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Phentermine Got Abused by This Drug Called Phen375 But Still People Buy It

There are lies and false claims all over the web. Phe375 is flooded by fake reviews and many claims giving the impression that it’s same as Phentermine! This information to be revealed is important for weight loss seekers to be aware of.

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Should I Trust Phen375 or not?
Should I Trust Phen375 or not?

It all started with massive reports of hypertension and heart disorders from vast amount of Phentermine users. Although the pill was issued in 1959 and was FDA approved. More than 100,000 women in UK use the drug excessively. It assisted to satisfy all users in weight loss. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant which acts on the nervous system by oppressing the hunger signals that are sent to the brain. The only way to get Phentermine was through doctor’s prescription but after the latest reports doctors stopped prescribing it and the whole drug was highly regulated and withdrawn from the market. It became impossible to get, but that’s not it. Users started to seek the internet and search engines to find Phentermine.

As usual, scammers over the internet took advantage of people demands and search queries, and began to develop fake websites that sell pills similar to the name “Phentermine”. Giving the illusion that it’s the same, which actually is not. After several investigations in websites published in UK, USA, Germany and Australia, my conclusion was many companies started to produce names that have “Phen” word in them. What they did is simply they made a huge crowd of people whom are looking for Phentermine to find their product as an alternative. Truth be told most of these alternative products don’t work at all. Some even might harm instead of benefiting the health.

Recently in 2008, this product under the name of Phen375 was launched. And yes they also took advantage of the “phentermine” market by naming this name. After several observations, regarding the manufacturer’s design of this product looking for phentermine as one of the ingredients, finding none. The 5 ingredients of Phen375 were very expensive if bought alone. The story behind each ingredient was either endoresed by Dr Oz or other celebrity doctors. This means they are simply using stuff that works.

In 2009, there were several people from legitimate twitter accounts tweeting on how Phen375 affected their lifestyle and boosted their confidence. It was a bit confusing to find a copycat diet pill getting real positive feedbacks from users. Plus the company was confident enough to provide a money back guarantee to anyone didn’t lose weight or wasn’t satisfied by the results.

These facts were very attracting to realize this company wasn’t playing in the weight loss industry for a year or two to make some money and fall down, like most new weight loss products. They were committed to their products providing valuable details. Perfect customer service it seemed they knew what they are doing. Moreover, they decided to launch a new campaign providing their customer’s results during their two year period of usage. The conclusion according to their claims was; that Phen375 will help anyone to lose 3-5 pounds per week guaranteed.

How Phen375 helps in weight loss?
In 2012, Phen375 became one of the best fat burner in the weight loss industry. People started to talk about it and post their before and after pictures. It became viral and users started to recommend it to each other as one of the best fat burner and weight loss aid that 100% works. The product works by releasing fat which is produced in the muscles. Then these fats will flow in the blood stream to provide a source of energy to generate and boost the metabolic rate to the maximum leading to increase in the fat burning rate (it’s a cycle). It also suppresses craving for food during the day which is the key element in every failure of most diet plans. Most feedbacks of diet plan starters is that they can’t cope up with their hunger leading to no concentration on their works and tasks. Phen375 works as powerful appetite suppressant. These two main function are the major cores of why Phen375 became successful. On top of that similar results have been reported on different gender men and women.

The question here after all of this success should any user trust Phen375?
After I spent a whole week reading hundreds of articles online short answer yes if the information you consumed about Phen375 is from honest trust-worthy source. It has been shocking for me to find affiliate marketers all over the web abusing Phen375 not only relating it to Phentermine which is complete dishonesty but they also provide fake testimonials from people who have not used this diet pill. They simply copy paste pictures from other diet websites posting it on their forum or website as people’s feedbacks. So far the only trust-worth website regarding Phen375 user reviews on it’s interesting that they provide comparison between best popular pills based on user feedbacks, active ingredients and side effects.

Capsicum,L-carnitine,Longjack Ali root, Cayenee and caffeine powder; these are all the main ingredients that are found in Phen375. Each of these play a role on aiding the two main functions that were mentioned previously (fat burning and appetite suppression).

In 2013, the reorder rate of Phen375 went up to the roof over 10,000 of people bought it. I have to say this product won people’s hearts and health. This includes men and women it functions perfectly with both bodies. But it’s contraindicated during pregnancy or breast-feeding. There is a study that has been made by on 617 subjects. They average weight loss was 16.7 pounds per moth except for 8 people didn’t really work for them.
The main concern that gets to mind in any diet pill is the side effects. This is a good test to know if this diet pill is good or has drawbacks. Phen375 is superior because it has no side effects, and many say it is a powerful replacement of the now banned chemical pills “Phentermine” not because it has the same chemicals as it doesn’t but because, it provides the same weight loss effect to the body.

Phen375 can only be purchased from the official website as it’s not found on amazon, Wal-Mart or CVS pharmacies. Any products sold outside are considered fake. So people should be on the lookout for any fake products out here. Also Phen375 price is considered a bit expensive when comparing it to other weight loss products on the market. It starts from 69.99 USD. However, RDK global the manufacturers starting a new promotion offering Phen375 bottles 3 + 1 Free for $227.80; which is the best deal currently available.

Conclusion, Phen375 is not Phentermine and if you typed on Google “Phentermine” you’ll get Phen375 which is not the same product. Phen375 proved that it works in weight loss and helps losing 3-5 lbs. per week and also increased users trust from all over the globe because of the great results. Fake reviews on Phen375 are like a virus spread all over the internet becoming difficult to achieve accurate information. provides legitimate reviews than can be trusted. This product is considered a bit pricey comparing it to other weight loss products on the market. However, this is due to the ingredients used inside, that proved to be very effective and without side effects. If people are looking for real phentermine that’s not it, but if looking to lose weight and see real results then Phen375 is considered a good option.

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