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Global Resorts Network MLM Official Launch Date Delays Push Traffic To Competitors’ Websites


Delays in setting an official launch date for startup multi level marketing home based business Global Resorts Network MLM are driving increased traffic to their competitors’ websites. Potential buyers are skeptical because the overwhelming majority of new business startups fail in their first year.

On official Global Resorts Network MLM conference calls in January hosts said they expected to launch this month. On more recent conference calls questions from members and guests about the launch date have gone unanswered and hosts say no date has been announced.

Conference call hosts also have explained that attorneys at Global Resorts Network MLM continue to review several aspects of the business model.

A Global Resorts Network MLM website that explains the multi level marketing company’s pay plan flashes the following statement before visitors view a video explaining the Global Resorts Network MLM compensation plan;

“GRN is currently in pre-launch and has not yet officially launched. This video explanation of the GRN compensation plan is currently under review by our legal council and is subject to modification.”

Global Resorts Network MLM is currently in their third month of pre-launch.

As time passes and the official launch of Global Resorts Network MLM continues to be uncertain. Rumors about the reasons continue to circulate. For many potential buyers, the risk and uncertainty is too great and they are being driven to the stability offered by others in the home based travel business arena..

Startup Global Resorts Network MLM faces competition from long established Coastal Vacations in the home based business travel segment. After over 12 years as a top rated home based business, Coastal Vacations has momentum and stability.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center rolled out a unique marketing system that does not require members to perform personal selling almost 2 years ago. Since then, new membership sales at Coastal Vacations have soared.

More new members joined Coastal Vacations in the last 2 years than had joined in the first 10 years of their existence. Over the same time period they have expanded from about 40 countries to over 100 countries worldwide.

Top level Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino hosts live conference calls and coordinates training for the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program. With revenue exceeding $6 trillion a year, Marino feels there is room for others in the travel and tourism industry.

Since Global Resorts Network MLM started selling product and their multi level marketing business model in December, sales have increased at the top Coastal Vacations group. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center reported record sales in January.

Global Resorts Network MLM offers a good product. Their web-based timeshare condo booking system is similar to one of the most popular components of the Coastal Vacations lifetime travel memberships. While the travel products may be similar, the business models adopted by Global Resorts Network MLM and Coastal Vacations are very different.

Global Resorts Network MLM does not downplay the fact that their members are involved in multi level marketing. They refer to the pay plan they offer as “perpetual leverage” and members can be paid at several levels.

For many new to the home based business arena, the MLM tag is a huge negative. Many would be ashamed to inform friends and relatives they are involved with multi level marketing.

Los Angeles based Director Marino explained that Global Resorts Network MLM has done an excellent job of showing potential home based business owners the advantages of the travel industry.

At over six trillion dollars a year, the funds exchanged in the travel and tourism business continue to grow in double digits. Trend experts predict the growth trend to continue as baby boomers retire over the next 15 years.

Marino feels that many potential buyers who review the MLM compensation plan have a problem with the multi level marketing stigma attached to Global Resorts Network MLM. Those people are finding a comfortable direct sales business model with Coastal Vacations in record numbers.

Global Resorts Network MLM members are instructed on conference calls that the best way to sell is to call people, lead them to websites, conference calls and then close sales. That is very different from marketing plan used by the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program.

Members of the ultra successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center group utilize marketing plans that do not require personal selling. Many of the business chores including follow up, finalizing sales and collecting funds are handled by their professional staff at their Tempe Arizona offices.

Respected Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino offers a valuable report detailing success strategies with Coastal Vacations. The report is available at no charge just for the asking at WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .


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