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Parents have new weapon in Internet Safety



New Weapon in Parentís Armoury Against the Dangers of the Internet

With so many headlines about internet stalkers, predators and cyber bullying it is easy to forget the more widespread issues which, because they are more common, are far more likely to affect your children. Dangers such as:

  • Gaming addiction

  • Social networking addiction

  • Loss of sleep

  • Distraction from homework

  • Exposure to hardcore pornography

  • Lack of exercise

By now most people have realised that 24 hour uncontrolled access to the internet is bad for children. Actually, itís bad for adults too but during the growth phase of the human brain it is particularly important that proper levels of sleep, exercise and face to face social interaction are maintained. However, many people have no idea how to solve this problem and many simply bury their head in the sand. Some of the more dedicated go so far as to unplug their router at night and sleep with it under their pillows.

Until now there have only been partial technical solutions available for these problems. You could install parental control software on a computer but that does nothing to protect the iPad, the Xbox, the internet TV or any of the myriad other devices in the modern home. Even if you managed to find, purchase and install parental control software on every device in your home, the moment one of your childrenís friends brings his unprotected iPad into your home, all your effort was for nothing. If you havenít solved the whole problem, you havenít solved it at all .

Some high end routers offer a more comprehensive filtering ability but this is then applied to all machines in the home including your own. Ideally you would want to apply controls to the childrenís and any new devices entering the house while leaving your own PC and phone untouched.

When a Perth entrepreneur James Webster tried to find a product on the market to give this flexibility and found that none existed, Parent Power was born. As the inventor explains

ďLots of workplaces have solutions in place to stop their staff from using facebook outside of lunch hours or downloading illegal music on the corporate network. They are called proxy servers and they cost thousands of dollars plus an IT department to manage them. What we have done is create a proxy server for the home with simple enough controls that any technophobic parent can still understand and use them.Ē

ďWe also understand that there is no point selling somebody a solution in a box that they take home and donít know how to use. For that reason we personally install every box and provide training to the new owners to make sure they are comfortable with their new found control.Ē he said.

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