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Jose Daniel Duarte offers ten tips to make Scrum meetings more productive

Scrum Master Jose Daniel Duarte provides expert tips to help keep Scrum meetings productive and effective.

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Jose Daniel Duarte
Jose Daniel Duarte

You could offer motivating forces for the individuals who land on schedule and force punishments on the individuals who don’t. Likewise keep the meetings short and to-the-point. The everyday Scrum meetings should keep going for around 15 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.

The term “Meeting” brings to our mind an air where a meeting of individuals are sitting together to talk about major issues: Some sitting exhausted and uninterested; some gazing vacantly making a decent attempt to get a grip of what is being examined; and still some forcefully attempting to demonstrate their point. Be that as it may, with changing occasions and approaches, with strain to fulfill time constraints, with time requirements, with expanding rivalry and with the need to remain a stage ahead, there emerged another face of meetings “The Scrum Meetings” or all the more regularly known as “the Daily Scrum Meetings.” Costa Rican entrepreneur and Scrum Master Jose Daniel Duarte offers tips to help make these meetings more productive.

These meetings are short and fresh and the individuals really remain as the uneasiness of standing ensures that the meeting doesn’t extend excessively long. These meetings are held every day (generally toward the beginning of the day) or at short interims pre-chosen by the colleagues taking a shot at a specific venture.

The meetings should begin at a fixed time each morning and the planning ought to be pursued carefully regardless of the way that some colleagues have not shown up.  Explains Duarte, “You could offer motivating forces for the individuals who land on schedule and force punishments on the individuals who don’t. Likewise keep the meetings short and to-the-point. The everyday Scrum meetings should keep going for around 15 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.”

The request and order are the pith of a phenomenal meeting. Just the Scrum chief and the colleagues (who are directly taking a shot at the venture) ought to be permitted to report in the everyday Scrum meeting and just a single individual ought to be permitted to talk without interference at a given time.

It is a smart thought to set up a rundown of themes and needs which should be talked about during an outstanding meeting. Just those things which are presently in process or those whose due date is drawing closer ought to be managed. Likewise, the themes ought to be of general intrigue, else they will in general go off track.

Since it is imperative to keep the meetings short and fresh, it is basic for the achievement of the meeting that every one of the individuals are really and effectively included during the whole meeting. To kick start the intrigue, you can begin each meeting with another joke, a persuading quote, a funny cartoon or some other fascinating picture or picture. You could likewise acquaint a lottery framework with conclude who might talk straightaway, in this manner giving a reasonable opportunity to everybody other than keeping the fun remainder high.

Asserts Duarte, “We have gotten so dependent on our telephones or workstations that it gets hard for individuals to concentrate on the meeting on the off chance that they are always checking their messages, noting messages, messing around or experiencing their coding. To dodge this issue, guarantee that your high-quality meetings are sans tech. This guarantees regard for individual colleagues and furthermore keeps away from interruption.”

Daily Scrum meetings are not assembled stand up conferences without an explanation. Ordinary meetings will in general stretch long, get exhausting and off theme when individuals are sitting easily. Standing up during these meetings guarantees that the meetings are short, to-the-point and the vitality level is high.

The essential thought of day by day Scrum meetings is to tell the colleagues what is being done, what should be done and what are the obstructions in completing them. Something besides these, should be managed later. Establish parameters and list the issues which are to be managed later. After the meeting gets over, plan another meeting with just those individuals who are straightforwardly related to that specific issue. You could keep up a note pad or a whiteboard to list points that are to be taken care of by a specific subdivision and need a lengthier dialog. Such ’parking garages’ ought to be open to the colleagues outside the everyday Scrum meetings too where they can list down their things that should be tended to. That way, they are absolutely focused and are not contemplating off subjects during their day by day Scrum meetings.

Since time is short, the colleagues should know precisely what they would talk at the meeting. Their discourse ought to be carefully restricted to what they did the day preceding, what they intend to do today and what are the troubles they are looking in meeting their objectives. For this, the Scrum chief should make it obvious to the colleagues what he hopes to get notification from them at the meeting.  Anything off the subject ought to be quickly put back on track.

In the event that you have redistributed your Scrum ventures, including the remote colleagues in the day by day meetings would be smart thought. For this, you could set up video talks or meeting assembling during your every day Scrum conferences. Simply ensure that your meetings here are not held at a time that is outlandish for them (Say 1:00 a.m. for them). “This guarantees you are filling in as a group with your mates. Once more, as a Scrum leader, ensure that the colleagues look at one another and speak with one another as opposed to talking and focusing just on you. This will make the meetings progressively powerful and grow better comprehension among the group,” adds Duarte.

Consider it an everyday Scrum, day by day cluster, morning move call, morning meetings, coordination meetings or our own one of a kind stand up meetings, these meetings are the call of great importance. By getting an update of what each colleague achieved yesterday and what he intends to achieve today, the colleagues get a reasonable and coordinated comprehension of how much work has been done and how a lot of work remains. These meetings are additionally an approach to guarantee duties for each part. At the point when a part stands up and says, “I will carry out this responsibility today,” he knows very well that he should report the following day whether the assignment was done or not.

About Jose Daniel Duarte

Jose Duarte is originally from Heredia, Costa Rica. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner for more than 20 years and divides his time between his existing operations and researching new possibilities in which to invest. When he’s not dedicating time to his businesses, he spends time with his supporting wife and two children. 

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 Jose Daniel Duarte

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