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HBIS Chairman Making Speech In China Iron & Steel Association


World Steel Association(WSA) Chairman, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong visited China Iron & Steel Association(CISA) and made a speech. CISA CCP, Deputy Director and Secretary General He Wenbo hosted the meeting. 

CISA Deputy Director Qiu Xiuli, Luo Tiejun, Deputy Secretary General Yang Zunqing, Wang Dechun, Jiangwei and all CISA employees, and CISA subsidiary executives and CISA Research Insititution executives also attended the meeting.

The title of Yu Yong speech is “How Could Chinese Steel Industry  Lead The future” in which Yu Yong recalls the history of 70-year-development, particularly the 40-year-long reform and open policy. Today, Chinese steel industry has entered the center of world stange and it weights half of th world’s total capacity. It is leading the world steel industry in all fronts and making more and more contrituions to the world. 

Looking back at the 160-year-old steel industry, UK, US, Russia and Japan were the biggest steel producers for their own times. In each period, steel industry helped the countries economy grow fast and and countries leave their marks on world economy and steel industry. Since 1996, the center of world steel industry has been shifting to China and the country providing more and better materials to both domestic and oversears markets. Chinese steel industry is gaining experiences in green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and structural reforms. The history is proving that each advanced economy relies on a strong steel industry. 

Yu Yong said already, China was in the center of world steel industry, and in future, it would still lead the development of world steel industry. So, what could we give to the world steel. And when time comes that we were no longer the center of world, what could we leave for world? For the future of world economy and steel industry, we should stand high, for the sustainble development and country and seek technology innovation and find valuable and strategic directions.  

For green developemnt, we should make breakthrough in innovation and services. Chinese steel industry is leading in energy recycling in the world. However,  energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling is not everything we need.  Green means more and the magnitude reduction of emission relies more than recycling and procedural emission reduction. Key innovation is needed. We should explore renewable energy, say, hydrogen steel making could lead to a revolution in steel making technology. For the sustainable development, Chinese steel industry should invest more on green manufacturing and procedural innovation and green generation of the energy, which itself needs major engineering, procedural and structrural breakthough. We should leave Chinese marks in the process.

For intelligent manufacturing, we should provide small size orders, personalized and designated services to diversified markets. In high quality development stage of Chinese economy, our clients will shift more on manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry, in turn, will provide micro, personalized, designated and diversified products to downstreams. The existing large scale production and new patern of client demands are becoming new difficulties need resolutions. The actual problem the steel industry has, is the mass production with the small and diversified demands. With newly developed AI, particularly 5G technology, the steel industry is realizing the once un-achieveable show. Besides high quality, high precsion and high efficiency, AI manufacturing allows one production line to make different products at different time, eventually, the abilities of multiple production facilities. Large facilities must work with AI manufacturing capabilities to cope with the high level demands of the market and clients.  

Steel mills should look more at materials, rather than steel. To strengthen the market, with its materials, the industry should transfer know-how technologies to downsream enterprises. Currently, high end manfuacturers usually do not own the technologies, the technologies come from the upstream materials instead. The future market and room for more growth for steel industry relies on new materials. We need to study the understandings to materials of the advanced steel enterprises and establish our own R&D and procedural institutions. While provide soundable steel materials, we should find solutions to new procedure and downstream steel material applications. New technologies and innovation are needed to develop new materials and transfer our know-how technologies. An improvement is that a steel mill sells know-how technologies, besides the traditional steel products.

Yu Yong said that the Chinese steel industry was allowing the Chinese steel people to raise their heads high. HBIS holding the chairman of world steel association is neither occasional nor single event. It is showing the rise of Chinese nation and ackownledgement to the Chinese steel industry. In the future, we should always follow Chairman Xi Jinping’s instruction and implement the new development concepts to enhance the high quality development of Chinese steel industry and make our contributions in the The Chinese Dream of Realizing the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. 

On hehalf of CISA, He Wenbo congradulated Mr.Yu Yong becoming the new Chairman of WSA and total agreed with his speech. He said that while China the nation entering the high quality development phase, Chinese steel industry was already in the center of world steel industry. In future, we should have more sense of responsibility and look global to explore opportunties in work with world’s leading enterprises. Innovation could give Chinese steel industry opportunties in new technologies, including green technologies, AI manufacturing and material innovation. Going green is not only about energy conservation and emission reduction, it is about being green all along process and finding solutions to bottleneck problems. Based on what we have and opportutnies, intelligent manufacturing could lead more steel applications. By focusing on materials, the demands of clients will push us to diversify our downstream markets.    

He Wenbo said CISA will continue to study Chairman Xi Jinpings question of improving basic capabilities of the industry and its industrial chain and find solutions to reach that goal. Mr.Yu Yong’s speech touches innovation, green, intelligent and material and it is an important discussion of understanding and implementing Chairman Xi Jinping’s instructions of development of industries and firmly implementing CCP and the nation’s strategic policies. CISA will learn from HBIS and go to downstream enterprises to understand the demands of steel mills and find CISA’s position. It should strengthen its studies to world steel industry and push the high quality development of Chinese steel industry forward and lead the future of world steel industry.

Before his speech, Yu Yong met He Wenbo and discussed to enhance the cooperation of WSA and CISA so that Chinese steel industry could take its technological and innovation advatanges to contribute more to world steel industry.

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