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The Adventures of Thelma Thistle and Her Friends, a new children’s chapter book is now available on Ingram Spark

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Have you ever spent any time wondering what the plants in your yard are up to? I never had until reading The First Adventures of Thelma Thistle by Joyce Crawford.

Each self-contained book shares the adventures of a little flower named Thelma, her friends, Bunny, Beetle, Cory Crow, Adam Mouse and Rudy Raccoon. These adorable stories teach children as well as entertain.  Ms. Crawford includes moral lessons along with sage advice like, “Beauty is as Beauty does.” When Grandfather warns Thelma about the consequences of envy, he tells her, “envy will eat you up from the inside.” Thelma’s angry retort is, “Pooh!  Only mules eat thistles. And there’s not a mule in sight.”
To enhance the teaching, the first three books contain a list of vocabulary words and emotions introduced in the stories, making these books unique story books.
Book one, introduces facts of erosion and the concept of good stewardship of our environment. 
A strong storm crosses the area where Thelma lives threatening to destroy her home.  Thelma survives the ordeal but is plagued with the fear of lightning and thunder.  Values taught in this story are self-esteem, true friendship and strong family ties.  Thelma must face anger, envy, fear and her friends face a feeling of betrayal. 
Book two introduces Cory Crow to the ditch.  Just like all crows, Cory is intelligent and does not hesitate to share his knowledge.  Thelma considers Cory Crow to be a know-it-all and treats him badly. 
As another storm passes over the ditch, a compassionate Cory, using his knowledge of lightning and thunder, tries to assuage Thelma’s fear. 
After the storm passes and it is safe to go outside again, all the friends enjoy a romp in the mud puddles until it is time to go home for the night.   Ms. Crawford takes this opportunity to share with her young readers where forest animals make their nests and burrows.
Another new friend introduced to the ditch is Adam Mouse.  Adam, a timid little creature, is searching for breakfast when he is confronted by Cory Crow, the self-appointed sentry of the ditch.  But, armed with his own knowledge, Adam stands his ground.  For a moment, Cory lets his composure slip when Adam announces he knows where to find fresh corn for breakfast.  The friends, except for Thelma, go on an adventure away from the safety of the ditch to a cornfield where they encounter more than just corn. 
Since Thelma is planted in the ground, and thus immobile, she cannot go on this adventure.  Ms. Crawford takes this opportunity to open little minds to the plights of boys and girls who are unable to run and play and follow their friends.
In Book three, Thelma finds herself in the uncomfortable position of having to apologize to Cory Crow for treating him so badly when he first arrived on the ditch.  Again, Cory shows great compassion and maturity when he accepts Thelma’s apology. 
The last friend to the ditch is Rudy Raccoon, and initially the meeting is not a happy one.  The friends sympathize with an angry Bunny when she awakes in the morning to find her yard littered with trash. 
Adam Mouse, trying to be a loyal friend to all, struggles with tattling on a friend.   Bunny, and the other friends, are confronted with prejudice and judging.  But, again, friendship soon overcomes the conflict. 
In the evening, the friends play outside and experience tiny treasures of the night.  Ms. Crawford does not overlook this opportunity to share with young readers the thrill and mystery of fire flies, mosquitoes, bats and spider eyes.  The added lesson here is, we have more small treasures than big ones.
In Book four, The Birthday Book, the friends face a unique and difficult challenge.  With Cory Crow’s intelligence and Rudy Racoon’s nimble dexterity, the friends evaluate the challenge, develop a plan, organize and rise to the challenge through problem solving and teamwork.  The added lesson here is, we each have important skills and talents to offer to a group.
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