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DoCoMo Unveils 14 New 3G FOMA Handsets


—Including HSDPA and “One-segment” Mobile TV Models in New 903i Series—

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 12, 2006 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries today announced 14 new 3G FOMA™ handsets-the 903i series, SIMPURE™ series and N902iL.

All 11 new 903i handsets provide a wide range of entertainment functions. They are equipped for DoCoMo’s Chaku-Uta Full® full-track music-downloading service. Five models can play tracks transferred from PCs that were used to download music from sites such as Napster™ Japan, which offers unlimited access to approximately 1.5 million downloadable tracks for a flat rate. HSDPA-capable models work with the Music Channel™ service, which enables up to two music programs to be downloaded automatically during the night, and the expanded i-motion™ video clip for downloading up to 10MB files. All models are compatible with Mega i-appli rich applications, and some are also equipped for “One-segment” digital terrestrial broadcasting.

The new 903i series offer a number of improved conveniences for daily life. They have IC cards with triple the storage capacity of conventional models, and they come preinstalled with software required to use DoCoMo’s DCMX™ mobile credit card on DoCoMo’s iD™ platform. Six 903i models are equipped for the Keitai-Osagashi Service, a GPS service that enables a misplaced handset to be located with a PC.

Various communication features have been upgraded in the 903i series. All models can send mails with attached files totaling up to 2MB. They also can be used to create and send highly decorative Deco-mail™ Pictogram messages containing high-resolution icons that come preinstalled in the phones or are available separately via download. All 903i models are equipped for advanced PushTalk™ walkie-talkie communication, and six models are compatible with 3G international roaming.

The SIMPURE series offers two compact models for users who prefer easy-to-use handsets without highly sophisticated functions. The SIMPURE L1 is compatible with DoCoMo’s WORLD WING™ international roaming service, while the highly simplified SIMPURE N1 is equipped for just basic functions, such as voice and mail.

The N902iL is a dual-network model that can switch automatically between the FOMA network and wireless LANs. Targeted at corporate users, the model offers communication speeds of up to 54Mbps (IEEE802.11g standard), and increased voice quality and more users being able to make voice calls at the same time (IEEE802.11e) on WLANs. Its full browser views both PC websites and company intranets. Security features include biometric authentication (user’s face) and compatibility with DoCoMo’s Omakase Lock™ remote locking service, as well as the Data Security Service™ for backing up phonebooks and other important data on a network server. The model can function as an e-wallet, timecard and personal identification card for accessing restricted areas. It will also double as a VoIP mobile phone on an in-house WLAN that is equipped for DoCoMo’s PASSAGE DUPLE™ service and the business mopera IP Centrex service scheduled to start in November. The N902iL is expected to be marketed next spring through DoCoMo’s corporate business division and partner companies.

The 14 new handsets are part of DoCoMo’s plan to unveil a total of more than 20 handsets, including new models in the 703i Series, by the end of March 2007.

Features of 903i Series Models

Entertainment Features

* Enhanced music capabilities

All 11 models support Chaku-Uta Full for downloading full music tracks.

Windows Media® Audio for playing music files downloaded to PCs from music sites, such as the popular Napster service offering access to approximately 1.5 million tracks for a flat rate.

Music Channel can be set to automatically record up to two favorite programs overnight.

Up to 10MB i-motion video clip downloading service is available.
* Compatibility with “One-segment” terrestrial digital broadcasting.
* Mega i-appli

Conventional i-appli memory is limited to 100KB per stored program and 400KB for related data, but Mega i-appli offers a total of 1MB per program and data combined. The related data can also be stored externally, increasing capacity by tens of megabytes, depending on the type of external memory used.
* G-Guide® Program List displays TV listings for BS digital and terrestrial digital broadcasting, and features improved keyword searches, color-coded program categories and greater ease of use.

