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Most accurate stock market prediction - Stockmarket Guru Shares His Latest Secrets

VIP Clients Claim him the Most Accurate Stock Market Predictions Guru After Shocking & Incredible Predictions come true.

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VIP Clients Claim him the Most Accurate Stock Market Predictions Guru After Shocking & Incredible Predictions come true.
VIP Clients Claim him the Most Accurate Stock Market Predictions Guru After Shocking & Incredible Predictions come true.

Chip Smith, a leading Financial Market Analyst from has flabbergasted his clients, who are terming him like the nostradamus of the stock market, after claming he has the “Most Accurate Stock Market Predictions.” After calling the stock market crash in 2008 months before it happened, and after telling his clients bitcoin was a good investment at $500 [currently over $9,000] the word has been spreading about Chip, and his talents in all corners of the internet. 

Chip seems to be hard at work most days, working with his top clients, and helping them navigate the stock market, he was quoted in an inverview this week saying: “The stock market is an sleeping, eating breathing dragon, and when it awakes you want to be ready!” Claiming that in recent times the stock market has become very volatile, and it has created an environment where you can make huge profits or lose and entire fortune very fast,  Chip hinted that 2018 and rising rates could make this year very tricky. 

Recently Chip has invested over $50,000 in creating a summation software program, that has his clients buzzing. Basically the piece of software helps him and his client stay on the right side of the stock market each week in the crypto and stock markets, with just the push of just a button. While there are other people who have claimed to have such tools, Chip has mixed in his knowlege from Wall street and how the quants or alorigthm computers work on the trading floor to create something special. 

“I believe that the last few major calls we have had in our newsletter has created massive wealth, and I am humbled by the amount of fans I have generated over the last 12 months,” he said. Chip also said that there are no guarentees with his summation software, meaning that no one is psychic or knows what happens next. Chip claims he has a great team of analysts around him, and computer programs from Harvard that have helped him create something special or what he terms to be like having a “Fortune teller sitting beside you drawing cards, telling you what the stock market could do next.”

In his latest blog post, Chip was quoted as saying: “Crypto currencies could be the next big trend on the market,” as the software was hinting larger funds and institutes are starting to sniff and get ready to dump in larger amounts of money on this new asset class. He recently told his clients that ’bitcoin looked handsome at $500’ in his previous newsletter, and since that call bitcoin has gone up over 1700% to near $9,000 per coin.  This left his clients speechless and Chip said he was shocked himself to see prices skyrocket so fast, but he was humbled because he said his spent alot of time and effort into making the software efficient and most importantly accurate for his clients. The week Chip said he was hard at work, because some other interesting alerts are popping up. 

Even the trading guns on Wall Street are now listening to Chip in 2018 as he feels his finally taken the guess work out of the market for his clients. While he says there is no holy grail to making profits in the investment world, he states: “You can study and sure use technology to shift and put the odds in your favour.”

Chip is known using his skills to try and help the little guy take consistent profits out of the market each week without having to be glued to their screen all day. He is gaining quite a huge following fast, that is why he is keeping this private and too himself. The last two weeks he has been gaining massive attention, and his alerts are creating a stir in 2018 already. 

Chip has done well over the years and uses a contrarian approach to trading the stock market and reached out to his investors today to explain what is going on. He accurately predicted the 2008 stock market crash 3 months before it happened. Last week he gave some of his knowledge and longer term projections and predictions at his blog, where he gave his 3 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency secrets and how to navigate the environment. Some of Chip’s warnings are listened to by some of the biggest names on Wall St., where they can find the the hottest investment topics, and trends before they happen later in 2018. 

For a limited time, Chip is allowing the general public to access some of his cryptocurrency predictions, and market timing calls using his special software. For his private members it has paid dividends again and again.

Chip has a fantastic track record and normally charges $7,000 USD fees for his training, however he has opened his private VIP trading network for the next 30 days, Free Of Charge  at where Chip shows investors what the big guys on Wall Street are looking at and why they are always profitable.

About Chip Smith:

Chip Smith is a full time trader & newsletter writer, well renowned for his accuracy in calling stock market movements before they happen. He trains amateur investors and fortune 500 companies in see where the big opportunities lie with individual stocks, S&P 500, commodities, crude and other vehicles on the market. For more, please visit

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