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Global Resorts Network Launches---Faces Competition


New startup Global Resorts Network launched a home based travel business this month that is facing stiff completion from established veterans with extensive track records as they battle for some market share. They have established themselves from that competition with a quirky multi level marketing pay plan and low overhead.

While some MLM veterans quickly joined with the “something new is something good” attitude, the more logical majority know that over 85% of new businesses fail to survive their first year. Most continue to stay on the sideline or are joining with established competition.

Travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world at over $7 trillion Trend experts predict that revenues from the travel industry will double over the next few years as travel and tourism continues to grow in double digits.

Baby boomers represent a huge chunk of the population. They will retire and have even more time to travel in the coming years. From the standpoint of Global Resorts Network, it seems to be the perfect market to launch into until you take into account the formidable competition they face. Established competitors have a huge head start over the new startup.

The core product Global Resorts Network offers are one week condo stays at discounted prices. The home based travel business segment has been dominated for years by Coastal Vacations and YTB. While the product offered by Global Resorts Network has little in common with YTB, one of the most popular features in three lifetime travel packages offered by Coastal Vacations is the ability for members to book luxury timeshare condo units on the internet at deeply discounted prices.

For motivated business builders, veteran Coastal Vacations offers many more income earning options, the stability of a 12-year-old top rated home based business, physical travel packages that offer a variety of ways to save up to 75% off on travel, and many marketing options developed over the years that Global Resorts Network cannot touch.

Global Resorts Network seems to be handicapped as it enters the marketplace with a quirky MLM pay plan they call perpetual leverage. Consumers new to the home based business arena are fearful of multi level marketing (MLM) programs dating back to Amway. It represents a huge negative in the psyche of the average consumer and they do not want to subject themselves to the ridicule they will get from family and friends if they were to admit involvement with an MLM pyramid. Most consumers see an inherent problem with a program that encourages members to sign up good salespeople so they can be paid from their efforts.

In comparison to Global Resorts Network, Coastal Vacations offers a direct sales business plan the average consumer regards as legitimate. They do offer some residual income opportunities for the serious business builder.

Global Resorts Network keeps costs low by making their product 100% electronic. While their established rival ships physical vacations memberships and membership cards so they can easily make travel plans on the fly and over the phone, Global Resorts Network’s program is heavily web based.

Members of the Global Resorts Network MLM earn commissions of $500 and a maximum commission of $1000. More developed package options from Global Resort Network’s competitor offers a minimum commission of $1000, an average commission of $3000 and maximum commissions that are more than double that average.

As a brand new startup, Global Resorts Network offers limited marketing options and tools to their members when compared to their more seasoned rival. New members try to produce sales and downlines by smiling and dialing. The basic marketing method requires recruits to lead prospects to websites and conference calls and then follow up as they attempt to close sales.

In comparison, their seasoned rival’s most successful group has utilized a sales system that does not require members to make phone calls and close sales for over 2 years. The ultra-successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center handles many of the details for members so they don’t have to. In turn, members utilizing the state-of-the-art system produce sales and experience success in much higher numbers than with traditional “do it all yourself” business models like Global Resorts Network.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center training coordinator and conference call host Dean Marino explained how his group quickly became the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group with the 12-year-old program; "Simply put, we give new members what they want and need. Most new members can’t afford to quit their job first to start a new home based business. It takes lots of time to make all those phone calls, do all the follow up and then they will need to learn to close sales and collect thousands of dollars. Most new business owners don’t have the time and the skills required to have success with that business model.

“By employing a full time staff to handle many of the details of running the business, our members are able to learn and master specialized tasks rather than the whole process. In turn, their efforts are multiplied and many more succeed even though their time and skills are limited”

Those looking for a successful and profitable home based business need to go to Level 3 Director Dean Marino’s website for what many say is life changing information. visit WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM for Marino’s well reviewed report about achieving home based business success and a free vacation voucher for a complimentary vacation to over 80 different destinations.


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