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Organizational Wisdom in 100 African Proverbs: An Introduction to Organizational Paremiology

Author Chiku Malunga, Ph.D Discusses Breakthrough New Field of Study and Practice Called Organizational Paremiology – Based on Years Practice, Demonstrates Wisdom of African Indigenous Proverbs for Unlimited Use Improvement in Organizational Performance

Accra, Ghana – WEBWIRE
“Organizational Wisdom  in 100 African Proverbs: An Introduction to Organizational Paremiology” by Chiku Malunga, Ph.D
“Organizational Wisdom in 100 African Proverbs: An Introduction to Organizational Paremiology” by Chiku Malunga, Ph.D

We are pleased to introduce this new field of study and practice called Organizational Paremiology, This is a unique and specialized field aimed at impacting organizational performance.

Imagine bringing African Indigenous wisdom to society and today’s business culture.  Malawi-based author, Chiku Malunga, Ph.D, does just that and quite successfully as his globally embraced fresh perspective continues to grow in demand.  The Organizational Paremiologist (OP), as he is also recognized, has just released his newest most anticipated book, “Organizational Wisdom In 100 African Proverbs: An Introduction To Organizational Paremiology”. Dr. Malunga herein pioneers a new field of study – his expert signature practice, Organizational Paremiology. 

Based on the author’s many years of practice, he demonstrates how to use the growth-empowering wisdom of African Indigenous proverbs into daily life efforts for enhancing unlimited individual and organizational performance at the core level of development. 

For example, building on the proverb, “Until the lions have their own writers, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter,” Dr. Malunga’s book aims to put the often ignored and marginalized African Indigenous wisdom at the center of a global development discourse and agenda.

“We are pleased to introduce this new field of study and practice called Organizational Paremiology,” states the author.  “This is a unique and specialized field aimed at impacting organizational performance.”

While Paremiology means the study of proverbs, in the context presented by Dr. Malunga, ‘Organizational Paremiology’ utilizes the Indigenous wisdom of proverbs to improve performance levels in organizations.  In his breakthrough introduction of Organizational Paremiology, the OP emphasizes this wisdom in a folk-tale narrative to evoke current existing organizational issues.  

Organizational Paremiology is built on the relatively known field of Organization Development. Organization Paremiology represents the first idea in the world to consciously combine Indigenous African wisdom – reflecting proverbs and folk-tale in theoretical Organization Development.


Paremiology means the study of proverbs.

According to Dr. Malunga: “By using African proverbs, Organizational Paremiology simplifies, deepens and clarifies the otherwise complex subject of Organization Development or Organization Capacity Development.  Proverbs are an integral part of African culture. They are simple statements with deep cultural meaning, serving as guidelines for individual, family, community and village behavior, as built upon real life experiences and observation over time.  Given another proverb example, “If the sun says it is more powerful than the moon, let it come and shine at night,” this wisdom speaks to the role playing aspect of responsibility.  

Alternatively the proverb, “The river that forgets its source will soon dry up,” speaks to the importance of values in an organization. One good proverb can adequately explain what one chapter may attempt in a classic Organization Development book.  In its integral usage, Organizational Paremiology essentially deals with issues of vision, learning, and problem solving – creating an impact and improvement on organizational performance. 

In this instance, there have been Organizational Paremiology efforts completed in financial and organizational sustainability, leadership development, strategic thinking and planning, self-development and the role of spirituality in organizational development. The practice of Organizational Paremiology was singularly developed by Dr. Malunga through his pioneering initiative to introduce an authentic post-colonial African contribution as part of the culminating body of Organization Development.  The OP’s work clearly represents Africa’s unique contribution to the future; as uniquely defined through the wisdom in proverbs and ancestral folk-tales collected over millennia. 


Dr. Malunga, who holds a doctorate degree in Development Studies from the University of South Africa, is the director of CADECO (Capacity Development Consultants), an organization that promotes African-centered organizational improvement models.  He has published a number of books on the subject; with “Organizational Wisdom In 100 African Proverbs” as his newest, anticipated release. 

As the world leading Indigenous wisdom-based expert, and the first to put into exclusive practice ‘Organizational Paremiology’ among his academic practitioners, Dr. Malunga is also the co-editor of another recently published work, “Endogenous Development,” which links to his earlier published work, “Understanding Organizational Sustainability Through African Proverbs.”  Both titles speak to the current sustainability drive of development goals as further expressed by the author:

“As sustainability has become the most important word in Development talk, we are pleased to introduce this new field of organizational study and practice called Organizational Paremiology, which is the use of Indigenous proverbial wisdom for improving organizational performance.  Whereas Organizational Paremiology is built on a relatively better known field of Organization Development, this specialized practice further includes the use of folklore wisdom for communicating organizational issues.”

Dr. Malunga’s string of other books include: “Making Strategic Plans Work: Insights From African Indigenous Wisdom”; “Understanding Organizational Leadership Through Ubuntu”; “Oblivion Or Utopia: The Prospects For Africa”; “Power And Influence: Self-Development Lessons From African Proverbs And Folktales”; “Cultivating Personal And Organizational Effectiveness: Spiritual Insights From African Proverbs”; “Animal Farm Prophecy Fulfilled In Africa: A Call To A Values And Systems Revolution”; and “NGO Management” (co-edited with Alan Fowler).

Considering the unique contribution Dr. Malunga is making to the world, he continues to rise in recognition as the first person in the world today to effectively put into practice ‘Organizational Paremiolgy.’  His knowledge-base speaks to the world of academics and practitioners.  

The first and leading Organizational Paremiologist in the world, Dr. Malunga’s new book, “Organizational Wisdom In 100 African Proverbs,”  is the only book on Organizational Paremiology currently existing in the world.

Fresh from his recent efforts in Koforidua, Ghana facilitating an Agricultural Development Workshop for Africa Lead, this workshop under his leadership aimed at equipping participants with Training and Facilitation skills to become strong facilitators of agricultural and food security issues in their organizations in Ghana.  Dr. Malunga’s assignment for Africa Lead followed his prior high-level assignment for Water Aid; supporting finalization of the country’s strategy plan to unfold over the next five years, from 2016 through 2021.  

Stay tuned for latest further developments from Dr. Malunga… who is currently in Saly Senegal facilitating an Organization Paremiology based strategy think tank session for Trust Africa.

Follow Dr. Malunga’s comprehensive body of work on and learn more about his pioneering breakthrough OP practice through his website,

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 Chiku Malunga, Ph.D
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