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Lydia Greico’s “Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs. Nazis” receives positive reviews from multiple book review publications

Greico expertly defines bullying and the many different forms of bullying in her inspirationally informative book- much to the delight of readers and critics alike.


“An in-depth, expertly analyzed comparison of bullying on many different levels.” –Tulsa Book Review

“Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis” is a book written by author Lydia Greico. Published on December 5, 2017, it is both an inspirational as well as an informative work by someone who personally experienced bullying at an early age. The 222-page masterpiece is written from a firsthand perspective and contains Lydia Greico’s inputs on both bullying and the World War II Nazis, and is divided into 13 chapters.
Overall, Lydia Greico painstakingly dissects both everyday bullying and the political bullying experienced by those who witnessed World War II. At the very least, Lydia Greico is able to bring home the lesson that, whether in school or in the community, bullying is a very distasteful act. “Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis” is a reminder that bullying should be stopped, no matter how small or large in scale.
Tamara South of the Mahattan Book Review rated the book 4 out of 5 stars, saying:
“I resonate with ‘Because It’s Wrong’ very well because I was bullied as a kid. Greico describes bullying as an imbalance of power and a form of overly aggressive behavior. Bullying is detrimental to a person’s well-being and development. Being bullied was very traumatizing for me. I can remember the days of just thinking that someone is going to try to beat me up today and for apparently no reason. As someone who was bullied, you tend to develop low self-esteem over time while your bully seems to get stronger and stronger. As you grow up into adulthood, you realize that it wasn’t you who had problems but rather your bully.”
On the other hand,
”‘Because It’s Wrong’ gives graphic descriptions of the horrors of history from the Holocaust to recent terrorist takeovers. An eye-opener for anyone who thinks that bullying in today’s schools is no big deal. It is a wonderfully written book dedicated to all the victims of bullying. The author organizes the book into chapters starting with the definition of bullying and how we see it in schools today. She describes how it is so prevalent in today’s society that it has almost become the norm. But bullying is not a new concept, and the author delves deep into history so that the reader can remember some of the world’s worst cases of bullying. The author also delves into the psychological aspect of bullying and bullies themselves,” says Kristi Elizabeth of the Tulsa Book Review.
The Pacific Book Review’s Anthony Avina also reviewed the book, in which he left this remark:
“This is a book for anyone who is interested in modern education, has had experiences with bullying themselves or through their children, or wants a way to spot the circumstances that lead to the creation of a bully or bully mentality in order to help spread positivity and awareness on the issue. While the author does utilize some religious aspects into the narrative, the overall issue and solution presented, as well as the history and context, are all something that a broad reach of readers will be able to get behind and understand.
“This is a well thought out, personal and powerful read that also allows people to become educated and knowledgeable on the subject of bullying. In a world where technology is increasing and social skills are far more fragile, the issue of bullying has only gotten worse, and author Lydia Greico’s book “Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis” is an excellent source of education and understanding on the topic. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to grab your own copy of this book and understand what bullying is, so that perhaps one day we can stop it from becoming as widespread as it has become.”
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Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs. Nazis
Author | Lydia Greico
Publisher | AuthorHouse
Published date | December 5, 2017
ISBN | 978-1546217787
Paperback price | $13.99
About the Author
Lydia Greico has a master’s degree in occupational studies and is licensed as a psychiatric technician. She is now retired from this profession, but she still advocates for those who need it. She has authored two other books and articles on different subjects. She earned her master’s degree from California State University at Long Beach in 2006. It took her four years to complete this book, as it brought back many painful memories.

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 Because It’s Wrong
 Bullies Vs. Nazis
 Lydia Greico, M.a.
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