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Serbian-American Writer Michael Vladimirivich Trisho Publishes Debut Book

Through his fiction novel, the author takes readers on an interplanetary voyage – across Earth’s missing history records.

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The fiction novel that will challenge one’s perception of history.

Michael Vladimirivich Trisho’s first book “How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?” (Dark Planet Publishing, 2013) is classified under ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy’ in Amazon. Anyone who has read the novel closely will consider the work to be social science fiction, political science fiction, economic historical fiction, or historical fiction of sorts. 

The story takes place in 1954  in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. History professor Milan Petrovich sees an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the near by Illidga forest, which later vanishes. At the location where UFO vanished, He later encounters Zarko Zarich, posing as a photographer from Dubrovnik; Zarko’s unusual complexion reminds Milan of a character he had seen in science fiction movies. 

Milan and Zarko engage each other in a debate after Zarko made a stinging criticism of the professor’s history book for its inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Attempting to discredit Zarko’s countering statements, which he considers to be “very serious criticisms of modern history scripture, Milan discovers that Zarko is not human but rather android.” 

“I have no doubt, Professor, that the intention of history writers throughout the centuries was sincere and genuine,” Zarko tells Milan. “However, since the beginning of so-called civilization, as the existing states began to vanish from the geographic map and were overtaken by the new emerging states, the history writers started to rewrite portions of history script to accommodate the interests and agenda of the New World Order rulers. The tendency of rewriting and altering history scripture by history writers in the past became the trend, which has continued till today.” 

Zarko mentions to Milan the prehistoric events that were missing from history books because these records were destroyed by first state and religious leaders for the fear they would  inspire people to try to return to the original way of life. “I would argue that during the time of the prehistoric era, several significant events occurred that affected human society development on a grand scale,” he says to Milan.   

The prehistoric events that Zarko claims were stricken from history include the disappearance of the Tree of Life, the original plant food for mankind’s nourishment, from the forests of the Earth during the Ice Age; the invention of man-made, artificial food by culinary technique; the breaking of the million-year-old taboo “do not kill” by the first premeditated murder of man; the introduction of the monetary system of value ruler ship; and the invention of the institution of church and the temple of God, for preaching salvation and forgiveness  in order to save the first slavery state from the people’s revolt, due to endless wars, brutality and killings.  

A month later, while travelling to the town of his fiancée, Milan gets abducted by aliens who take him on an interplanetary voyage to the depths of the universe where prehistoric records that are missing from Earth’s history scripture are taken by the light travelling phenomenon. Looking out from the flying UFO, the history professor reviews these records and is shocked to learn about the two inseparable events that lead to the enslavement of society: the invention of money and the formation of the first state. 

For readers who are interested to learn the hidden history, politics, and even conspiracy theory incorporated in this science fiction novel , Trisho’s “How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money”, is a captivating and thought-provoking read. It drives one to question the authenticity and veracity of the world history scripture.  

The 2018 New York Rights Fair, which will take place on May 30 through June 1, 2018, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, New York City, should give the book the attention it deserves.

Copies are available at Amazon (

Michael Vladimirivich Trisho is also the author of “The Space Mystery: Introduction of Attical and New Physical Science” (Page Publishing, 2016). Copies are available at Amazon (
How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?
Written by: Michael Vladimirivich Trisho
Published by: Dark Planet Publishing
Published date: August 9, 2013
Paperback price: $11.49
About the Author 
Michael Vladimirovich Trisho was born in city of Panchevo, currently part of the state of Serbia. His tendency to inquire about the mysteries of the world using reason and logic was evident at an early age. All his life, he wondered how humankind became entrapped by money, and why people believe that a money-based society is the best system. He never got past that question. After immigrating in the USA, he continued to examine early history in search of answers about the monetary system and its relation to the institution of state. Examining archaeological fossils and excavations focused only on a narrow part of early human experience, without revealing several important events that played a critical role in the development of society. Michael decided to create his own reconstruction of the events that changed the course of human development, during the prehistoric era. The product of that visionary reconstruction is the debut novel, “How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?”

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