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Christian author David Murdoch: “The Bible was not written in English”

The author published a book to help believers understand the original message of the Bible.

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The better we understand the Bible, the better we are able to deal with any of life’s problems.

For David Murdoch, a former pastor and counselor, it is not enough to memorize and quote the Bible according to English versions. To fully understand God’s overall plan, one must get into the original manuscripts, i.e., study the Scripture taken from the manuscripts written in ancient Hebrew and Greek, the original languages in which the Bible was written. Murdoch emphasizes this point in his aptly titled book The Bible was not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark (WingSpan Press; 2015).
Why does this matter to Murdoch? What does studying the Bible written in the original languages have to do with matters of the faith and soul? Believers sometimes have trouble understanding what the Bible really says, no thanks to the mistranslations from the original manuscripts to English.
He said in his introduction:
The problem is much of what is taught is handed down generation to generation and is now taught as gospel. The majority of churches today regardless of the denomination, do not teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. They read a scripture or two and then speak their own words which may be heart rendering, but they are not the truth from God’s Word. The sad result is people don’t really understand the Bible.
With his book “The Bible was not Written in English,” Murdoch hopes to erase the confusions caused by the mistranslations and encourage believers to a deeper study of the Bible by digging into the original manuscripts, so they can better understand God’s overall plan.
“When the proper intended meaning is set forth, the entire Bible begins to make more sense,” said the author. “Areas of conflict that seemed unanswerable in English are now crystal clear with a new corrective light of truth for these end times.”
“The Bible was not Written in English” is divided into three sections. Section I tackles the obstacles that confront most Christians when they get serious about trying to find more about God. Section II addresses the myths and facts and comes with a Q&A portion to show how man’s traditions have impacted belief structures and led believers towards falsehood. Section III is about God’s food laws.  
Murdoch’s insights will help believers find out more about God’s overall plan and increase their faith in their search for deeper truth about God.
“We are not talking about the English translations of the Bible. We are talking about the original languages as found in the manuscripts.”
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The Bible was not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark
Author | David Murdoch
Publisher | WingSpan Press
Published date | November 25, 2015
Paperback price | $12.26
About The Author
David Murdoch has read and studied the Bible most of his life. He was the pastor of a small church in Baytown, Texas in the early seventies where he began counselling people with all manner of problem. Thus began the journey of deeper study to find what the Bible had to say about all of life’ situations.

David was a student of the David Ebaugh Bible School and considers David Ebaugh as one of his mentors. His other mentor is Dr. Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chapel, which is the largest TV ministry in the world, broadcasting from a small church in Gravette, Arkansas. David considers Shepherd’s Chapel to be the spirit of Elijah ministry of the end times. Neither of these men begged for money; in fact, they hardly ever mentioned it. They both taught from the manuscripts.

Mr. Murdoch is mostly self-taught as far as Biblical research is concerned. David has found that others can open a door for you, but you still have to study and allow a truth to become reality to you.

David is proof positive that most anyone can learn from the manuscripts without knowing the ancient languages. In the 1980s, he and his wife, Martha, raised Egyptian Arabian horses. The importance of keeping the pedigrees accurate by his wife led David to better understand the importance of paying close attention to all details, including names and families in the Bible. This, of course, led to an even closer study of the manuscripts, which broadened his understanding of what the Bible really says.

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