Daily Life Features

* Improved Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet functions

Tripled capacity of IC card allows storage of more i-appli software for e-wallet services.

iC Transfer Service enables nearly all data on the IC card to be transferred to a new phone (315 yen per usage including tax).

Stored data, such as phone numbers and photos, can be transferred via IC card by holding one handset up to another.

Improved ToruCa™ functions, such as capturing coupons and other promotional data directly from QR codes. Also, after the phone communicates with the in-store reader/writer, previously saved data is automatically displayed on the phone. The reader/writer also deletes expired ToruCa promotions automatically.

All models are preinstalled with software for DoCoMo’s DCMX mobile credit card on DoCoMo’s iD platform. The number of iD readers/writers reached 60,000 (as of the end of September) and the number of DCMX subscribers topped 860,000 (as of October 11).
* Enhanced security

Keitai-Osagashi Service enables users to locate misplaced handsets using GPS technology by accessing the My DoCoMo portal for PCs (free until June 30, 2007, after which there will be a charge of 315 yen per usage including tax).

The ANSHIN-KEY, which comes with the P903i, is a special IC-card key carried in a wallet or handbag to automatically lock/unlock the phone depending on the proximity of the key and the phone.

Biometric authentication requires confirmation of the owner’s fingerprint, face or voice prior to accessing most features of the phone.

Omakase Lock and Data Security Service. The former enables users who lose their phone to call a 24-hour call center to have the phone’s smart card and personal data locked immediately, and the latter allows phonebooks to be stored on the DoCoMo network.

Original Certificate enables user identification certificates issued by banks and hospitals, for example, to be downloaded and stored in the handset and used as digital signatures for SSL client authentication over i-mode.
* GPS services

imadoco search is a location service enabling people to use their phones to monitor the precise location of designated persons, such as children, via i-mode or PC.

Preinstalled i-appli navigation software detects users’ locations in order to guide them to where they want to go.

Periodic monitoring of designated people using GPS contents.

Business mopera GPS Location enables companies to use DoCoMo’s FOMA network in order to have third-parties, such as security companies, track the location of designated people using GPS.

Notification of the caller’s precise location when making an emergency call to police, fire department or Japan Coast Guard, beginning April 2007 in some areas and eventually to be extended nationwide.
* Six models are compatible with DoCoMo’s WORLD WING international roaming service via W-CDMA networks in 34 countries/regions, mainly in Europe.

Communication Features

* Upgraded mail

Up to 10 files totaling 2MB (increased from 500KB) can be attached to mail, including files created with Microsoft® Word or Excel.

Deco-mail capacity has been increased to enable text mail of up to 10KB and animated icons of up to 90KB resulting in Deco-mails up to about 100KB. Also, the number of these icons for one message has been increased from 10 to 20.

New Deco-mail Pictograms include more than 240 20x20-dot animated icons preinstalled in all models. These high-resolution icons can be easily inserted into messages using the same simple procedure for conventional icons. Additional icons can be downloaded in a batch using the Deco-mail Pictogram Pocket function available with six models.
* Kisekae Tool is a convenient application for customizing all menu screens, ringtones, etc., including with characters downloaded via i-mode.
* Machi-chara, animated characters downloaded from i-mode sites move around on standby and menu screens according to time and other factors.
* Enhanced PushTalk service

During a PushTalk walkie-talkie session, other people can be called up and the caller can automatically redial people who did not respond the first time. Automatic speaker phone mode is also possible.
* Enhanced i-channel™ news and information service displays captioned text for basic and favorite channels.

Features of New SIMPURE Series Models


* Slim, attractive body

Slim body is only 18 mm thick (folded) and comes in stylish silver finish.
* Handy for international travel

WORLD WING service enables Japanese phone numbers and mail addresses to be used when roaming on 3G, GSM and GPRS networks overseas.

Overseas Network Service Menu enables voice mail, call forwarding and roaming guidance features to be set from the menu screen, rather than having to dial numbers.

