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Will Panic Away Help You? Our Review…

Panic attacks can be debilitating. Literally.

If you suffer from them, you know this. In fact, you’re probably saying, “Understatement much?” Some panic sufferers are confined to only certain situations, only certain people for company, their neighborhoods, their homes, their beds.

We know exactly how awful, frightening, embarrassing and physically uncomfortable a panic attack can be. We know how you want to run away (and often do).

We know all about the frightening thoughts: “Am I going to have a heart attack?” “Am I going to faint in front of all these people?” “What if the anxiety attack just goes on and on and never ends?” “What if I go crazy?”

I think you’re gonna be surprised at the conclusion

of this Panic Away analysis and review.
Now first thing first…

Having suffered from anxiety for over 15 years,and having
tried just about anything related to anxiety and panic attack treatments,
I think I have a pretty good perspective on Panic away.

First I will cover what the program actually contains,
then I’m going to let you know whether Panic away actually works,
for who, and to what degree.

And then I’m gonna end with my conclusion as to whether
you should get Panic Away or get help somewhere else.

Sounds good?

Let’s get started…

What Do I Get When I Get the Panic Away Program?

Let’s just quickly go over what you will actually get,
before doing a brutally honest review of the program..

The panic away program comes in 2 versions.
There’s a digital version you can download as soon as you order
the program, and there’s a physical version of the program.

The program itself consist of a book(physical version) or ebook (digital version),
as well as a set of audio tracks(digital version) or CDs (physical version).
And videos (either video files you download, or a CD-ROM for the physical version).

While the program is centered around one key concept and technique,
it does cover quite a few more things, in this updated version.

It starts out by explaining what causes anxiety and panic attacks,
and then goes into what it refers to as the 3 stages of “recovery”.

Stage 1 is about how to stop panic attacks with the one move technique.
Which is pretty self-explanatory.

Stage 2 is said to be about “releasing calm” through a set of mental
and physical exercises.

And Stage 3 is said to be about “sealing the recovery”.

Still, the focus on the program is around one key concept and technique,
referred to as the “one move” technique.

Now I just wanted to give you quick overall idea of what you get with
Panic Away, but now is the time to dig deep, tell the truth, and spill my guts..

Does Panic away actually work? And why Was I angry at this program..

There is several things you need to know about Panic away
before you may decide to go and get it..

Make no mistake, the technique is simple to use.

But as with anything, if you do it half-heartedly, not believing you will improve,
you will not implement it fully. And you need to do that, or results will be minimal.

See the program that helped me cure my panic attacks

So watching the really cool videos of Jane, a women experiencing
panic attacks right in front of your very eyes, and having someone narrating
what she’s experiencing and what you need to do in these situations…

…THAT completely changed my mind about the program.

It really clicked. Having this “in the field” experience of panic attacks
and of seeing the technique used in action was a key missing ingredient
in the past that stopped most people from greatly reducing their anxiety.

Because they didn’t fully grasp what was happening when they experienced it,
and how to use the technique successfully in the real world.

This all changed with this new multimedia Panic Away program.
Now I love it. And while it’s 10 times better than the old version,
price has remained the same or is even lower.

And they did covered more ground than in the previous version.
Even though the focus is on one specific concept and technique, the “one move”.

So do I give Panic Away a complete “thumbs up”?
Well the answer is a little more complicated than that…

First let’s set your expectations right…

Whether you’re mostly experiencing general anxiety or panic attacks,
what are your expectations of success with this program?

Right now you’re probably going “hello?All i want is all this anxiety and panic
to go away? What else would i want??”

I get it. I really do.

But while part of the people who will use this program and technique will completely
get rid of their panic, for the other portion of people it may help them a lot,
but they may not completely rid themselves of their anxiety and panic.

Now, in all honesty, are you really that surprised?
That there is no one magic solution that works for everybody with a
particular problem, all of the time?

The good news is, this program and technique will be extremely helpful
for a lot of people. If they use it. And with the new multimedia
version of the program, there’s a much better chance that you will.

Now, what if you quickly reduced your panic attacks and anxiety
by 50%. Would you call it “working”? I certainly would.

What if it reduced your anxiety by 25%?
I know this smaller number is not making you super excited,
but it should. And I’m gonna tell you why…

The secret to personal change and success
(With Panic Away and Anything else..)

The biggest mistake people make when they’re trying to make a personal
change or attain success ,is they want that ONE BIG CHANGE.

They look for it, and if they try something and they aren’t completely
transformed and don’t experience that one big change, they think
“it’s not working” and they’re moving on - looking for something else to help
them make that one big transformative change they’re so intent on making happen.

It’s a shame that so many people have this mindset and belief.
That change has to come in the form of instant big changes.
But it’s not their fault. Hey, I’ve been there myself, looking
for that big change.

The problem is so many people in the self help industry use aggressive
marketing language to make people believe their solution is gonna solve
all their problems in a minute or something.

Panic away is also guilty of this. ;(Although some people do quickly
get rid of all their panic attacks very fast).

