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Caloundra Life Coach Helps People Overcome Addictions For Good by Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


CALOUNDRA, Queensland January 2014 – Although it’s a scary thought and most people don’t want to admit it, sometimes not even to themselves, everyone has bad habits or addictions that have been holding them back from living the lives they’ve always dreamt of. Whether it’s smoking, food, substance or alcohol addiction, these nasty and controlling addictions are unfortunately often built on beliefs that the individual has had for several years (sometimes since childhood) and are difficult to shake with traditional methods of thinking.

Mandy Napier, a Caloundra life coach, mindset specialist, and speaker, helps people permanently overcome addictions and bad habits on a regular basis using her unique CLEAR ® mindset approach. “It’s how you think about your addictions and becoming aware of the programs that you are running, many of which are not serving you in your life. It’s about changing your past programs and transforming disempowering thought patterns and beliefs  into beliefs that empower you to help you overcome your addiction,” says Mandy.

“Many smokers come to me and say they believe that it will be hard to quit cigarettes but when I dig a little deeper most of this belief comes from the media. Of course you can understand how it would be in tobacco companies’ best interests to tell everyone ‘If they start smoking when they are young they will be hooked forever.‘I help people quit all the time without difficulty – if they believe they can.”

Mandy says, “If you don’t believe that you can change, you probably won’t. The reason for that is, if at some level we believe something to be true, we will do all we can, often unconsciously, to prove ourselves right. That’s why it is imperative we work at the deepest areas of the mind, focusing on changing our past programs and limiting beliefs to ones that help us get the results we desire and build belief in ourselves. Everyone has beliefs that are limiting their life in some way, and the key is to become aware of them, question them and decide to change them. If you have a belief that is limiting you in any way, preventing you from changing or reaching your goal, might it then be worthwhile to perhaps question a few of your long held assumptions?”

When faced with unhelpful beliefs about themselves such as ‘I don’t deserve that’, ‘I am not good enough, ‘I don’t have enough experience’, ‘quitting smoking is hard’ or ‘finding a new job will be difficult’, this Caloundra life coach recommends her clients ask themselves these simple questions:

1.    “From where did I learn this? (Sometimes this involves tracking back to childhood) Where did it come from?
2.    Do you believe it? (This process in itself will start to allow the belief to lose its power.)
3.    Is the belief real? Could the opposite be true?
4.    Can I think of a time in my life when the opposite was true?
5.    What would happen if I could let go of this belief?
6.    Could I let it go now and if so when?
7.    What results could occur if I could let go of this belief?
8.    How do I feel when I consider this?
9.    Could I pretend for a day that the opposite of my disempowering belief were true?
10. My new empowering belief is ___________________

Mandy says that the more people become aware of what beliefs are lurking below the surface, popping up in their life, the more they can chip away at them by using the questions above, and other neuro-linguistic programming tools that she uses in her sessions at her Caloundra life coaching business Mindset for Success.

Katy from Queensland speaks about her experience with this Caloundra life coach saying, “After years of feeling like I am not worthy of being happy I now today stand strong and happy. You have shown me the way to address certain situations with a positive outlook. Thank you.”

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