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Censored Social Security Book Included in Free E-book Promotion


 “THE LOOTING OF SOCIAL SECURITY: The Book ‘They’ Didn’t Want You to Read,” by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D. will be available free, from for five days beginning Saturday, 09/07/2013.

Dr. Allen W. Smith, while doing research for another book in 2000, discovered that the surplus payroll tax revenue, that was supposed to be going into the Social Security trust fund, was being diverted to the general fund where it was being used to finance wars, tax cuts for the rich and other government programs.  For the past 13 years, Allen has been struggling to expose the great Social Security theft.  Today, the trust fund is empty.  It holds only non-marketable government IOUs, which are nothing more than an accounting record of how much Social Security money has been spent on other programs.  The IOUs are worthless.  They cannot be sold, and they cannot be used to pay benefits.  Social Security began running permanent annual deficits in 2010, and it is unable to pay full benefits, even for a single year, without borrowing money.

This big dirty government secret is being kept from the public.  The Social Security Administration, the AARP, and the NCPSSM, are all participating in the cover-up of the truth.  They repeatedly say “Social Security is able to pay full benefits until 2033 with no government action.”  That is not true, and they know it is not true.  They are counting the $2.7 trillion in IOUs as assets.  That money is all gone!  It was all spent for non-Social Security purposes, and the government has made no provisions to repay it.  That is why there are so many calls for cutting Social Security benefits.  Benefits will have to be cut unless the government repays the stolen money.   The government has been able to keep the truth suppressed for the past 30 years, primarily because the news media avoids reporting anything the government does not want reported.  Journalists remember all too well what happened to Dan Rather when he reported a story that the White House did not want reported. 

Dr. Smith thought the whole scam would come tumbling down when New York publisher, Carroll and Graf, published the first release of  “The Looting of Social Security” in 2004.  It received powerful pre-publication reviews from the Boston Globe and ALA Booklist, and it sold so well, at the start, that the publisher had already decided to go back to press for another printing.  But the accelerating momentum suddenly came to a screeching halt when the book was pulled from the market by an unknown assassin.   Within just a few days, the book disappeared from bookstores throughout the nation, and listed the book as “unavailable.” It is not known for sure who pulled the trigger in the killing of the book, but there are organizations, agencies of government, and many individuals who would have considered the death of the book cause for celebration. Allen asked the publisher to revert the publishing rights back to him so he could publish it elsewhere, but the publisher refused to relinquish the rights.  This pretty much silenced Allen at the very time that George W. Bush was about to launch his privatization campaign.  The book was released during the early planning stages of Bush’s campaign.  It posed a major threat to the success of that campaign, and there was no way that the Bush Administration would have allowed the book to remain available.

After the previously cited positive pre-publication reviews, the Washington Times published a lengthy article bashing both the author and the book.  This appeared to be a red flag to the conservative community, warning them that a troubling book was about to be published.  As if that were not enough, Dr. Smith, himself, may have provoked the attack on his book.  On February 26, 2004, Allen appeared on CNBC morning news as one of two invited guests to respond to Alan Greenspan’s assault on Social Security the previous day.  Not wanting the moment of opportunity to be wasted, Allen held his book in front of the camera and said, “Alan Greenspan should be ashamed of himself for what he is not telling the American public.”  That appearance on CNBC probably sealed the book’s fate. 

This is a book that every American should read, and they have a five-day window of opportunity to get the book free.   You do not need a Kindle reader to read the book.  You can turn your computer into a Kindle reader with a free download from


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