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The Universe is Calling - “Ascension Through the Music of the Universe”

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“Ascension Through The Music of the Universe” by Dr. Angela Barnett
“Ascension Through The Music of the Universe” by Dr. Angela Barnett

Author Dr. Angela Barnett reveals one of the secrets of the universe that is constantly communicating with us through music or frequencies in this book, “Ascension Through the Music of the Universe.”  And it is up to us to listen to the message it holds.

The book reveals different prophecies that will unfold in the coming decades. Various races from different star systems and other sectors of the universe will descend on the planet to answer Earth’s calling.
Soon, millions of people will witness the greatest event in the history of this Universe.  During the 18-month window of 2039-2040, millions living on Earth will begin their ascension, as the 12 KEYS of GAIA begin to reharmonize into the key of B- which is Tara Ha. This will begin the new Universal Symphony where the 12 dimensions will sing a new Heartsong into the Universe. It is always the MUSIC that guides the ASCENSION. This transposition from the key of C# into the key of B will allow those on Earth who BELIEVE to Rise into the sky and disappear. Those who have harmonized their Souls will appear on Tara Ha in their new bodies with a new home already prepared for them. 
A Musical Extravaganza will commence when the creators of the Music of the Spheres RISE. We are the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun. The MUSIC OF THE UNIVERSE is within every cell of our bodies. We will be the first to Rise, because the Music always GUIDES the Ascension.
A massive armada of different races and their starship commanders of 12 race lines from all 12 dimensions have landed on Earth in 2017. The fleets will take the course into their 12 stargates in 2023. All 12 Keys of the Universe will merge in creating magnificent new symphonies that will conceptualize the birth to the Divinely Perfect Seventh Level Man with the Divine 12 DNA Template.

The description of these events and their corresponding frequency references are all in the book and thoroughly explained for new readers to comprehend these glorious prophecies. Frequency is the music of the universe. With proper tuning of man’s consciousness, will definitely be aware of these upcoming events and never be overwhelmed as they unfold.

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Ascension Through The Music of the Universe
Author: Dr. Angela Barnett
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: March 2021
Genre: Quantum Science, Creation Studies, Keylontic Science
Target Audience: Enlightened People
About the Author
Dr. Angela Barnett’s Mission on Earth has been to Bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music - the highest Vibration of light - the Vibration of Unconditional Love through our music - through Crystal Magic Orchestra’s music. This was her earlier preparation for opening the 12 Pacific Ocean Ascension Portals through the use of the Music of the Spheres, in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Gaia becoming the Savior of the Universe. Barnett learned that she was Mary Magdalene in the Flesh when she was given the assignment of opening the Pacific Ocean Ascension Portals.
Dr. Angela Barnett is a highly educated International music composer who is far beyond the leading edge of the Universe. She sings channeled messages from Angels to create Crystal Magic Orchestra’s Universal Songs while Joe Barnett adds the instrumentation, effects and engineering to the music. The Barnetts are the Mary Magdalene Unit who returned to Earth to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth which have changed the Universe forever. Dr. Barnett’s music is healing in a way that is not found in other music. The music is heavenly and creates a healing atmosphere of love from the breaths of Cosmic Entities who are transforming our Consciousness and our world at this time.
Dr. Angela Barnett earned Masters Degrees in Music and in Communication before completing her Doctorate in Multi National Education for the purpose of Training in MultiNational Corporations. Her deep insights into the minds of those aligning Global Strategies, while living and working on every continent of this Earth, prepared her for the grandest of all Universal Alignment that she learned was her Spiritual Mission on Earth.

This great Creator Being from the Creation Realm had been training her whole life to prepare her to create her 13 Ascension Portals and to use the Music of the Spheres that she had created Quadrillions of Years ago to GUIDE THE ASCENSION of Gaia and the Universe. The Barnett’s Crystal Magic Orchestra is now performing in the 8th Dimension for the purpose of creating harmony with a hostile raceline who insisted that they would destroy the Earth and all of her Allies.

These concerts are being performed by a Universal Symphony made up of musicians from each of the 12 Racelines. These grand musicians are performing their own dimensional music, as well as the music of Crystal Magic Orchestra. It is this Powerful Music that is made of PLASMA that will transform the 8th dimensional renegades, who are trying to stop the Ascension.
Dr. Angela Barnett was always on the Leading Edge and about twenty years ahead of all other Training Companies because she was always remembering her true mission of Inter Dimensional Communication through the Music of the Spheres. This process of Expanding Consciousness opened Barnett’s Consciousness far beyond that of any normal human. Dr. Barnett has gained access to almost every Eastern and Western Cultural group on Earth, she has come in contact with vasts amounts of people from many spiritual, musical, cultural and educational persuasions.

Since Angela Barnett is now Mary Magdalene in the flesh, it is natural to understand how she has always been such a great healer. As a Spiritual Healer, Dr. Angela Barnett raised her husband from the dead 8 years ago and fully and completely healed him.

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