Automatically dials international and country codes when dialing Japan from overseas.

Dual Clock displays times for two cities on the screen.

World Clock provides dates and times in about 50 major cities worldwide.

Simple Character Conversion Tool provides handy conversion of currencies, areas, lengths, weights, temperatures and speeds.
* Numerous other convenient features

Stores about 8,000 photos (10K files, 128x96 dots, standard/normal resolution).

Voice Assist provides voice readouts (Japanese, English or Korean) as number keys are pressed.

Turbo Alarm sets off the alarm with vibration and maximum volume, regardless of the phone’s volume setting.


* Styling combines ergonomics and fashion

Compact body weighing just 88g (lightest FOMA model), and rounded edges that fit comfortably in one’s hand.

Three illuminated, jewel-like LEDs add an attractive accent on the back of the handset.

Nine “Style Modes” for one-point customization of screens matching handset color, etc.
* Antibacterial finish (covering most of body) keeps handset hygienic.
* Long-lasting battery keeps the phone in standby for up to 560 hours at rest and 350 hours in motion.
* Ease of use

Simple Menu lists only basic functions, such as voice calls, mail and i-mode.

Choku-Den™ registers five people to quickly place voice/video calls and send mail.

Large font (30 dots) makes it very easy to read mail and phonebook entries.

Automatic Deco-mail and “Mogic Engine™” word prediction (including emoticon characters) makes mail writing easier.
* High security

Privacy Angle™ prevents others nearby from reading the phone’s screen.

Key Operation Lock enables users to set the phone so the keys are disabled when the handset is closed or not in use for a specified period.

Features of New N902iL

* Enhanced WLAN functions

Faster speeds of up to 54Mbps (IEEE802.11g standard), increased voice quality and more users being able to make voice calls at the same time (IEEE802.11e).

Websites designed for PCs can be viewed with WLAN full browser.
* Enhanced security

Omakase Lock
If the handset is lost, personal data in the phonebook, etc. and the Osaifu Keitai IC card can be locked remotely just by calling DoCoMo.

Original lock
Users can block access to up to three different combinations of personal data files, such as the phonebook, mail and scheduler.

Dial lock
All phone operations other than incoming call reception, including IC card functions, can be locked.

Key operation lock
Users can set the phone so that the buttons automatically become inoperable when the handset is closed or not operated for a specified time.

Simple lock
By holding down the number three key, the IC card lock can be set or released.

Face recognition
The IC card lock can be released with a face recognition feature using an image set in advance.

Digital Certificate
User identification certificates issued by banks and hospitals, for example, can be downloaded and stored in the handset and used as digital signatures for SSL client authentication over i-mode or WLAN.

Data Security Service
Phonebooks and other data can be backed up on DoCoMo’s network server.
* Osaifu-Keitai office solutions

In addition to e-wallet services, this capability also supports office solutions, such as using the phone as a timecard, gaining access to restricted areas and logging onto in-house systems such as the intranet.

Note: Specifications are subject to change.

Please see the attachments for further details about the D903i, F903i, N903i, P903i, SH903i, SO903i, D903iTV, P903iTV, SH903iTV, F903iX HIGH-SPEED, P903iX HIGH-SPEED, SIMPURE L1, SIMPURE N1, and N902iL.

Main Specifications of FOMA 903i Series, SIMPURE Series and N902iL

Selected Services and Features Available in 903i Series

About NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo is the world’s leading mobile communications company. DoCoMo serves more than 51 million customers, of which more than half subscribe to FOMA™, launched as the world’s first 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA in 2001. DoCoMo also offers a wide variety of leading-edge mobile multimedia services, including i-mode™, the world’s most popular mobile e-mail/Internet service, used by more than 46 million people. With the addition of credit-card and other e-wallet functions, DoCoMo mobile phones have become highly versatile tools for daily life. NTT DoCoMo is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges.

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