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“The Road to Emmaus: Christ’s Gift of Life”

The actual stairway to heaven.


Many people doubt their faith. In other words, is there a God? Who is God? How did God become God? Where did we all come from before we were born? Is there really a Heaven? What is Paradise? Is there life after death? Why are we even on this planet? What is the purpose of mankind? Who is Jesus Christ? Is there a difference between God and Jesus Christ? What is the Resurrection all about? Who is Satan? How did Satan become Satan? What about church itself? Is there such a thing as a true Church? What about hell? Is there such a thing as revelation? I mean, does God ever talk to anyone on this earth? Does God ever tell anyone what is going to happen in the future? Can we trust the Bible? Are there any other scriptures? What about sin?

There are answers to all of these questions. This book is a bombshell in that respect. It has 65 pages, 19 color pictures and this book began long before Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, which was 6,000 years ago. Long before that, God Elohim and his lovely wife lived their mortal life upon another planet somewhere in the cosmos. They were righteous, obedient and worthy, such that they became Gods, then they gave each of us our individual spiritual birth, in what is called the preexistence. After that came our own mortal birth upon this earth. Included is a covenant that we can also become gods and goddesses ourselves, as they did, provided, that we are worthy too. All of this, and more, was manifested by the risen Christ to two of his senior apostles, Peter and John, as recorded in the Bible, as they walked to Emmaus, a small village seven miles NW of Jerusalem.

This little known event is recorded in the Bible and it occurred shortly after the sun came up on the very morning of Christ’s resurrection, after he was in the tomb for roughly only 34 hours. Search the scriptures, for in them ye shall find eternal life. This book is a huge wallop of a start in that direction. The author wrote it as an ode to what he would like for someone to tell him, if he was floundering in the dark upon this mother earth without any answers.

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The Road to Emmaus: Christ’s Gift of Life
Author: George M. Papa
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Book Genre: Religion & Spirituality

About the Author:

George M. Papa (b. 1943) has never doubted God. He was raised in a devout Christian environment in rural and meager Northern Arizona. First, his mother was keen as to what this world was all about, and she instilled a very positive influence upon all of her five sovereign sons, George being the oldest. Second, the overall anchor was the Mormon Church, which the family was active in. Most of those small towns were the result of Brigham Young sending thousands of families out of Salt Lake City to colonize the entire west. For George, this was not just sit and listen in a pew, this was read, study, play ball, do scouts, hike the canyons, do the chores and come to one’s own conclusion about God.

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