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One Day Left – “Genesis: Discover Your Purpose,” Amazon #1 Bestselling Book, for Free

This Bible Commentary presents a fresh way to read and apply the book of Genesis without necessarily getting bogged down by fruitless theological and historical argumentation about the text. It makes the Word of God come alive in simple, straightforward, and practical ways. The reader will find it inspiring, down-to-earth, and relevant for living the practical Christian life in an age of apathy, confusion, and despondency.

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The book of Genesis is the book of discovery. Without the book of Genesis, we would not know anything about the origins of our world. Evolutionism and the Big Bang theory are inadequate to explain how the world came into being and the many complexities of the universe; the world, therefore, must be understood from the perspective of the Creator, the sovereign Lord over all things. In this book we discover the beginning of creation and existence.

In Genesis: Discover Your Purpose,” Seth B. Kajang, a seasoned Pastor, Theologian, and Conference Speaker espouses practical, relevant, and inspirational lessons from every chapter of Genesis from a devotional perspective to motivate Christians to live purposeful and meaningful lives from the perspective of God the Creator.

Drawing on years of experience as a Pastor, Church Planter, and Seminary Instructor, Kajang examines the book of Genesis from devotional and pastoral perspectives that help the reader to easily understand the meaning of the text but much more apply it in practical and meaningful ways.

Genesis: Discover Your Purpose is a book that will help Christians, irrespective of theological and denominational affiliations, apply biblical principles in their day-to-day lives for personal and spiritual growth. This inspiring theological masterpiece, the first in the Motivation Bible Commentary,” is ground breaking not so much because it exegetes the book of Genesis in a new way but because it helps readers understand and apply God’s Word in fresh and relatable perspectives. As Kajang demonstrates in every chapter of this commentary, each story in the book of Genesis resonates with humans of all ages at a deeper, existential level.

The book is currently free and available for download until Wednesday, 06/24/2020. Get your copy at:

The book currently ranks as #1 Bestseller in multiple categories with average 4.8 stars reviews. Here are what some of the reviewers have said:
“In a world of varying opinions and options, one could have the pressure of being pulled around by many strings. And such pressure could go to the core of a person’s identity. Painfully, in the midst of all the pressure and noise, people may misunderstand or even forget who they are, whose they are, and their life’s purpose. In the Motivational Bible Commentary (MBC), the author brings refreshing, compelling, and theologically sound reflections on the stories of the Bible and how we are part of those stories. The author reminds the reader of their identity, responsibilities, and the growth that comes with living out that identity. Reading this volume of the MBC, which focuses on the book of Genesis, helps and reaffirms my understanding of myself and other human beings as God’s image bearers. The author does a great job of situating the role of humans as managers or stewards of God’s world and resources, with the understanding that to whom much is given much is expected. The author’s writing style is authentic, reflective, and invitational. The MBC is faithful to the biblical text and context. It also provides clear explanations and practical implications for our times. I highly recommend the MBC to individuals, families, pastors, church small groups, theological students and educators!” - Ahyuwani Akanet

“…The content of this commentary is dense with detailed discussions on different topics and each topic ends with discussion questions. The commentary is structured in fifty chapters corresponding with the fifty chapters constituting the book of Genesis. In one of the chapters which treats “Know your purpose,” Kajang provides important revelations regarding why we are here on earth. Grounding his arguments on the creation narrative in Genesis chapter one, the author reveals that there is no purposeless-created being on earth and therefore, human beings especially those who are ignorant of this should make it a priority to discover the purpose of their existence. He profoundly and carefully clarifies the concept of humans being created in the image and likeness of God…” - Simon Enwereji, PhD
About the Author:

Seth B. Kajang has several graduate degrees in Ethics, Philosophy, Education, Theology, and Religion. His most recent academic degrees are a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia, and a Master of Sacred Theology (STM) from Yale University. Seth has been a Pastor for several years and has also taught divergent classes in four different Seminaries over the span of a decade. He is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Replica Church in New Haven, Connecticut where he, his wife, and three children currently reside.

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