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Why Weight Loss Battles Are Lost

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When we love something, usually it is no stopping us from having it or accomplishing it.

On January 1st millions of people made a pledge to themselves and others in the form of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape. So what has happened?

It is the beginning of March and by now about 92% of everyone that made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape has failed. So what was the common thread to all the failures?

“Not having the right mindset to start with. If your mindset is not right before you start your fitness challenge or whatever goal you are trying to achieve, you are setting yourself up for failure,” says Anthony Ussery a Mind and Body Enhancement Expert and author of The Fitness Game, “Because of the fast food mentality we have today, we think that everything should come quickly. When it doesn’t we get discouraged and quit.”

The Journal of Clinical Psychology says that only 8% of the people that make New Year’s Resolutions are successful. With only 8% of the people succeeding, what is the key for the 92% that has failed, to turn their situation around?  “The key is to turn your fitness goals into a love not a chore,” says Ussery, “When we love something, usually it is no stopping us from having it or accomplishing it.”

So if loving your fitness is the key, is there a formula for people to follow? “The formula to developing your love for fitness starts with the end of the equation. Which is the results,“ says Ussery, ”Once you bring your results to life in your conscious mind, they then become a vision. Once they become a vision, it gets imprinted in your subconscious mind and becomes a desire. Once it becomes a desire, with energy it grows into a need.”

Denisse Abeleida a student of Ussery said, “I have reached a fitness level that I never imagined I could reach. I started out an overweight frustrated person to become one of the top amateur extreme runners. Once I changed my mindset it became just a way of life to get in shape. It became a priority. ”

Ussery starts by teaching his students how the brain works and how to train it when it comes to their fitness success. “To achieve permanent fitness success, you need to reach a point where you no longer have to think consciously about your fitness. That is where the love comes in.”
The fitness industry is now pushing quick compact workouts and time saving exercise programs. The weight loss industry is also pushing quick start and quick results programs. Ussery said, “The problem is not the programs, they all have their good points and can help people reach their fitness goals. The problem is that they don’t explain just how important the destination is while they are selling the plane. In other words, the results are the life changing force; the programs are only the tools to get there. But the industry is too busy selling their programs and using the results as the bait.”

Summer is right around the corner so people will start to make their summer resolutions. So where should people start? How do you go about changing your mindset for success? “I have written a free report for just that”, says Ussery, “The title of the report is 5 Dream Body Secrets and you can get the report at This report is meant for everyone who reads it to take action and get started winning their fitness battle. It will get you well on your way to achieving your fitness success. Remember, where your mind goes your body will follow, but you must take action.”


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