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The Modern Matriarch: Own Your Power and Take Back Your Life

New book, The Matriarch Rules, written by Randy “The Rock ’N’ Roll Doula” Patterson, empowers women to know their worth, transform their lives, find confidence, maintain motivation, and become the change-makers they are meant to be. The Matriarch Rules is currently available for pre-order and is set to be published September 4th.


The Matriarch isn’t some crusty old lady dressed head-to-toe in black who sits at the head of the table barking demands at Sunday dinner…

“If I could transform my shitty history of a dirty kid on welfare, who smoked weed, listened to heavy metal, dropped out of high school, and didn’t achieve much of anything, into a story about a down-and-out-but-deceptively-smart chick who gets her shit together, marries her soul mate, raises confident daughters with amazing self-esteem, creates a clean and loving home, and runs a successful business, without sacrificing my love for tattoos, hot pink stilettos, and Metallica, then you can surely create some new history that better defines you, too.” – Randy Patterson, The Matriarch Rules
Feeling confident in your capabilities and knowing your worth is much easier said than done, but for a matriarch, it’s second nature. What is a matriarch? In her new book The Matriarch Rulesauthor and CEO of the million-dollar startup, ProDoula, Randy Pattersonaims to redefine the term“The Matriarch isn’t some crusty old lady dressed head-to-toe in black who sits at the head of the table barking demands at Sunday dinner…” Patterson explains, “The modern Matriarch is alive and vivacious.”
A matriarch is a woman that commands respect the moment she enters a room. She does not second guess herself. She knows all that she can do, and she knows her worth. She is bold, fierce, and has her own unique style.  She owns her decisions and moves confidently into her future. The modern matriarch is passionate about her work, knows its value, and always charges her worth. She is purposeful and deliberate in both her career and in her personal life. She lives a full, happy, and successful life, and guides her loved ones along her journey with her.
So how does one become a matriarch? The Matriarch Rules is an invaluable guide to becoming a badass, powerful, and successful matriarch. Through her engaging and inspiring journey of how she rewrote her own story, Patterson empowers women to change their lives. The Matriarch Rules is a must-read for all women looking to find more confidence, happiness, self-worth, and success in both their personal and professional lives.
Randy Patterson is not your average CEO. She has dedicated her life’s work to coaching women in both birth, as a doula, and in business, as the co-founder and CEO of her multimillion-dollar startup. She has a passion for helping other women and supplying them with the confidence to charge their worth, own their expertise, and build a legacy for their families.

“Long before I became the CEO of a million-dollar start-up, I became the Matriarch of my family. Interestingly enough, it turns out that the roles are quite similar. The CEO is the Vision Caster, Fearless Leader, PR Director, and Success Manager. These are the roles the Matriarch plays when the business is called a family.” -  Randy Patterson, The Matriarch Rules

The Matriarch Rules is currently available for pre-order and will be available wherever books are sold on September 4th.
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About the Book: The Matriarch Rules: How to Own Your Power, Know Your Worth, and Lead the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Wiley, September 2019, ISBN: 9781119572749, $30.00, 176 pages.)

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