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Study Reveals That A Bad Boss Can Make You Sick – How? By Hypnosis

It’s surprising to discover that bad bosses use common hypnosis tricks to maintain employees’ submission to the status quo.

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Find out how bad bosses enlist the cooperation of employees’ subconscious mind in a report called: “5 Favourite Hypnosis Cons Your Bad Boss Uses Against You.”

A recent study revealed that a bad boss can make employees sick, even more so than passive smoking.

Insomnia, headaches, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease and even a lowered life expectancy are just some of the documented medical conditions caused by enduring the yelling, manipulation and stress of a bad boss.

Yet the staggering statistic is out of 75% who have bad bosses, as many as 59% stay in a hostile work environment. Why do sane and rational human beings put up with being treated that way, day in, day out, sometimes for years?

Dr Henshaw says that as shocking as it may seem, bad bosses hypnotise employees into tolerating bad behaviour.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of absorption where the mind is open and receptive to all information.

Hypnosis conjures images of stage hypnotists instructing subjects to strut and cluck like chickens; or benevolent clinical hypnotists who help their clients stop smoking.

In contrast, a bad boss traps employees in the grip of powerful and unpleasant emotions. 

Bad bosses use tactics like yelling, humiliation and threats, then say: “be grateful you have a job.”

Affected employees start to believe their boss. They hear his voice in their heads long after the workday ends saying: "I’m not worthy because I am so stupid.”

Working for a bad boss is an abuse situation.  It changes employees subtly, every day, for the worse.  They are incrementally damaged until it becomes harder for them to seek a new job or even have the confidence to do their current job well.

Employees end up living paycheck to paycheck, and believing that leaving is not an option.

It’s hard to work a 40+ hour week and look for a better job. When would employees have time to go for interviews?

What would they say to to a prospective employer about contacting the present one when they know the bad boss will badmouth them? It’s a trap that’s hard to escape from.

So how do bad bosses hypnotise their staff? 

Dr Henshaw has prepared a short report that explains how bad bosses enlist the cooperation of their employees’ subconscious mind, against their conscious will. It’s called: “5 Favourite Hypnosis Cons Your Bad Boss Uses Against You”. 

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