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Aging Stopping Process


The aging stopping process requires the different vision upon life and death in the first place. A human being has to change the education he or she has received along years and not only that. It is absolutely necessary for the vision upon life and death to be revised.

Along time, historians, scientists and opinion leaders have strived hard to prove what life and passing into another dimension through death are. These concepts are completely wrong. As a creation, a human being has not been conceived to undergo death, as a human being is in Godís own image. By creation, death is not allowed, but immortality through evolution is.

If we accept death, we deny God completely. No matter what we offer as an excuse when we die, it proves but our helplessness as faced with the reality of evolution.

Our lack of evolution pushes us into the sphere of backwardness and it leads to the exclusion of our thinking as valuable content through its evolution. As our brain fails to evolve, we no longer benefit from its creation, namely our benefit from thinking lacks completely and, because of that, there is hardly any chance for our eternity to exist. Our brain is the one that gives life by its evolution. Our brain makes it possible for our osseous system to change from grey structure into crystal-like one. An osseous system with a crystal-like structure can stand any shock of any nature whatsoever and at the same time it changes the human bodyís systems radically so that they may become eternal. This is precisely the meaning of creation.

By creation, life is eternal and, as a concept, life does not allow death, namely there is no discontinuity in life as a whole. Death is the invention of the helpless human beings lacking the gift of evolution.

From creation, a human being has been endowed with spirit, body and soul. In this whole, a human brain is made up of cerebral basis, conscience and mind. The mind takes as much as 10%, the conscience 90% and the basis 100%. There is a procedure that makes it possible for these two latter ones to work ceaselessly. If something goes wrong, this system becomes non-operational and inefficient, after which the human being surrenders to the mind and thus creation loses its meaning and human systemís misbalance, respectively death, occurs. The mind which is both primary and has primary functions takes over the vital functions, namely the functions of the basis and of the conscience. In this case, obviously a creation becomes a failure and the misbalance is present as death. The human being forgets that he or she is eternal and also forgets that he or she has been created in Godís own image. In this case, God is invoked in every situation by the religious culture and not through creation and certainty. This is a valid concept in all the religious orientations.

God has created the human being for Him to exist, namely Ė in the absence of the human being Ė the rest of creation (nature and species) and this fascinating thing that creation is would have gone unnoticed, because there had not been brain in anything by then.

Consequently, the reason why the human being has been created was for God to exist, too. Only the last part of creation, which was in Godís image, could see the creation in all its complexity. Obviously, unknown things lie behind each part of creation, things that the human being is trying hard to see, but this is the very magic of creation and this is the human beingís struggle, namely the permanent evolution through thinking. If every unknown factor had been easily soluble, God would have lost His meaning as a Creator, as He would have had only biorobots who would have been guided by strict rules.

At present the rules are strict but only as far as the evolution directions are concerned and there are not preconceived and universally valid solutions.

All the above things stand at the basis of the aging stopping process. For this concept to become reality it takes a titanic amount of work, which may also be easy, depending on the particular individual.

In the first phase of our programme only maximum 10,000 human beings are accepted. These persons will be chosen according to strict criteria, such as:

1. The personís health condition at the moment of his or hers being accepted in the programme.
2. The personís capacity of accepting the reality of creation.
3. The personís capacity of fighting old views and the reality that is offered to him or her.
4. The personís capacity of accepting the methodology of the programme.
5. The personís financial status and power.

A personís acceptance in the programme does not grant his or her success if the person is not ready.

There are two parts of this program, namely:

1. Aging process stopping
2. Passing into eternity through evolution.

The first phase is the entry ticket to the second one, but this only if the human being proves along the way that he or she is worthy and he or she can do the passing into eternity through evolution.

There are multiple stages in the first phase. The first, the second and the third stage last three years each and take monitoring according to the schedule agreed upon with the programme coordinator and the whole team; the fourth and the fifth stages last two years each and there are also the sixth and the seventh stages, which are the last ones of the first phase and last one year each. The entire first phase of the programme lasts 15 years.

The aging stopping process is guaranteed by the methodology and not by the set of procedures that will be applied. It is not possible otherwise, because it depends on the individual. Where the person agrees and complies with the steps and the guidance, the result will definitely be a good one but where the person provides only funding and expects to be offered the result without making the effort expected by the organizers of the programme, the result will not be that personís evolution but a guaranteed failure.

In the programme and for the programme to function and to yield good results it takes two parties, the creators of the curriculum and the individual.

In this programme methods are applied from genuine psychoanalysis and psychology, namely from sources of creation. In order to reach these sources, the organizers of the programme have studied and have employed non-conventional traditions from their source, namely a large number of methods have been employed, paranormal ones, too, in order to reach to the right conclusion.

In this programme, methods are used of feeding the body according to a well perfected and long time studied methodology.

Another strong method deals with an individualís relaxation and with that personís private life under every aspect.

Methods are also used for treatment and for healing of certain diseases, which are already installed, methods that come from the beginning of creation.

Bee honey regeneration baths will be used with a certain application and at a certain rate.

Milk from a certain animal will be used at a certain rate, as well as water as body disinfectant.

In another stage the mixed milk from two animals will be used and honey as a disinfectant at a certain rate.

Treatment by heat and cold will be used at a certain rate and with a certain degree of difficulty.

The personís endurance degree control method will be applied.

The person will be subject to a high level of self control under limit situations.

The fruit of nature will be used for treatment of blood.

Under certain conditions the mobility and the resistance of the osseous system will be tested to check the progress level.

By various methods and difficulty degree the personís evolution level will be tested under limit situations.

Medical checks and checks of the personís physical condition will be done at appointed times.

The aging stopping process is real and it can be achieved by those who wish it and who comply with the requirements of the programme.

Obviously, this programme takes certain costs and these costs are confidential, but if the person is accepted and especially if he or she understands that this is the true way, it will not be long before the results are seen.

The whole methodology is not explained, but it is easy to understand why Ė because the programme must not be used inappropriately and for unadvised individuals.

The programme has a large staff and obviously a management.

At this stage it is enough to know that the programme has been devised by this staff and it is well perfected with reason, logic and truth.


Dr. Codrut TUTU
Acupuncture and Fitotherapy Specialist Physician

Stefan cel Mare Street, no. 240,
bl. 59A, 1st floor, ap. 04,
Bucharest, Romania


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