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Hair Loss and Acne: How Common Misconceptions Lead to New Treatments and Discoveries


The public weighs in – common misconceptions about acne and hair loss lead to purchasing ineffective products and passing misinformation

America’s population of teenagers and adults are often subjected to poor information on the causes of acne and hair loss, and the result is poor choices and results when using treatments for these afflictions, according to Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi. These findings are based on long term research by Dr. Alex Khadavi and staff.

Research and surveys from Dr. Alex Khadavi have shown that a large percentage of the population suffering from hair loss and acne are often subjected to misleading, and damaging information about the causes of these afflictions. This misinformation causes this population to spent time, money and resources combating these conditions without knowledge of whether these treatments work.

”I was surprised by the amount of information that teens and adults have regarding hair loss and acne, and the causes of both. I found many recipients informing me that they believed acne was caused by eating too many burgers and having poor hygiene.” – Dr. Khadavi

Research at Advanced Skin and Hair Inc, Dr. Khadavi’s flagship company, have shown that the main causes of both acne and hair loss reside with the chemical known as DHT, or Dihydro Testosterone, on the oil glands. Dr. Khadavi has found that Enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase converts Testosterone to DHT, which then binds to the oil glands in the skin by way of receptors on the glands. This stimulation by DHT causes the oil glands to increase their production of oils, which, in turn, clogs the pore and attracts dirt, bacteria and foreign material. This buildup, which later forms the acne, is all derived from that excess in DHT.

”Reduce the DHT buildup, and you reduce the excess oils and the issue.” – Dr. Khadavi

Interestingly enough, DHT also plays a major role in hair loss. For most people suffering from hereditary or pattern hair loss, Testosterone is converted to DHT by the 5AR enzyme. This DHT then binds to the Androgen receptors. DHT begins to deteriorate the hair follicle, with each stage of new hair growth from that follicle becoming weaker and weaker, until the hair follicle dies. Once the follicle is dead, no hair can ever grow from it again. By blocking the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT, Dr. Khadavi is able to discontinue the miniaturization and deterioration of follicles, results in the stop of hair loss and thinning hair.

”This clearly demonstrates to me, a need from the public for documented research and real facts and solutions, and this is what I have provided and intend to provide more of”

Both and and providing insight and solutions into the issues of hair loss and acne, with real documented facts established by Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi and his research team. and were founded in 1998 to provide consumers with real facts about hair loss and acne and solutions to address those issues. Dr. Alex Khadavi provides weekly updates on new treatments and research as well as shedding some light on the inner workings of both hair loss and acne.


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