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“Feelings and Reason,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 7/3/2020)

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Ernie Vecchio’s new book, Feelings and Reason: Activating Your Heart as Compass Despite the Ego’s Interference.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day on July 3rd

Learn from a trauma psychologist the wisdom of real people challenged with the task of overcoming severe adversity. Integrating their insights into a complete picture of the human experience Ernie L. Vecchio reveals a developmental understanding of how adversity becomes an opportunity for self-correction, growth, and healing. By acknowledging that the human ego is only one-third of a larger system, people learn not only what is observing their life, but why and where it is intending for them to go. The problem is we’re stuck in between life as it is and life as intended with whatever the ego considers interference. But there is good news, a unifying intelligence within everyone that wants nothing more than to liberate our fullest expression. Bringing continuity to how this unfolds, we learn there are ten absolute truths of being human. 

The process begins with a logical and sensible path to emotional maturity – we are what happens first. All humans are spiritual beings born into a psychological world (first premise). You are human (second premise). Therefore, you are psychospiritual. In this context, giving station to what we are in the beginning means we no longer have to be at the mercy of a misguided ego. What follows is a reciprocal relationship with the self and all of life. More than reducing people to their strengths and weaknesses, Vecchio proposes that every human being is a hopeful expectation for the future. He reminds that the path forward has always been inward. Often called the road less traveled, he provides people with a pragmatic and reliable Map to Becoming.  

He states, “Some have said that when the ego’s interference is removed, it is analogous to being able to see in the dark.” Offering people a clear understanding of ‘human angst’ he clarifies that we can learn to convert obstacles into motivational fuel. By giving station to our full navigational abilities, we become invigorated to live in the present moment. We become an inspiration for each other simply by the way we carry ourselves in the world. The meaningfulness of life returns when feelings and reason (a faculty of consciousness) are aligned. Often ignored, he proposes there is an evolving wisdom in our subjective experiences but we must have some form of an inner life to interpret them. Becoming a study of one, we develop a growing and dynamic perspective for the love of wisdom (i.e. philosophy), which brings this intelligence to the surface. What follows is a natural inclination to pay it forward. Having a clear understanding of the past and a deep appreciation for the present, we develop an optimistic view of the future. True authenticity is the simultaneous realization of hindsight, insight, and foresight, a form of vision that is proof-positive of a life lived awake.

“Feelings and Reason” by Ernie L. Vecchio will be free and available for download on Amazon for 1 more day (7/3/2020) at:

“Feelings and Reason” has a 5.0-star rating on Here’s what some people are saying:
“Ernie, great book. Your quote in the forward “substitute what is truly in our hearts for what is falsely in our heads”. Resonated so powerfully, I was in yoga class once and the instructor made a comment “the illusions we tell ourselves”. If we could just get our heads out of our way and lead with our intuitive hearts our abilities to see and feel would be so healing. Thank you for a great revelation.” – Rhonnie Robins

“I enjoyed and recommend this book. Drawing upon his education and training, his professional experience with trauma clients, and his personal experiences during adolescence and beyond, the author discusses many psychological concepts and theories. As a trauma psychologist, he counseled many clients who were experiencing severe psychological problems and describes in a heartwarming fashion how he worked with those individuals to enable them to have more fulfilling lives. I particularly liked how he included many “frequently asked questions,” near the end of the book, which are common challenges and concerns for many people. His responses were easily understood and provide valuable insights for the reader.” – Charles Owens

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About the Author:

Assisting others to heal from severe trauma, Ernie Vecchio has spent his career understanding the human psyche and its response to suffering. Upon removing the ego’s interference, his clients compare it to being able to see in the dark. Today, Ernie offers evidence that our shared inner journeys have a common theme. If brought into our awareness, these insights offer context and a deeper meaning to being human. While his book The Soul’s Intent introduced the non-local wisdom of ‘soul’ as a witness, this observer can now be known as our signature expression. He states: “We forget the intelligence of these qualities is available all the time. We just have to put them at the helm of our lives. It isn’t a question IF humans suffer, it’s a matter of HOW.” Transcending adversity in his own life, Ernie teaches that authenticity and congruence are a vital combination. 

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