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Results Of Changes In Medical Practices


The human-animal seems to be strangely lacking in foresight with regard to the consequences of the actions that he initiates. There are so many examples of this that it is hard to know where to begin. The interference with ecological balance has been a frequent disaster, but there are examples of much less obviously associated unfortunate results. These might be considered the side effects of the use of scientific advances, effects that were not anticipated at the time, but became apparent later; sometimes considerably later. A prime example of this is x-ray and radiation in general.  It took time for the deleterious side effects of radiation to become appreciated and perhaps this appreciation is still only partial. It seems important that we should look for early indications that there are untoward results of our activities about to happen. When unexpected things occur, it is necessary to examine what else has changed in order to check whether there could be any connection.

The incidence of children with attention deficits and other learning abnormalities seems to have increased relatively recently. If this if true, it behooves us to look into things that have changed to see whether we can suggest any possible causes. Has anything changed in the development of these children that could be a causative factor? Perhaps there has been a lack of consideration of what may have happened prenatally.  After conception, the embryo undergoes an astonishing series of developmental changes in a relatively short period of time. While many of these may be relatively insignificant, a few could have devastating effects. At a certain stage in the development of the nervous system, the nerve cells from the “brain” protrude axons that connect with either other neurons or end organs. It is not understood exactly what guides these axons to their destination, but it is a very important process. Imagine what would happen if the wires of a telephone exchange were disconnected and someone connected them randomly. If some factor influenced the connection process of axons at a critical time it could have a very significant result.

If we accept a developmental mishap as being the cause of the mental aberrations that are showing up in some children, we must try to conjecture what that mishap could be. It would have to be something that has changed relatively recently. It must be something that occurs randomly and something that is considered innocuous. According to Dr. Neville Connolly: “The obvious culprit is the sonogram.” It fits the outlined postulated description. It is of relatively recent introduction. It is considered totally innocuous though it’s effect on a developing fetus has never been tested. It has been increasingly commonly used; often for no more than idle curiosity.  If its influence is deleterious to the embryo it is necessary to accept the postulate that it is only deleterious at certain times during the fetal development. It would be interesting to examine the history of mothers whose offspring showed these abnormalities to see if they had sonograms during their pregnancies. If some who had this examination showed a higher incidence of abnormalities it would be important to note at what time during the pregnancy the exam was performed.

When a result is sufficiently serious and the cause unknown, all possible hypotheses must be explored. Careful analysis of histories related to the use of sonograms could suggest a connection. Just because ultrasound is considered innocuous when used diagnostically it does not mean that it is always harmless in all circumstances. That it is a powerful tool is apparent then the intensity is increased, i.e. when used to break up kidney stones. Less intensity could well be distorting to processes ongoing in delicate structures.

Could it be that the innocuous sonogram is another of the things that have unforeseen consequences in certain circumstances? Surely it is worth further study. There is a reluctance to delve into the possible disadvantages of procedures which have been found useful for other reasons. However, neglect of this wise precaution has been the cause of serious regret. Untoward side effects are not always apparent at the time and this could be responsible for their being overlooked, leaving many suffering children and disrupted families.

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“Called to be a Surgeon: Not for Bread Alone”
Written by Dr. Neville Connolly
Published by Your Online Publicist
Published Date: June 2019

About the Author
Dr. Neville Connolly holds advanced medical-surgical degrees from different countries. In England, he gained Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, from Cambridge University and a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons. In the US, he has an MD from Harvard Medical School and a Fellowship from the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics. His Residency training was in England under the National Health Service at the time of its inception. He has spent most of his life fighting for the right methods and just treatment of patients without discrimination.      

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