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“O Beloved” is Now Free on Amazon for 5 Days (until 6/12/2020)

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Shunya Pragya’s new book, O Beloved: Being, Becoming and Beyond.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store on June 8th.   

In today’s hyperconnected world, human consciousness remains hijacked by the made-up frameworks—social, commercial, political, and religious. As a result, our living experience is driven, designed, and defined by a cosmetic self, always busy in responding to the demands of this world culture. In this way, the entire journey of life shrinks into a resume of material achievements at the cost of bypassing the existential experiences which are deeply meaningful and life-enriching. Mostly, the efforts to look beyond the web of routine life are academic, abstract, and off the real ground. Therefore, ordinarily, we deprioritize exploring our existential connection, thinking that either they are non-valuable or non-achievable. Ultimately, looking inward to realize our existential consciousness becomes a luxury of philosophers or monks; and does not get appreciation in the mainstream, among masses.

The Book, “O Beloved: Being, Becoming, and Beyond” offers a crisp and clear approach for a surgical self-exploration at an ordinary level for masses to uncover the pure field of consciousness, which was always available to us, but forgotten. This book is an open invitation to all who desire to access the pure Being beyond the constructs of the made-up mind and identity. As a brush, it will gently scrub out the dust of designed belief systems, limiting your mind. The purpose is not to reform you into something extraordinary like a superhuman, psychic, enlightened person or an intellectual, etc. but to restore your Being into its inmost natural and existential state while living in day to day reality. It is achieved by offering solid perspectives and gentle practices to deepen the awareness of your Being and Becoming. Thereupon, as a catalyst, this very insight brings about a change in you to outgrow your accumulated limitations; and allows you to access the field of pure consciousness flowing within yet unbound.

The book is organized into four sections. The first three sections are full of poetry, philosophy, vivid imagery, and excellent illustrations to keep up the interest and gently unlock the mental knots. Thereupon, the fourth section presents a mindfulness meditation technique, organized into four simple, yet profound steps: Knowing, Establishing, Living, and Moving Beyond. It enables you with practical tools to go beyond the objective experiences made up of—thoughts, feelings, sensations, and sense of self, into subjective awareness. This insight into unconditional awareness is the source of intrinsic and acausal joy, which, sadly, our mind invents outside, out of ignorance. Finally, the last cherry on the cake is the conclusion chapter, which indicates that there is no finality but continuity. So, one must keep going on and on.

This book will transform you quickly if you consume it slowly!
“O Beloved” by Shunya Pragya will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (6/8/2020 – 6/12/2020) at:

“O Beloved” has a 5.0-star rating on Here’s what some people had to say:

“I highly recommend this book as being both a thought provoking “great read”, and as being a handy reference book, if one of your goals in life is self-reflection for self-improvement. Very inspirational and beneficial to maintaining a positive state of mind and a true effort to feel deeply connected with real existence. This book is aspiring to the highest level of thinking, feeling, and doing.” – Ranjit U. 

“I hugely appreciated how this book was able to put a lot of the chaotic thoughts in my head about myself and the world around me in such a way that was easy to comprehend. I think my absolute favorite section would be about Dreams, and the comparison between thinking and dreaming was something that I found really interesting.

I also adore poetry, so the poems and the images really captured my interest. I spent quite some time just looking at the images and re-reading the poems to try to grasp the deeper meaning behind them. The majority of the stuff was very relatable and contained concepts we have probably heard before, but it was written in such a wonderful way that it feels quite simple instead of complicated and complex. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the way the author asked me to examine my behavior and thoughts at the end of every chapter. That made me think about what I’m thinking about in depth, and I believe this sort of perspective is something we all would greatly benefit from.” – Navi 

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About the Author:

From an early age, Shunya (author’s pen name, meaning empty) was deeply curious about the nature of reality underlying our body and mind framework. And, since his school days, he started exploring various philosophies and teachers with intense curiosity. Over time, he practiced several forms of yogic-meditative techniques, which he loves to share with other curious souls along with his personal learnings in simple and direct ways.

His self-defined goal is to reset human consciousness at the basic existential level where the nature of experience and experiencer is directly realized, in a natural way. Consequently, we live deeply connected with existence while celebrating our human incarnation.


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