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Rishi Khandelwal Makes Communication Effective in Foreign Country; Know, How?

Rishi Khandelwal is a Renowned Trainer and Communication Expert With a Decade of Experience. Rishi Khandelwal Provides a Helpful Tip to Get Better at It.

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Rishi Khandelwal
Rishi Khandelwal

According to Rishi Khandelwal, Workplace or Social Banter is Essential and Even Introverts Must Make an Effort to Go Outside Their Comfort Zones to Attend Workplace or Social Events.

Rishi Khandelwal is a renowned trainer and communication expert with a decade of experience. Rishi Khandelwal upskilling non-native English speakers to achieve their goals in a foreign country. Over the course of his career, he has personally helped 5,000 plus candidates. Whether your goal is education, migration or a professional job – Rishi Khandelwal believes that you will not able to succeed if you cannot present yourself according to the situation.

You might have heard of the proverbial saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – It is actually more than that. From the moment you depart on your international flight judgements are being made about the way you communicate. According to Rishi Khandelwal, the first and foremost backfoot impression people make is despite knowing English, they communicate loudly in their native language in front of professionals, whom they know will not understand them. This is a major turn off for western people and they will not appreciate you doing so. He has personally noticed several incidents in an English-speaking country, where westerners have ridiculed international students aggressively as they felt that the students were talking about the local people in a disrespectful way. Well one might argue, what if I don’t know English. The simple answer is that’s OK as long as you can be soft and discrete about it. These are the nuances of language – Why bother coming to a foreign county in the first place if you wanted to stick to your same circle of friends and speak your mother tongue.

Assuming you have ticked the first box of being careful in using your native language (how, when, where and with whom to use it) the next step is trying to understand their accent and colloquialisms. Even if you feel hesitant to use them at a bare minimum you must try to recognise and understand at least some of them. Rishi Khandelwal provides a helpful tip to get better at it. Find yourself a local mentor or alternatively every time you hear a colloquial phrase or word when given an opportunity ask a local about it. Take for example, Tradie or a Handyman in Australia which depending on the job will become a carpenter, electrician or plumber in other English-speaking countries.

The next level is to adapt positive behaviours, mannerisms and etiquette of your host country. According to Rishi Khandelwal, workplace or social banter is essential and even introverts must make an effort to go outside their comfort zones to attend workplace or social events. Your colleagues view you differently once a connection has been made at the social level. Refraining to attend, or being unable to attend these events on a regular basis will surely hold you back from progress.

Finally, about gratitude and appreciation. Everything you take for granted back home requires a thank you here. Rishi Khandelwal, recalls an incident with his uncle on a train journey while he was a child. Towards the end of the journey, the service attendant came with a mouth freshener with a tray load of currency notes provided as tip. He asked his uncle what amount shall we leave behind. His uncle hesitantly left a small sum saying that it was his duty and no tip should be given. If you come to think of it the amount is a token of thank you. Therefore, in Western countries while tip is generally given in hospitality sector a simple thank you for every service (both paid and unpaid) you have received will do. The Thank You also applies in general conversations, text messages and email when the other party is doing anything for you. You have to stop taking things for granted. Remember, if you have adapted to my Thank You psychology and adapt it to your nature you will also be a standout and command greater respect in your home country. It should not be that you leave those things behind if you ever come back for a vacation or permanently back to your home country.

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