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Coastal Vacations Trainer Dean Marino Reviews Most Successful System


The hybrid Coastal Vacations business continues to grow and improve and innovative trainer Dean Marino continues to teach members new ways to utilize the system. See the ultra-successful hybrid at .

Simplicity, flexibility and support are the keys to the hybridís success. Marino sees people having success with the hybrid Coastal Vacations business that have never made a profit before in any business venture including the old methodology Coastal Vacations business.

Marino explained that the simplicity of the business model is extremely important. "Many people who start a new home based business have never owned a successful business before. Itís no wonder that 95% who start a traditional business model fail.

The traditional model takes a novice, and tries to teach him a long list of skills all at once. Most of these novices start part time. They just donít have time to learn and master all those skills before they have a chance to earn a dime.

In the traditional model, the novices will need to wear all the hats. They are the prospector, salesperson, follow-up expert, closer, accountant, product procurement director, and chief trainer.

Marino explained that the much simpler hybrid Coastal Vacations business model maintains a full time staff. Hybrid business owners donít need to wear all the hats because the staff of professionals handles many of the details for them.

Another huge advantage of the hybrid business model is itís flexibility. Marino asks the question; "Have you noticed that all people are not exactly alike?

ďSome people are analytical, others are creative and so on. If we were all the same we would all have the same blue cars and brown houses. Why does the old methodology try to teach everybody to do business the same way?Ē

Hybrid members love the flexibility of over 170 ways to have success. While most gravitate toward 5 core methods, others use their creativity and have success using less conventional marketing plans. They are not on their own. The extensive educational website teaches them how to implement several very effective plans.

As Marino put it; ďSimplicity means people can easily understand the system and get it all to work for them. Flexibility allows more people to have more success because they get to follow their own blueprint, not one that has been forced upon them. However, it is the unprecedented support the system provides that makes the magic happen.Ē

The hybrid system is all about massive support. A professional full time staff is just part of the support system members can lean on. Account executives present information, follow up, answer questions and finalize sales. Other staff members mail checks and ship travel packages.

An informative marketing website features a fast paced movie and allows members to showcase their individualism by personalizing the website as they desire.

Automatic e-mail messages keep the information in front of prospects. They invite them to return to the website, join a Q&A conference call and to talk with a representative one on one.

There are live conference calls to explain the business to prospects 4 nights a week. A recorded version of the call is especially helpful to Coastal Vacations members who live in over 100 countries around the world. The recorded info line is available 24 hours a day.

The educational website features hours of audio, video, and text training. In-depth training is available in a multitude of marketing methods. Members can also follow the progress of prospects through the website and read the notes as they talk with account executives in real time.

Some members learn faster when they can ask questions. Live, interactive training calls are provided each week.

Marino is a California based Coastal Vacations Director and when it comes to his team, he believes in stacking the deck in their favor. Marino provides proprietary marketing tools on 3 CDís and 1 DVD along with training e-mail. He even makes himself available to his group members for one-on-one training. coaching, and mentoring 7 days a week.

While members of the traditional business model continue to struggle and fail at an alarming rate, the hybrid flourishes. Marino calls it the thinking manís home based business because members can benefit from their brain functions rather that endless hours of smiling and dialing.

Learn more about the simplicity, flexibility and massive support that has made the hybrid the talk of the home based business world at .


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