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Gloria and Robert Mascarelli raise controversial questions about God, science, President Trump, and the Nephilim in new book

This book tells unbelievers, agnostics, and skeptics what they did not know and need to know about God and the biblically-based issues of Christianity.


This book covers controversial theories on biblical Christian issues, as well as inspire and enlighten readers to a deeper understanding of the Creator.

“President Trump: Nephilim or Man of Renown” (Christian Faith Publishing; 2019) by Gloria and Robert Mascarelli aims to answer the questions that bother Christians from time to time:
In the book’s introduction, Robert shares his motivation for writing “President Trump: Nephilim or Man of Renown,” “During my business trips as an antique dealer… as a known Christian, I was asked many questions by other antique dealers who shared dinners with my wife Gloria and I after the close of the antique show each day.
“At that time, I had a pretty orthodox approach to what I believed in the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and the Universe. Since then, as I have grown in my beliefs, my ideas changed to somewhat to what some might consider a rather unorthodox approach to my faith, which will be revealed in this book.”
Robert aims to give a view of why Yahweh (the Hebrew name for God) is all-powerful and all-loving in spite of all the atrocities that have occurred and are still occurring. He also discusses at length the proper name of God, the Second Chance Theory (post-mortal evangelism), the reality of the influences of Satan, the current scientific advances that pose a threat to humankind, and the Nephilim, among the many topics in “President Trump: Nephilim or Man of Renown.”
Particular attention is given to the role of the Nephilim who are discussed in the Old Testiment as the giants of old who at that time occupied the lands that God had promised to the Israelites as their homeland after they fled from their Egyptian captivity. The Nephilim are described as evil in every way, as the result of their genealogy derived from the mating of fallen angels with human women. Robert discusses how this some of the Nephilim DNA may have been passed down through the generations to affect the health and behavior of present human beings.
“Gloria, my wife, helped to compile my notes and to add to the text with biblical quotations that support my views and represents the history of our God (YAWEH), the Holy Spirit, and Jesus our Savior.”
But how does President Donald Trump figure in our book? In her article from the ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge, Gloria, who was helping Robert with biblical research, said: “After (Robert) working on his theories and making notes and my organizational structure was created, the real reason for the assemblage of the book became apparent. The 2016 presidential election took place and President Trump was voted into office as President of the United States. Our faith in God (Yahweh) encouraged our motivation to put a voice to the opinions we had about the Nephilim in our book.”
The authors express an overall favorable impression of Trump though they disagree with him on some aspects; the title is a prompt for the idea of how people’s behavior could reflect whether they are the genetic descendants of Nephilim, who in biblical times were the hybrid children of human mothers and fallen angels.
“Having President Trump in office as the defender of religious freedom in our country after so many years of our religious freedom being threatened looked very positive along with all the vows he promised to accomplish during his campaigning. Yet, some of his past behavior seemed to represent some of the negative Nephilim traits we discussed earlier in our book. It seemed the right time to bring Bob’s opinions to light.”
Read more about Gloria and Robert Mascarelli’s theories and answers to controversial questions about God in “President Trump: Nephilim or Man of Renown.” Order today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Watch out for the public display of this book at the 2019 Guadalajara International Book Fair from November 30 to December 8, 2019, at the Exhibition Center Expo Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
President Trump: Nephilim or Man of Renown
Author | Gloria and Robert Mascarelli 
Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing
Published date | December 27, 2017
Paperback price | $21.95
About the Author
Robert and Gloria Mascarelli have a long history of travel to many countries and US states, which they traveled to participate in antique shows as professional dealers in Oriental porcelains and ancient Chinese pottery. They also kept an antique shop for ten years and published books on Oriental antiques and pottery. The first book they collaborated on as Christian writers occurred several years after Bob became a confirmed believing Christian, and it was published by Miracle book Publishers as “The Prayer Connection” in the year 2000.

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