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Aura D. McClain’s guide to achieving “Happiness in Quantum Leaps” earns positive reviews

The author wants to help people harness the pure energy of their thoughts, as well as relieve the stresses that come with everyday living.

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Stop the cycle of depression, divorces, and lack of love, joy, and happiness with insights from Aura D. McClain’s impactful book.

Aura D. McClain finds it her true calling to teach people about the power of positive thinking and creating more joy, love, and peace in their lives. She shares her experience, expertise, knowledge, and best practices in her book “Happiness in Quantum Leaps” (Christian Faith Publishing; 2020).

The chief aim of the book “Happiness in Quantum Leaps” is to help readers overcome mental stress, which, according to the author, the Bible calls “man’s generational curse.” McClain said: “According to the Bible, this has been around since Adam and Eve, caused by their original sin when they decided to mentally separate from God, and they thought they no longer needed God in their lives.”

According to the author’s understanding of Genesis 2 – the fall of man or man’s expulsion from Paradise – in the Bible, the chapter deals with man’s mental separation from God, as well as “man’s mental focus on the self and only in the world of objects that they can see and touch as their only reality.”

McClain said: “In Genesis 2, God warned them to not eat (not to focus) from the tree of Knowledge (Mind) of good and evil (material world of objects that we’re constantly judging as good or evil) in the Garden of Eden (the world of objects), or you will surely die (of an early death of suicide and diseases).”

The consequences of untreated stress include chronic diseases, suicides, and divorce. McClain attests that mental stress and negative thinking can be treated by changing one’s state of mind through positive thinking and feelings of happiness, joy, peace and enthusiasm – all of which could be achieved without temporary fixes such as alcohol, drugs, and sex. The author equips readers with the best practices for de-stressing, shifting from negative thinking to positive thinking, and using “the spiritual energy of God” to live longer, happier, and more peaceful lives.

Due to its treatment of the subject matter, “Happiness in Quantum Leaps” earned positive reviews from book review publications. Said Kristi Elizabeth of Manhattan Book Review: “‘Happiness in Quantum Leaps’ has many great ideas in it that people can use to lead happier, healthier lives both mentally and physically.”

“The narrative is strongest when the author shares personal reflections on the power of controlling one’s mind,” wrote Maileen Hamto in her review for the San Francisco Book Review, “merging her devout Christian orientation with lifelong exposure to science. While McClain draws from the wisdom of other religious traditions, readers who are grounded in Christian-centered values will find the teachings most applicable and relevant.”

In her review for Pacific Book Review, Christina Avina wrote, “One of the best parts of this book is how the author touches on many different struggles in life, such as relationship issues and failure vs. success and ultimately, how to achieve proper happiness. Whether you identify as someone with religious values or not, this book will definitely be something that will resonate with you and make you look inward so you can be your best self and most importantly, happy.”

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Happiness in Quantum Leaps: De-Stressing WITHOUT DRUGS!
Author | Aura D. McClain
Published date | February 4, 2020
Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing
Book retail price | Paperback: $27.95 Kindle $9.99
Author Bio
Aura D. McClain is an ordained Christian minister, Certified Life Coach, and former aerospace engineer.

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 Happiness In Quantum
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