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Deck the claws with some crustacean-filled games this holiday season!


What’s covered in red, brings holiday delight, and is often shellebrated all over the world?

Why…Santa Claws, of course!

We’re honoring all manner of crustaceans, including crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and more underwater creatures. While some of the crustaceans in the following games may be a little crabby, these games just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

During December and January, residents in the Northern Hemisphere should be on the lookout for lobsters! Just put on a wet suit, go diving, and see if you can find one of these clawsome creatures. Lobjective complete!

Fight Crab

Finding the crab or lobster in this game is going to be easy…because you are one! Fight Crab is an over-the-top physics-based, 3D action battle game that combines giant crustaceans, deadly weaponry, and intense claw-to-claw combat. Can you be crowned lord of the crustaceans?

Return of the Obra Dinn

Years after its disappearance, the trade ship, Obra Dinn, has drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails, pierced wood, and no visible crew. As an insurance investigator for the East Indian Company’s London Office, it’s your job to help figure out what happened to the Obra Dinn. Was it man or crustacean that caused this mystery? (It probably wasn’t crustacean…maybe…)


Run and gun your way through boss battles while gathering additional weapons, learning powerful super moves, and discovering hidden secrets as you try to pay your debt to the devil. Encounter the snippy Kaptain Krustacean and Crabby Clawster but watch out—while fighting them, you may find yourself in a pinch.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

After being cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity, you now must find a cure! With each dragon slain, the curse intensifies, transforming you into different animals. Explore large, interconnected locations populated with grumpy monsters…including some clawful monsters scuttling about. 

Summer in Mara

Discover the story of Koa as you farm, craft, and explore a group of tropical islands. Customize your island while you meet new friends, experience day and night cycles that affect the world, and encounter quests. Head down to the beach to find, catch, and even receive messages from soshell, err, social creatures.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Ultimate Edition

When a crime wave sweeps the land, it’s up to Shantae to save the day! Use Shantae’s Hair-Whip Attack to send monsters flying, or Belly Dance to transform into different creatures (such as an adorable crab). Topple the baddies behind each crabtivating criminal caper in this showdown against Risky Boots!

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