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Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Warns Of Counterfeiters


All sponsors and systems are not created equal, according to Los Angeles California Based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino. He warns of counterfeiters who make it sound like they offer services similar to those of the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group within the 12 year old top rated home based business.

Marino explained why the original Coastal Vacations Call Center is head and shoulders above anything that anyone else in the home based business arena has ever seen; "While people may look to save a few dollars by purchasing a generic soda or cereal, those same people want the original when it really counts.

"If they were learning to skydive they want the top quality parachute, not one that is untested. If they are climbing Mount Everest, they want the top notch gear.

"It is no different when starting a new business. Success could mean leading an ideal life. Buying the home and car they want. More family time and sending children to the best schools.

“Failure could bring despair and the feeling of never climbing out of that rut. The difference is too great to leave to chance.”

Those who have joined with counterfeit call centers have reported unsatisfactory results and a failure rate equal to that of other home based businesses. Failed members report that the imitators were unable to deliver on their promises.

No other group in the entire Coastal Vacations program offers the maximum support of the original Coastal Vacations Call Center. They are now known as the Coastal Vacations Sales Center to better describe the extent of their services. They are the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program.

Marino explained that success oriented individuals considering the top rated home based business should accept no imitations. Success in business and thus an individual’s overall happiness are too important to risk with an inferior business model.

Marino knows that support is everything. While other sponsors may boast about working just 17 hours a week, Marino takes great pride that he is available to his members 7 days a week. That is in addition to his live and recorded training and the support provided by a full time office staff.

Marino lists 10 reasons success oriented business seekers need to make sure they have the genuine Coastal Vacations Call Center before they join.

(1) With two years of experience in the Coastal Vacations program, the Sales Center is the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the program.

(2) Coastal Vacations Sales Center account executives are dedicated live, experienced professionals who work in an office building. Others have been known to advertise a “call center” that that is actually just an answering machine and one guy making phone calls from his home.

(3) Coastal Vacations Sales Center employees are not members of Coastal Vacations. They are required to sign a non-compete agreement. They are not in competition with members and there are several safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the system. Having prospects talk with competing members of Coastal Vacations would present a clear conflict of interest that is simply not acceptable.

(4) The Coastal Vacations Sales Center hosts live training each week specifically geared to the ultra-successful hybrid program. The maximum support system has attracted ethical industry leaders who want their members to have the best success system available. These leaders offer their expertise each week.

(5) The Coastal Vacations Sales Center offer hours of audio, video and text training hosted at an exclusive member website.

(6) The Coastal Vacations Sales Center hosts several live prospect Q&A conference calls each week that explain the winning proprietary marketing and sales system. For international members and those who work during the live calls, a detailed 51 minute recorded call is available 24 hours a day.

(7) The Coastal Vacations Sales Center’s award winning website marketing system explains the time tested travel products and solid marketing program all day and all night. The site features an exciting flash movie and is also linked to a state-of-the-art auto responder system that invites website visitors back for more information and gives them several other options for learning more via e-mail.

(8) Account executives at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center offer, and are well versed in all 3 incredible levels of the Coastal Vacations program. Our members enjoy the travel benefits and income earning ability with all 3 levels.

(9) The Coastal Vacations Sales Center operates in cooperation with official Coastal Vacations ethical guidelines. They want to put money in the pockets of new members right away and thus a revolutionary pay plan allows new members to earn commissions of $1000 and $3000 on their very first sale. Yes, even before they have completed a single training sale.

(10) Coastal Vacations Sales Center members are independent business owners and they may choose to utilize the maximum support the system provides in several ways. While many allow the system to robotically and eloquently educate prospects to contact our account executives to get started, or they can take a more hands on approach.

Los Angeles California based level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino knows success is rarely easy. He has seen the simple to use Coastal Vacations Sales Center system produce dramatic results.

The key is maximum support. In addition to the live, full time staff at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, Marino is available to his members 7 days a week for coaching and mentoring. For more information about the maximum support of Dean Marino and the Coastal Vacations Sales Center go to


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