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Apocalypse Author of “Signs In The Heavens” Robert Rite, May Indeed Have Gotten It Right

In early 2014, Robert Rite published “Signs in the Heavens” which warned of potential chaos that could evolve throughout the world after April 2014. Boy was he right.

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Signs in the Heavens by Robert Rite
Signs in the Heavens by Robert Rite

In “Signs in the Heavens - Divine Secrets of the Zodiac & the Blood Moons of 2014 & 2015” Robert indicated how a series of four total lunar eclipses (referred to as Blood moons), which are all NAZA Conformed, could trigger events leading to the apocalypse (end of days), because unlike most lunar eclipses, these “blood moons” would eerily all occur during God’s appointed High Feast days.  So is it just mere coincidence that after just the first blood moon which occurred on April 15th, 2014, that all of a sudden, we are witnessing what appears to be an unraveling situation in the Middle East, Europe and Russia?  And the book covers much more than just blood moons.
Says Robert: “the sun, moon, stars and galaxies, appear to be telling a clear and compelling story.  They may even outline the history of mankind throughout this age.  Please understand that the true story is not the same story that the zodiac signs and the astrologers tell.  But the heavenly bodies most definitely have an encrypted message for all of mankind.”

In “Signs in the Heavens”, Robert explains how the heavenly bodies, were not put in place just for the telling of time, but as divine signs for mankind.

When recently asked why he seems to be making such a big deal over the recent skirmishes, and wars that have happened throughout history, Robert Rite replies as follows:

"First, I want to say that regarding the tragedies of the past and present bloodshed, my heart goes out to all sides who suffer and agonize over the loss of a loved one.  Nobody wins in a war.  In the end, the horrors of death are seared deep in the heart and soul of all involved.  Yet hatred and war persists, like an enduring curse upon mankind.

’Secondly, in my book(s) I am not establishing a timeline for the end of days, I am just alerting readers that the prophecies are all warning us that it is time to be ready for tumultuous time ahead, and to get our ’house’ in order.’

’Now in response to your question, certainly, we have been down this road many times before, and there have always been skirmishes, unrest and wars going on.  But we have not witnessed such an escalating pandemic of turbulence throughout our world, since just before the last two world wars.  Here are just a few examples:

1) U.S. and Russian relations have not been this bad since the cold war.
2) Sanctions against Russia and Iran have pretty much been ignored.
3) Israel is at war with Hamas and other terrorist groups.
4) Iraq, Syria, Egypt and other nations are currently undergoing internal strife and civil war.
5) The latest nation to default on its debt obligations is Argentina, and the world’s tenuous economic system continues to face impending collapse.
6) There has been a dramatic rise of persecution of Christians throughout the world.
7) Diseases, pestilences and famines in areas that were once considered eradicated, are making a sudden resurgence.

’All of this hatred and chaos may seem inexplicable, unless one concludes that there seems to be powerful malevolent supernatural forces at work here.  Only then does it seem to make just a bit more sense"
Robert indicates that everything that we are witnessing live in the news today has been eerily predicted with incredible accuracy by the ancient prophecies.  

Robert believes that all of the current chaos in diverse parts of the world is the early fomenting of events that will eventually lead to a dreaded period referred to as the “apocalypse”. 

Below is a link to Robert’s recent video on “Signs in the Heavens”

Robert Rite is the author of “Revelation Mysteries Decoded”, “Signs in the Heavens”, “Ancient Apocalypse Codes”, and a series of related books, videos and properties that attempt to clearly establish a distinction between the fiction and the reality of the supernatural realm. His blog is located at:
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