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Brainwave Imbalance Found to Influence Alcoholism

By inducing a combination of alpha and SMR brain waves through the use of sound, the brainwaves can literally be rebalanced, returning the alcoholic naturally to a more normal, non-addictive state.


As you know, alcoholism not only affects the alcoholic, it affects the alcoholic’s family, friends, and coworkers. The spouse of an alcoholic often must take on the roles and responsibilities of both partners, and often suffers from feelings of guilt and depression. The alcoholic’s children are affected, often suffering from loneliness, depression, low self esteem, and feelings of abandonment, putting them at risk to repeat the same alcohol addiction. The employer and coworkers of the alcoholic must often cope with absenteeism, poor work performance, and sometimes erratic and inappropriate behavior. The alcoholic owes it not only to themselves, but they also owe it to their spouse, children, family, friends and coworkers, to stop drinking.

It has been found that those suffering with alcoholism have low alpha brainwave activity; this means they have trouble turning off their thoughts, and relaxing. Also, those individuals with low SMR (sensory motor response) levels have a tendency to self medicate; they can develop an addiction to the unhealthy and destructive form of relaxation alcohol falsely provides. Fortunately, by simply inducing a combination of alpha and SMR brain waves states through the use of sound, the brainwaves can literally be rebalanced, returning the individual naturally to a more normal, non-addictive state, allowing them to turn off repetitive thoughts and worries, relax, and enjoy life, without alcohol.

Binaural beats are a brainwave entrainment technique that can literally rebalance the brainwaves naturally to a more normal, non-addictive state; by simply laying back, putting on a pair of headphones, and closing your eyes, binaural beat soundwaves use the left and right earphones to effectively balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, increasing both Alpha and SMR brainwave activity to reduce alcohol addiction. This also creates a deep sense of relaxation and a state of hypnotic suggestibility; binaural beats, combined with an effective hypnotic script addressing the underlying issues common to alcohol addiction, has been a proven and effective way to easily access the subconscious mind, and change the inner programs that control alcoholic behavior, including the subconscious behaviors that contribute to alcohol addiction. If you, or someone you know, has not been successful in previous attempts to stop drinking, self hypnosis, combined with binaural beat sound therapy, can help to change that, leaving the alcoholic thinking, and feeling, like a non drinker. These alcoholism self hypnosis binaural beat brainwave programs are readily and inexpensively available online, both as CDs and MP3s, and can be an invaluable aid and support in the recovery from alcoholism.


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