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Kids’ author knows why Hillary is so irksome this time of year


Love him or hate him, it’s obvious why George W. Bush is the subject for many writers and pranksters. After all, he’s the most powerful man in the world. Why, then, does a considerably less powerful public figure - Hillary Clinton - inspire even more ire?

That’s a question that writer Katharine DeBrecht, author of “HELP! MOM! The 9th Circuit Nabbed the Nativity!” (Kids Ahead Publishing, 2006, ISBN 0976726920) can answer with ease. There’s a reason why a cartoon Hillary, who made her debut in the #1 bestseller “HELP! MOM! There are Liberals Under My Bed!” (ISBN 0976726904), has been the star of each book in the series.

“It’s because Hillary embodies everything that’s wrong with the baby-boom generation. She’s ruthless, greedy, self-righteous, and imbued with an absurdly elevated sense of her own worth,” says DeBrecht. Which is why, just like her husband, Hillary won’t bow out gracefully. And to DeBrecht, that’s both sad and potentially disastrous for the country.

Take the liberal “war on Christmas,” for example, the absurdity of which DeBrecht illustrates in “9th Circuit.” It’s just one of the many areas in which Hillary is trying to play both ends against the middle. “Hillary recently gave an interview in which she gushed over her Christmas memories -- no doubt as a way of softening up dubious voters,” notes DeBrecht. “But the reality is that Hillary’s done absolutely nothing to curb the excesses of the ACLU, the group most responsible for harassing and badgering municipalities trying to display some Christmas spirit.” It’s hard to ignore the ACLU’s relentless assault on religious expression, but Hillary has managed to do just that.

Nor does Hillary have any faith in the ability of average Americans to manage their own lives - and those of their children. “As I showed in ’Liberals Under My Bed,’ Hillary is all about the nanny state,” DeBrecht asserts. “She doesn’t just want to control what your kids eat, what they read and what they learn in school -- and we all know the horrendous condition of our schools. She also wants increase your taxes so that you’re footing the bill to indoctrinate other kids! It reminds me of the old joke that ’a liberal is a person who’s happy to give someone else the shirt off your back.’ That’s Hillary to a ’T’”.

Which is precisely why Clinton has become the “star” of the “HELP! MOM!” books for kids. “You can write about Hillary’s hypocritical attitude, her waffling and outright lies till the cows come home, but there’s nothing like laughter to get the point across. And the ’HELP! MOM!’ series is all about pointing out the follies of liberalism -- and of the liberals who embody them, like Hillary Clinton -- while giving parents and kids a good laugh in the process.”

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