own mortality, he made it his mission to let people know they are so much more than happenstance, by-products of evolution. So Bruce wrote his book using science-based facts to expose the faulty foundations evolution and to reveal how intelligent design throughout the universe leads us to our Creator.

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