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Chiku Malunga, Ph.D, World Leading Indigenous Wisdom-Based Expert On Command Assignment for Water Aid in Ghana September 21-27

Indigenous Wisdom-Based Expertise of Dr. Chiku Malunga Comes To Accra, Ghana This Week Tasked with High-Level Support Assignment for Water Aid, Finalizing Country’s Strategy Plan Over Next Five Years

Accra, Ghana – WEBWIRE

Proverbs are an integral part of African culture. They are simple statements with deep meaning, serving as guidelines for individual, family, community and village behavior, as built upon repeated real life experiences and observation over time.

Imagine bringing African Indigenous wisdom to society and today’s business culture.  Malawi-based author, Chiku Malunga, Ph.D, does just that and quite successfully as his globally embraced fresh perspective continues to be in demand.  The Organizational Paremiologist, as he is also recognized, will be in Accra, Ghana this week, from September 21 – 27, on high-level official assignment for Water Aid, in support of finalizing the country’s strategy plan over the next five years; to unfold from 2016 through 2021.  

As a specialist in civil society, leadership development, and strategy from an African perspective, Dr. Malunga has become the foremost internationally recognized expert and author on this topic.  A sought-after pioneer and a thought leader, he has successfully introduced the value of Indigenous proverbial principles to the business class, as well as for achieving personal growth and development.

Dr. Malunga’s distinctive proficiency and world class innovation is further supported through his books, Understanding Organizational Sustainability through African Proverbs and Power and Influence:  Self-Development Lessons from African Proverbs and Folktales, among other books.  The collective information he offers between the two key titles places an emphasis on the African expression, UBUNTU (the essence of being human).

Dr. Malunga believes that strategy is very important for any organization because it is a plan of action for maximizing an organization’s strength against the forces at work in the business environment.  He looks at strategy as a process of cultivating ‘organizational beauty’ based on the African proverb:  A beautiful girl does not need to be a great dancer.

As states Dr. Malunga: “In traditional African communities marriage was and still is a very strong institution.  Most girls look forward to getting married some day. The ability to attract suitors or husbands is a major concern for most girls and their parents.  While the more beautiful girls did not have a lot of pressure as it was easier for them to attract men using their beauty, those less endowed were encouraged to develop behaviors and skills that would be compensatory.  One such skill was dancing.  Men would therefore be attracted to a woman because she was very beautiful or because she was a great dancer.”

The world leading Indigenous Wisdom-based expert’s use of proverbs and folktales play an effective role in helping organizations to improve their performance.  His current task for Water Aid will help to strategically streamline its overall functionality.  

“Proverbs are an integral part of African culture,” adds Dr. Malunga.  “They are simple statements with deep meaning, serving as guidelines for individual, family, community and village behavior, as built upon repeated real life experiences and observation over time.”

In practice, the use of proverbs to facilitate workshops and seminars is more powerful than most conventional methods. One good proverb can explain an issue more and better than an entire chapter in a classic management book.

The proverb, a beautiful girl does not need to be a great dancer, speaks to the essence of strategy in organizations of all types.  Its essential focus is on how organizations can gain a competitive advantage more effectively.  Great dancing implies getting the attention the organization needs through pushing or aggressively forcing ones way.  

A better way to cultivate organizational beauty is getting the attention an organization needs by being a magnet of success rather than pushing.

Through his innovative application of African proverbs into today’s culture, Dr. Malunga presents the unmistakable empowerment received, between organizations and individuals alike, from this emerging wisdom.  A unique facilitator of this process, he illustrates how it can enhance modern life, in new and creative ways that touches people’s hearts and motivates them to personal and organizational transformation.

Dr. Malunga’s books are among the first to consciously acknowledge, demonstrate and contribute to the rationale of applying Indigenous wisdom – African proverbs and folktales expressing an accumulated wisdom – for the improvement of inter-human relations.

“African proverbs are basically used to illustrate ideas, reinforce arguments and deliver messages of inspiration, consolation, celebration and advice,” states Dr. Malunga.

It is easy to understand how this foremost internationally recognized expert, a revered African development pioneer and thought leader, has earned his demand.  His steadfast work in bringing African Indigenous wisdom into organizational development continues to serve as important lessons for leaders, consultants, volunteers and expatriates, the world over.

Dr. Malunga’s significant work is an appeal toward a much-needed, cross-cultural dialogue among individuals, organizations and societies in today’s increasingly diversified world.  

His current travel in Ghana this week for Water Aid continues in the country next week for Africa Lead, with further developments unfolding in a later announcement.  Stay tuned as Dr. Malunga readies for more official projects in the weeks and months ahead – a widespread demand and movement, from Africa and beyond.


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