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A Major Scientific Error Triggers Violence, Abuse, Drug Use and Disorders



The Erosion of Natural Systems Within and About Us Generates Personal and Social Dysfunction

A Mind-Enhancing Process Helps Parenting and Education, Psychology and Healing Professionals Become More Effective

A Natural Organic Thinking Tool Enables Any Individual to Independently Improve Their Well-Being.

The Denial by our Leadership of a Profound Scientific Error Triggers Violence, Abuse, Drug Use and Health Disorders


It seems absurd that people once thought the Earth was flat. However, that error is mild compared to the dangerous falsehood that now destructively stresses us. Today, we build our lives around our belief that we live on the surface of Planet Earth and we donít. We live in the Earth, ten miles deep in its biosphere.

Since 1929 it has been widely known that the biosphere is the zone of our planet that sustains life. Its energies globally integrate the atmosphere, oceans, soils and the plant animal and mineral kingdoms.

As exemplified by the water cycle, throughout the biosphere, a nurturing and restorative flow of natural systems is critical for the well-being of life, including our lives. Being part of the biosphere, our survival, health and happiness depend upon its seamless streaming of natural systems within about and through us.

Our thinking is our destiny. By falsely believing we live on, rather than in, our planet, we detach our thinking from the life-supporting ways of the biosphere. We instead give our mind the license to exploit and injure natural systems and their renewing flow, rather than respect and support them. Demonstrably, this error hurts our natural systems and senses. Their aggravation creates and sustains the violence, abuse, stress and addictions that mark contemporary life. We suffer our troubles because our thinking is unaware that the healing flow of natural systems is a remedy and preventative for them.

To increase person and planet well-being we must acknowledge:

1. Natural systems are self-correcting and purifying. They recycle the deterioration of themselves and every molecule on earth. For this reason, nature seldom produces garbage, pollution or excessively destructive relationships.

2. Moment by moment, the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems flow through all of life. This includes the life of our mind, of our thoughts feelings and perceptions.

3. We share every aspect of our lives with natural systems, including over 50 natural senses. For example, we share our sense of thirst with the water cycle. To the benefit of ourselves and the environment, by intelligently turning on and off when appropriate, thirst attracts and regulates water through us. Another example: the exhilarating life-spirit we feel on a beautiful day is an essence of natural systems in action that day.

We seldom recognize that, on average, over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling is disconnected from conscious sensory contact with natural systems. This extreme breach stops the renewing flow of natural systems through our psyche. Our mind stagnates, our reasoning becomes contaminated and our troubles begin.

Disconnected from natural systems, like a computer unplugged from an electric socket, our thinking is neither able to repair our or its disorders nor re-plug itself in. It needs help.

The assistance of a powerful antidote and preventative for our disconnection dilemma is readily available. Online, the nature-connecting sensory science of Organic Psychology enables us to plug our thinking and feeling directly into the restorative grace and balancing ways of natural systems. This starts their flow in our mind. It purifies and recycles the contamination of our psyche. It reduces our undue stress and conflicts and improves our environmental relationships.

A short walk in a natural area renews us as natural systems begin to flow through our psyche. Organic Psychology provides us with tools to strengthen this process. As we add them to our personal or professional life, we increase our well-being, locally and globally.

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