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Accelerating Cloud Provider Route to Market with Dell Technologies Cloud


Time is limited and customers of all sizes continue to grapple with how to do more with less. Technology plays a role here and perhaps one of the most pervasive technologies to help is a cloud-based operating model. Not everyone has the time or resources to design their own cloud, but there are many different types of clouds to accomplish success.

Dell Technologies Cloud, or DTC, is an exciting new focus on multi-cloud from Dell Technologies which enables seamless cloud implementations across on-prem, off-prem, cloud providers and hyperscale clouds. The DTC framework provides a solid foundation and opportunity for Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) to reduce time and cost for cloud solutions, build on top of a solid foundation, and concentrate on higher level, higher value, higher revenue services and solutions.

Cloud Service Providers who specialize in DTC can help customers realize their goals of building an integrated IT ecosystem with the ability to burst to public clouds. Together customers could rapidly implement a virtual global IT environment for your company which leverages the best of multiple cloud models. Dell Technologies Cloud can help customers accelerate their time to market and solve real IT challenges.

So why are Cloud Service Providers excited about Dell Technologies Cloud – and what does all this mean for them? Across the Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio, CSP’s play an important role in the larger ecosystem – and partnering with CSP’s globally will enhance and drive solutions in key service areas such as data protection, security and compliance.

Overall, this cloud ecosystem is complex but interdependent. Companies use on-premise and off-premise clouds. Off-Premise clouds exist in hyperscale clouds such as AWS, SaaS solutions such as Workday, Salesforce and Office 365. Additionally, there are regional and Tier 2 cloud providers that play a critical role in providing capabilities to end customers. Across all of these, there is a need for simplification and rationalization. One way to look at this “multi-cloud” ecosystem is by thinking about where a cloud is located vs who manages that cloud. At the most basic level, clouds exist in three locations: a customer’s datacenter, a CSP’s datacenter or a public/hyperscale datacenter.

Then, for each of these physical locations – there are different opportunities for who manages those clouds, generally as follows:

  • Customer managed
  • Cloud Service Provider/Managed Service Provider managed
  • Public/Hyperscale Cloud Provider managed

The combination of these locations and management drives the heart of the multi-cloud ecosystem.  Each implementation (for example, customer Datacenter+ Public Cloud managed is an example of VMWare Cloud on Dell EMC) is driven by different business, economic and practical considerations.  Connecting two or more of these unique instances is multi-cloud!  Let’s look at a few implementation scenarios.

We want our customers to rely on us and our partners. At Dell Technologies, we truly partner with Cloud Service Providers for joint success. From a customer perspective, these partners function as trusted advisors and true partners for cloud strategy and implementation. Unlike the “swipe your credit card” approach to hyperscale clouds – these providers offer a very interactive and B2B partnership for cloud services.

To quote Greek Philosopher Heraclitus “change is the only constant in life,” CSP’s and customers are looking to simplify their cloud assets. To meet that demand, CSP’s continue to evolve their offerings – and Dell Technologies is evolving to support this change. We want to make it easier for partners and providers to build, implement and support clouds so that they can drive more efficiency and capabilities for end customers. We also want to accelerate GTM for our partners, so they continue to be competitive and meet the rapid pace of evolution for their customers.

Across these many implementations of clouds, Dell Technologies Cloud from a Service Provider perspective offers the opportunity to enrich the ecosystem and provide a simpler approach to implementation for end customers. Specifically, partners are key contributors to the core towers of Dell Technologies Cloud – and Dell Technologies Cloud is designed to support our CSP partner success.

Dell Technologies Cloud validated designs are specifically targeted to drive CSP success. The validated designs are a fully tested and documented approach to service or cloud provider requirements while at the same time offering complete flexibility and transparency of the solution combined with a lower cost of entry. These validated designs for Dell Technologies Cloud are built specifically with the CSP in mind – ensuring that we address key features our partners demand including VMware Cloud Partner Program licensing/integration, VMware vCloud Director based solutions with multi-tenancy, chargeback, show back, reporting, security, extensibility, management, virtual segmentation, software-defined data center capabilities and more. Additionally, these validated designs accelerate GTM with our cloud providers by including not just the architecture and building guidelines, but also marketing tools, cost modeling, sample use cases and other artifacts designed to reduce the amount of engineering a partner needs to take on themselves to bring the capability to market.

Dell Technologies Cloud is the foundation for multi-cloud which provides partners the key ingredients to address the market faster and better. Beyond the initial DTC offerings, a set of capabilities specifically tailored to partners/providers will continue to extend the benefits for our partners and enable them to efficiently participate and profit from the ecosystem as they look to provide increased value to their end customers. Together, DTC for providers/partners bridges the gap from Dell Technologies to partners to customers.

Multi-cloud is complicated. Dell Technologies provides the tools and framework to simplify the multi-cloud integration. CSP’s make it real for customers by bringing it all together and driving success for their end customer with Dell Technologies as a partner.

Learn More about Dell Technologies Cloud for Cloud Providers in this short video.

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