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Sedona Soul Adventures Releases Free Travel Report on Mystical Peru and Machu Picchu

Debra Stangl, Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, has announced the release of a 22 page travel report entitled “Mystical Peru”, which is available to download for free.

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Machu Picchu and Enchanted Peru with Sedona Soul Adventures
Machu Picchu and Enchanted Peru with Sedona Soul Adventures

Debra Stangl, Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, has announced the release of a 22 page Peru travel report entitled “Mystical Peru”, which is available to download for free.
The report speaks extensively about places that are considered sacred sites – Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Lake Titicaca and the island of Amantani.
“I have been traveling regularly to Peru for the past 10 years, taking groups to experience her magical mysteries”, said Stangl. “Peru is such an incredible place and these special places need to be seen and experienced by more and more people”.
“Many people don’t realize that Machu Picchu was only re-discovered by Westerners a little over 100 years ago”, Stangl continued. “Because we are all so familiar with Machu Picchu and have seen the pictures all our lives, we forget that until 1911, Machu Picchu was still considered to be a mythical Lost City and most Westerners believed that it had never truly existed, much like Atlantis. But ever since it was re-discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham the mystery of the place has enchanted people all over the world.”
“Every year on the June Solstice (June 21) we are in Machu Picchu doing ceremony and it is the most incredible thing”, Stangl gushed.
The report also discusses the Lost Pyramids of Caral which historians now say is the oldest place of civilization on the planet (formerly it was Jericho). Amazingly, no trace of warfare has ever been found there: no evidence of prisoners, no weapons, no mutilated bodies. It seems to belie the generally held belief that war is somehow “natural” to human beings.
Other mysterious places, such as Sacsayhuaman with its huge boulders cut with laser precision and the megalithic temple at Ollantaytambo are also included in the report.
“The floating islands of Uros is another place that fascinates me”, said Stangl, referring to the artificial islands that are made of reeds in Lake Titicaca. “When I think of these people fleeing the Spanish hundreds of years ago to escape slavery and making these islands, it’s such a message about the resiliency of the human spirit”.
Along with the floating islands of Uros, Lake Titicaca also contains the island of Amantani where people live very simply with very little electricity, no plumbing, no computers.  “It’s Heaven on Earth”, Stangl said.
“One of the most fascinating places we visit on our trips each year is the Doorway of Aramu Muru”, said Stangl. The report says this place has many legends surrounding it, including that it is an active, working portal that transports beings in and out of this world.
This inter-dimensional gateway is found about a mile from the shores of Lake Titicaca, in a field where a sharp vertical outcropping of sandstone rises straight up out of the altiplano. The area is comprised of a large sandstone wall with a door-like indentation in it. The report says the door is said to be charged with energy and offers the chance to enter a different realm.
This gateway was not known for many years until Jorge Luis Delgado, (the Shaman and guide who accompanies Stangl on her tours each year and is a native of the area), saw it in a dream. He went to his elders who told him he had a sacred responsibility to find this place. It is thought that Lord Aramu Muru left the earthly realm by passing through a portal, disappearing into another realm—as Jorge Luis had seen in his vision.
The report also discusses the Nazca lines, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley and Sillustani, which is believed to be a pre-Incan burial ground on Lake Titicaca.
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