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Dr. Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger Redefine The Language of Relationships in Their Breakout Self-Help Book

Readers gain a newfound perspective on relationships as they learn about themselves through Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger’s “You’ll Do Anything for Him.”

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This book was the 2017 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition Winner, the 2017 Maxy Awards Winner (Silver), the 2017 Nonfiction Book Authors Award (Silver), the 2017 Living Now Awards, an Honourable Mention at the 2017 Paris Book Festival Awards, and more.

Looking for a fresh perspective on relationships? Look no further as Dr. Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger are revolutionizing the self-help genre with their book, “You’ll Do Anything for Him: A New Relationship Perspective.” This book is not a typical relationship guide; it’s a transformative journey of self-discovery that will leave readers with a new understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Through captivating storytelling and expert insights, “You’ll Do Anything for Him” offers a fresh and engaging perspective on relationships that will resonate with readers of all backgrounds. Whether a person is in a committed relationship or just starting out, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to cultivate healthier, more authentic relationships.

Author and doctor Maureen E. Hosier, a clinical Ph.D. psychologist, challenges traditional relationship labels and introduces readers to a new language of relationships that are grounded in authentic thinking and feeling.

By shedding light on why some people feel compelled to sacrifice their own needs to please their partner, the authors help readers identify their own relational style and provide them with the tools to get back in touch with their true selves.

Don’t miss out on this transformative journey of self-discovery. Discover the necessary steps to reconnect with one’s true self and build fulfilling relationships that truly reflect oneself. Pick up a copy of “You’ll Do Anything for Him: A New Relationship Perspective” by Dr. Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Maureen always wanted to write a book about relationships but knew she couldn’t do it alone. She couldn’t get it down on paper without her sister’s focus on detail, organization, and flow—not to mention her sister’s ability to bring introspective depth and richness to their combined understanding of one-person and two-person relationships.

Writing a book together became their way of learning to be in a two-person relationship. This goal took some time for them to find their way to a two-person emotional language. Through their conversations and written exchanges, they learned to listen to each other.

It took a lot of talking and getting into it. For the sisters, as they worked together on this book. Then more talking, yelling, and shutting down. Then more talking. Then more listening, patience, and flexibility.

Eventually, they learned how not to ruin the moments between them. It also took persistence and acceptance to figure out how to push toward the finish line without each needing to control the other.

Even as the book is almost finished, the sisters are still learning how to use their little-kid moments to help them understand one-person relating and why it’s so difficult to build a two-person relationship given their beginnings in a one-person household.

They learned that nothing could be accomplished unless they learned to value, accept, and explore each other’s new ideas and suggested rewrites, and accepted how and when the ideas and rewrites came about.

They learned the book would be complete when it was “right” for them both. Learning to be in a two-person relationship takes time. It takes commitment. It takes a lot of hard emotional work. The sisters are still learning to accept each other as persons separate from what each wants the other to be.

They are still learning to trust the process and appreciate each other’s contributions and differences. And they are still learning how to take care of themselves and communicate their preferences.

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