The truth about personal change and success is that it usually happens
in small increments. But all those small changes and successes add up
and keep stacking on each others, and soon enough, there is an enormous
difference in yourself and you can’t believe how much you’ve improved!

Just ask anyone who has completely gotten rid of their anxiety issues
or attained a decent level of success, and they will confirm this.

That’s key here, with your panic attacks and anxiety, and with
the panic away program..

You may actually no longer experience any panic attacks, ever, very quickly.
On the other hand, you may be one of those people for who this program will
help reduce your panic attacks, but you may still experience them and will need
to do more to solve the problem completely. That’s actually quite common.

Why does this Panic away Program completely eliminate Panic
attacks and anxiety in some, while “only” greatly helping others?

The reason is, while we experience the same symptoms of
anxiety and panic, the cause at the root of these symptoms
is different for everyone.

The reasons and factors why I started experiencing all of this anxiety is
different than the reasons and factors why *YOU* started experiencing it.

And until you work on the root cause that is responsible for generating
all of this anxiety, you’re not solving the problem completely.

So in general, for mostly who will this program work to completely
get rid of their panic attacks and anxiety, and for who will it “only”
greatly help to reduce it…? And How will it work for me?

Ok, so here I cannot guarantee if this program will ”only” help you substantially,
or if it’s gonna solve your problem completely for good, and very quickly.

But based on my experience and of talking to so many other
anxiety sufferers, a basic “conservative” general guideline is this:

  • If you’ve started experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, all of a sudden,
    but never had any kind of experience of anxiety being a problem in your past,
    you have a much greater chance that this program may completely solve your
    panic attack problem, and pretty quickly. Let’s say within a few days to a month.

  • If you’ve been experiencing anxiety for quite some time, and not just panic attacks,
    but other kinds of anxiety like general anxiety, then the chances are greater that
    panic away will help you significantly, but not completely.Hey, you should still feel good
    about what I’ve just said.I said it will help you significantly. That’s great too. That’s awesome!

  • Finally, if you’re experiencing mostly social anxiety, I say this program will
    still be helpful, but to a lesser degree, and you shouldn’t expect too much out of
    it. If social anxiety is your main issue, i would definitely start with this program instead.

“Yes, I would be happy to greatly reduce my anxiety with this program.

But what if I’m one of those that still experience some anxiety after
going through the program? What do i do next?”

Well I have good news for you.

I’ve actually been one of those people who got great help with the technique
taught in panic away, but for whom this technique didn’t fully eliminate my anxiety.

That experience of me being greatly helped by the technique taught in panic
away, but not completely freed from anxiety, happened several years ago.
And I learned a whole lot since then.

From trial and error. And from trying lots of programs and treatments.
And I want to share the discoveries I made since, with you.
I will tell you how I will help you even more, further down this page,
so just keep on reading…

The Surprising Conclusion To

My Panic Away Review

Here’s the bottom line with Panic away…

It used to be a plain ugly ebook that was way overpriced.
Then they revamped it and made it a multimedia program.

This new version, that includes videos of that women Jane
experiencing Panic attacks and video demonstration of her
using the “one move” technique is helping a lot more people.

But as I’ve shared earlier, while some people will quickly eliminate all
panic attacks from their lives, for others the Panic away program will “only” greatly
reduce their anxiety and panic attacks – without completely solving the issue.

Still, after so many years of struggling with anxiety and helping not only myself
but so many other anxiety sufferers, I will tell you the main key concept, strategy and
technique being taught in Panic Away is the ONE first KEY step to an anxiety free life..

… a life where you can finally do whatever you want and live your dream life,
without having anxiety get in the way.

It’s not perfect, it mostly covers this one key concept and technique.
But you must absolutely get to this one first key step in order to have any chance
of getting over your anxiety problem. Otherwise you never will.

That first key step to an anxiety free life, revealed in Panic Away,
is shared and sinks in your brain in such a powerful way with videos
of Jane dealing with panic, that I give Panic Away my highest recommendation.

Pros and Cons of the e-Book

Okay, folks. Here it is in a nutshell.


  • Barry does make some claims that we’re not sure about. For example, he states that the Panic Away approach works for everybody, no exceptions. In our experience, there are always exceptions, so we don’t feel he should be giving such guarantees.
  • We’d really like to see more footnotes as far as scientific data is concerned. We know the science is basically solid – this is an area we’ve studied for years – but how does the average reader know it?
  • Barry is so focused on the idea that this approach will work that he doesn’t really give a backup plan per se, something we’d like to see no matter what a program’s success rate is.


  • The book is an easy read, while at the same time giving solid scientific information. Barry strikes a good balance this way.
  • Barry doesn’t waste words. The e-book doesn’t have a lot of “filler.” It’s solid but very complete information.
  • The method really does seem to work for the majority of people who have tried it.
  • It’s much less expensive than other methods.
  • It gives sufferers a long-term solution.
  • The book gives real-life situations that are specific: when you panic on an airplane, in a car, etc.

If you’re experiencing any kind of anxiety and Panic attack,
I highly recommend you check out Panic Away Right Here.

You can get Panic away by going to some other site and that’s fine.

If you want it, Go ahead and get panic away here right now -

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