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Coastal Vacations Conference Call Reveals Shocking 95% Failure Rate For Home Based Businesses


Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino revealed why 95% of new home based business owners fail. The revelation came while Marino was hosting a live conference call for the Coastal Vacations Sales Center.

The ultra-successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center is the largest, fastest growing and most successful group within the 12 year old top rated home based business. The live Q&A conference calls are an integral part of their hybrid system. Learn more about the system .

The failure rate is a dirty little secret that those who market home based business opportunities have concealed for years. Most new home based business owners would never invest their hard earned money to start a business, if they realized they only had a 5% chance of ever making a profit.

The number one reason most start ups fail is that business owners unwittingly enter a business that requires that they sell. They lack the required sales skills, and they have no desire or time to learn how to sell
Why do so many people enter a sales business without possessing the required skills? The problem is most home based businesses tout themselves by saying there is no selling involved.

Look at the way business opportunities are advertised. The words “no selling” and “no personal selling” are peppered throughout the ads. The opportunities tell prospects that because they are calling leads who asked for the information, they are not selling.

One sponsor says it is all about relationships and not about selling, but new associates soon learn that if they do not ask for the money, they will rarely make any money.

Over the years “selling systems” have been developed whereby the home based business marketer sends leads to websites that explain the benefits of the product. Some even have fancy flash movies and live video conferences that convey the information, Auto-responders are used to keep sales pitches via email in front of the leads.

What all of those elaborate systems have in common, is that after one or several exposures to the so-called “selling system,” members must call the prospects, and ask for the money. When someone calls people to ask for the sale, and of course the money, I call that person a salesperson.

Why don’t these home based business opportunities come clean and call their associates salespeople? Simple, marketing experts say that 95% to 97% of all home based business owners hate to sell. Referring to their associates as salespeople would be like advertising a dentist’s services as “extremely painful, but fast.” That’s not what most people are looking for.

On the conference call Marino explained that; "Many new Coastal Vacations associates have never owned their own successful business before. With the traditional business model, that means new members must learn and master several skills.

Traditional associates are the marketer, salesperson, follow-up coordinator, closer, product procurement manager, accountant, copywriter, webmaster and chief trainer. That is a daunting set of skill sets for them to acquire and that is why the overwhelming majority of them fail to ever make a dime"

With Marino’s hybrid Coastal Vacations business model members are taught specialized knowledge in marketing and advertising. They are not required to perform presentations, follow up, ask for the money and close sales.

Account executives at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center handle many of the details of the business for members. Employees at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center are not members of Coastal Vacations. That would be a clear conflict of interest.

The overwhelming success of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center training system is that members get focused, specialized knowledge they can learn quickly. They don’t have to learn everything to have success because the full time staff takes care of many of the details including asking for the money and even shipping travel packages.

California based level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino admits that his members have an unfair advantage over those who join the business the conventional way. “Having a full time staff, live training calls and an exclusive educational website with video, audio, and text training that is targeted to generate sales quickly is a success package no one else can touch.”

Marino is not content with the massive support members get from the hybrid Coastal Vacations system. He goes the extra mile to stack the deck in favor of his group. While other sponsors in the Coastal Vacations program boast about 17 hour work weeks and 3 day weekends, Marino makes himself available to his members for training and coaching 7 days a week.

Marino shares a myriad of proprietary tools with his members. He hosts live training calls each week and even keeps his group updated with training e-mail, but the one on one training and mentoring is what his group members rave about.

Get more information about the hybrid Coastal Vacations business. Learn how the maximum support that includes a full time staff, one on one coaching, focused specialized knowledge and more is producing dramatic results. Get all the facts about Dean Marino and the ultra-successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center at .


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