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“Dowsing Discoveries: Finding Water and Other Mysteries” by Rex B. Valentine
“Dowsing Discoveries: Finding Water and Other Mysteries” by Rex B. Valentine

The eyes aren’t the only tools used in searching for something hidden.  This method is known as dowsing. This is done by a specialist using, either a green forked branch, or two metal rods, or some other materials.  There are many types of dowsing rods used by many types of people.
In the book, Dowsing Discoveries: Finding Water and Other Mysteries it follows several “step-by-step” accounts by a professional dowser and the Author of this book, Rex B. Valentine.  Dowsing is a means of searching for a hidden unseen object or method of interest.  Mr. Valentine uses a “green or cured forked stick, (or wand) to test the area with special movements to help him pinpoint the water, or other object, or other information he needs.
His book, “Dowsing Discoveries: Finding Water and Other Mysteries” can be purchased for:
Kindle: $ 9.99
Hardcover: $ 29.99
Paperback: $ 19.99
Physical and digital copies of this guide are available on the author’s website and other online book retailers like Amazon or Xlibris.  Grab a copy now and learn the tools of the trade of dowsing.
The author, Rex B. Valentine, having 56 years of dowsing experiencing has had many important situations.  He has taken his dowsing to new heights.  His study of a possible ancient civilization in the Northwest United States is very exciting to history buffs, and is discussed to a great degree in this book.  His archaeological inquiries are fascinating through his map dowsing ability.  He has been able to locate water in pieces of property in another state, county or continent without going there.
He has worked with oil, gold, other precious stones, lost objects, and missing people.  His accuracy in his water wells has saved the average person many thousands of dollars and found great sources of water for them.  He normally predicts the volume in gallons per minute (GPM); estimates the depth the vein is down, does the water contain iron or salt, determines which way it is running.  These things can vary greatly and much is determined from the dowsing.  He tries to find running or moving water veins.  Many times the veins he finds are tiny sometimes the driller does not drill a perfectly straight hole and will miss the vein or not hit it square.  Fortunately most drillers are very accurate.
Mr. Valentine says that “roughly, two out of five people have a definite feeling when using a dowsing rod, can detect water.  Generally, two out of the five cannot “feel” anything when holding the rod.  There is usually one person that has some feel, but has to have help to determine the information received.  Mr. Valentine must be in the upper 90 to 100% of the people he works with in accuracy.
Rex B. Valentine is also a talented author, publishing seven books, including “Dowsing Discoveries.”
More information about the author and his work is available on his website.

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