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Aaron Rodriguez discussing how businesses can optimize internal processes for better productivity

eCommerce expert Aaron Rodriguez provides insight into how businesses can take advantage of process management to become more efficient.

San José, Costa Rica – WEBWIRE

t is possible to save time, money, energy and raw materials.  Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the company’s operations is needed.  To do this, the activities performed are mapped, routines are standardized, faults are identified and corrected.

Organizations are constantly looking for more meaningful results. With the intensification of competition and difficulty in the search for sustainable competitive differentials, it is essential to optimize processes and achieve high levels of productivity.  There are several ways to achieve this result, and Aaron Rodriguez, an expert eCommerce and business process consultant, provides insight into how businesses can improve their internal processes for better productivity.

Businesses can take advantage of process management to increase their operational efficiency, respond quickly to market demands, and increase productivity.  However, these objectives are obviously dependent on the way in which the internal processes of the company are carried out.  Even if the company invests in management tools, innovative technologies and teaming, if the processes are not efficient and optimized, the results will not appear.  On the other hand, if efficient process optimization is carried out, the company will save time, resources and reduce errors, becoming more profitable and competitive in the market.

The objective is to avoid wasting resources, delays, bottlenecks and activities that take place in parallel, among other problems.  Basically, process optimization includes a set of actions to increase efficiency and reduce waste in all sectors.  States Rodriguez, “It is possible to save time, money, energy and raw materials.  Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the company’s operations is needed.  To do this, the activities performed are mapped, routines are standardized, faults are identified and corrected.”

The first step in improving the company’s processes is a diagnosis of internal activities. You need to know in detail and map how processes work.  Map the tasks of each sector, checking the activities carried out by the employees individually. It will be necessary to involve all areas of the company to diagnose problems and generate new workflows.  In the process chain, information can be lost during the transition of tasks between areas, making some actions ineffective or repetitive. Diagnosis will be critical to defining a more efficient sequence of activities, saving everyone involved time and effort.

Integration in the chain of activities is also positively impacted by process optimization. Each employee’s responsibilities are clearer, as well as what information and materials they should receive and what they must deliver to sequence production. There is a greater exchange of information and greater cooperation, avoiding delays, for example.

Process optimization creates better efficiency, leading the company to adopt best work practices and the proper formalization of activities. In this way, the company can more efficiently record how these activities are carried out, the time and resources necessary for their execution. Errors decrease and productivity increases.

By optimizing processes, it is possible to identify activities that are unnecessary or that do not add value. From there, you can eliminate these activities or look for more agile and efficient alternatives, reducing the time required to execute processes.  This allows businesses to not only meet deadlines, but beat them and be better prepared.  

The elimination of unnecessary tasks allows employees to produce more and also releases them to be used in more important activities, such as strategic planning of the company. In addition, the company saves overtime.  

One of the most important steps on how to optimize processes is the training of your employees. Explains Rodriguez, “It will not help the company review methodologies and invest in automation to optimize processes if those responsible for the activities are not prepared for the new reality of the organization’s operations.  Therefore, it is essential to involve employees to the fullest at all stages of process reformulation, investing in training that allows them to perform new tasks and use the tools implemented.”

One of the most efficient ways to optimize processes is by adopting new technologies. Automation and digital solutions make the business sectors smarter and more interconnected, standardizing processes and reducing the incidence of errors and task rework.  A process automation solution better organizes information flows, facilitating communication between different areas of the company, as well as providing indicators in real-time, speeding up management.  Another example of technology that can be used is the cloud storage system, which allows you to access documents, reports and files from any device and anywhere with an Internet connection.”

Knowing how to optimize processes sometimes means streamlining communication between employees and between sectors of the company.  “Currently, there are several tools that can be used to improve internal communication,” asserts Rodriguez. “Examples include internal chats, corporate social networks and other virtual platforms.  This saves time by preventing employee displacement, and makes it possible to record communications more efficiently, making it easier to recover important information.”

Another important aspect to consider is the possible resistance of employees to the changes implemented by process optimization.  In this case, internal communication can be used to clarify the team about the benefits of the changes, ensuring employee engagement.  

About Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez is an expert eCommerce consultant in Latin America.  He helps businesses throughout the region optimize all of their eCommerce operations to increase sales and retain customers, and also has extensive experience in the development of strategic and external alliances to promote departmental and organizational objectives.  He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America to assist a number of companies and, when he’s not traveling, he dedicates all of his available time to his wife and children.  

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 Aaron Rodriguez

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