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New Treatment Option Fuyan Pill Treats Endometriosis with High Effectiveness

Endometriosis affects about 1 in 10 women. However, neither professionals nor women themselves take this disease seriously. In western treatment, patients are often presented with medicine which often associated with massive side effects. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment is a natural way to heal endometriosis, is both safer and causes no drug resistance.

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Endometriosis affects about 1 in 10 women. However, neither professionals nor women themselves take this disease seriously. According to a recent study through Battaglino’s non-profit HealthyWomen, though two thirds of women know someone with endometriosis, only 29% of them could successfully identify its symptom. Some women live with endometriosis even up to 10 years without diagnosis. Many patients are frequently misdiagnosed, after being told by doctors that their discomforts are “part of being a woman”, they languish in silence. 42% of them said that they didn’t know painful intercourse is a potential indicator of endometriosis. “It feels like my internal organs are wrapped in barbed wire,” said Silva Young, an endo patient. “Every move hurts. Sometimes, I can’t even breathe.” In general, these women receive treatment which is not commensurate with the degree of severity. NBC news
In clinical practice, many patients are prescribed with unnecessary hysterectomy by doctors who are not well trained with their skills. Many young women under 30 are recommended this surgery and left with significant side effects. “If endometriosis grew outside of uterus, hysterectomy will not help at all”, said Dr. Tamer Seckin, a gynecologic surgeon.
When it comes to the treatment of endometriosis, the first step patients need to take is to have precise tests to find out causes of the disease. If there are polycystic ovaries, functional tumor of ovary, and other functional disorder of the endocrine coming along with endometriosis, targeted therapy should be taken accordingly. As for the patients who are diagnosed with endometriosis which is not triggered by endocrine dysfunction, they need proper and timely treatment. The most common therapies are medicinal treatment and surgery treatment. If the patients’ condition is not very severe and the patients have a strong will to keep their reproductive ability, medicinal treatment is a better choice.
In western treatment, patients are often presented with GnRH-a, Danazol or Gestrinone which often associated with massive side effects such as insomnia, depression, headaches and muscle pains. In addition to physical and mental disorder, these western medicines could barely deal with recurrence which comes over and over again. Compared with western treatment, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment is a natural way to heal endometriosis, is both safer and causes no drug resistance. Many patients prefer TCM treatment because its advantages have been proved in many clinical cases. Fuyan Pill is one of the TCM herbal medicine widely applied in the treatment of endometriosis. It can help patients get rid of endometriosis after 3—6 months of treatment.
According to the pathology of TCM, blood stasis and qi resistance are common causes of diseases. As we know that patients with endometriosis have painful urination, painful intercourse, or painful bowel movement during menstruation. These symptoms usually accompany with excruciatingly painful cramps in lower abdomen or lower back. Therefore, the herbal medicine used for the disease should have the properties of dissolving blood stasis, promoting blood circulation, and dissipating abnormal tissue. Besides, endometriosis has a high risk of recurrence after western treatment, it’s very crucial to build up your own immune system in order to eliminate the disorders. This is exactly where TCM treatment contributes.
Dianne was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2010 and during a surgery they found a 3cm cyst and severe adhesions. She had painful periods and groin pain but didn’t notice endometriosis until then. At that time she didn’t know anything of it and just follow the doctor’s advice. She was prescribed with birth control medicine but left with physical and mental weakness, which is a lot worse than before. It is difficult for her to even keep a part-time job and she is still in mid 20s. In 2012, her pain came back. Got examined and it was already the size 2 years ago. Her doctor told that if she can get pregnant then endometriosis will be cured automatically. However, she failed many times of trying. Then she was recommended with Fuyan Pill by one of her friends and she didn’t have much hope at first. However, everything changed after using the pills for 6 months, she noticed her pain gradually reduced and period get back to normal. In 2013, she got pregnant. “I hope I would have found this medicine earlier and I just hope more and more women could benefit from it,” said Dianne, who is now a happy mother with two lovely babies.
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