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Awards Ceremony for the EUROBIKE AWARD 2013


More entries than ever before: 496 products from a total of 30 different countries competed for this year’s EUROBIKE AWARD. The judges selected 61 entries as award winners; ten of them even took home a GOLD award.

The award winners of this year’s EUROBIKE AWARD were honored

at the opening of EUROBIKE, the international bicycle tradeshow (28 to 31 August) in Friedrichshafen. The competition was hosted by Messe Friedrichshafen for the ninth time this year - and recorded more entries than ever received before. 496 entries from 30 different countries (2012: 439 entries from 28 countries) were submitted and evaluated by the panel of judges. Wolfgang Köhle, press spokesperson and member of the Messe Friedrichshafen Management Board said: "As the hosts of this competition, we are, of course, very happy about the high number of participants - it is certainly proof positive that the EUROBIKE AWARD has established a solid position as a seal of quality for innovation and good design in the bicycle industry.”

Of all the entries, the experts chose 61 award winners, ten of whom could be particularly happy: they received one of the coveted GOLD awards. The EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD was not presented. Just as last year, the judges regrettably found that none of the products submitted were really convincing in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

The competition was conceived and organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover.

The Judges:
The judges included Nils Holger Moormann, designer, Aschau im Chiemgau/Germany (chairperson) along with Peter Barzel, editorial staff at velopress, Düsseldorf/Germany, Thomas Linthaler, Zweirad Center Stadler GmbH, Regensburg, Germany, Christoph Listmann, Bike Magazine, Munich/Germany, Andrea Reidl, freelance journalist, Buxtehude/Germany and Dr. Achim Schmidt, German Sport University Cologne, Cologne/Germany.

The Categories and Evaluation Criteria:
The entries were evaluated in the following categories:

- Mountain Bikes Hardtail, Enduro, Freerider, Downhill, Full Suspension, BMX, Dirt Bike
- Cross Bikes Cross Bike, Trekking Bike, Traveller Bike, All Terrain Bike
- Racing Bikes Racing Bike, Triathlon Bike, Time Machine, Fitness Bike, Speed Bike
- Urban Bikes City Bike, Folding Bike, Cruiser, Design Bike, Cargo Bike, Family Transportation
- Special Bikes Recumbent Bikes, Trikes, Rickshaw, Velomobile, Tandem
- E-Bikes/Pedelecs Mountain Bike, Cross Bike, Racing Bike, Urban Bike, Special Bike, Rechargeable
Battery and Recharger, Pedal Sensor, Brakes, Special Accessories
- Apparel Pants, Shirt/Jersey, Jacket, Shoes, Gloves
- Parts/Components Frames, Handlebars, Brakes, Gears, Crank Arms, Electrical Components, Pedals,
Generators, Wheels, Forks, Saddles
- Accessories Speedometers, Water Bottles, Bells, Air Pumps, Handles, Bags, Lights, Locks,
Fenders, Tools, Glasses, Helmets, Tires

The entries were evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: aerodynamics, efficiency, ergonomics, functionality, weight, utility, design quality, degree of innovation, comfort, load-carrying capacity, brand value/branding, choice of material, service, safety, stability, environmental compatibility and workmanship.

The Winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2013:

This year, the experts evaluated a total of 496 entries from 30 different countries. 61 of the products were chosen to receive the EUROBIKE AWARD 2013. The ten following entries received a GOLD award for outstanding achievement in design and innovation.

The GOLD Award Winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2013:

RIP 9 RDO - Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

Entry ID: 272-124160
Category: Mountain Bike
Manufacturer: Niner Bikes, Torrance/USA
Design: Niner Bikes, Torrance/USA

Product description: The RIP 9 RDO incorporates global rider feedback as well as Niner’s rigorous carbon design, engineering and testing standards. The bike features Niner’s patented CVA suspension and delivers 125mm of fully active travel with superb compliance and damping via a tuned for CVA
Fox Float CTD Factory Shock. The carbon links rotate on oversized Angular Contact Bearings for lateral rigidity and immediate power transfer, dropper post routing and ISCG 05 chainguide compatibility mean you can build this bike to fit your ride style.

What the judges had to say: "There is a clear philosophy behind this mountain bike. The RIP 9 RDO is perfect in form, with an eye-catching color, bright and smart - an impressive calling card for the rider - and certainly something very out of the ordinary!”

Factor Vis Vires - Racing Bike

Entry ID: 272-124132
Category: Racing Bike
Manufacturer: Factor Bikes, Diss, Norfolk/United Kingdom
Design: Domahidy Consulting, LLC, Boulder/USA

Product description: The level of electronic integration in combination with the frame, fork and front-end design are what make the Factor Vis Vires racing bike special. Precise steering thanks to the double fork with the integrated front-end makes it take curves with extreme ease; the double-walled down tube enhances the turn and pedal stiffness at an additional only 100 grams of aerodynamic performance.

What the judges had to say: "This racing bike is impressive in its well-thought-through details: the solution for the fork stem, the separated down tube and the integrated mounting. In addition, both brakes are integrated and it is possible to measure differentiated performance (left and right leg). The Factor Vis Vires really is an extraordinary racing bike.”

COBOC eCycle - Urban Single-Speed Pedelec

Entry ID: 272-124923
Category: E-Bikes / Pedelecs
Manufacturer: COBOC eCycles, Heidelberg/Germany
Design: COBOC eCycles, Heidelberg/Germany

Product description: The COBOC eCycle is a pedelec - a bicycle with an electric motor. The special thing about it is its minimalism, its light weight and its operating concept. The total weight of the current model is 13.7 kg. All of the drive components are integrated into the frame, which keeps the entire drive system protected from the elements and the COBOC sports a lean, purist design. The COBOC eCycle is appealing to riders who place particular importance on perfectly coordinated, dynamic riding characteristics.

What the judges had to say: "A dream of a classically reduced bicycle! A pure single speed that has its electrical components neatly integrated. Combined with incredibly easy operating convenience. A really good approach for a small, particular lifestyle target group. The light and weather protection should also be taken into consideration to appeal to a larger audience!”

blueLABEL Charger - Urban Bikes

Entry ID: 272-126321
Category: E-Bikes / Pedelecs
Manufacturer: riese und müller GmbH, Weiterstadt, Germany
Design: riese und müller GmbH, Weiterstadt, Germany

Product description: The blueLABEL Charger features clear, dynamic frame lines. Geared to urban performance, the high-tech e-bike is equipped with carbon belt transmission and the infinitely variable NuVinci Nabe hub. The cables are laid inconspicuously in ridges under the top tube and through the frame. The design language is purist, which is once again reinforced by the raised chain stay. Thanks to the new design, the new Bosch performance drive and the corresponding rechargeable battery appear lean and clean.

What the judges had to say: "The blueLABEL Charger has everything that a modern e-bike needs: It’s good for everyday use, has disk brakes, a low-maintenance drive and a bright LED light. All in all, an honest, clean bike that shows its stuff.”

adizero ss jersey m - Jersey

Entry ID: 272-126546
Category: Apparel
Manufacturer: adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Germany
Design: adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Germany

Product description: The adizero cycling jersey with a weight of only 65 grams provides cyclists with perfect protection against wind and sun and is aerodynamic genius at the same time. It allows maximum breathability with optimum protection. The cleverly integrated back piece in particular immediately discharges any excess moisture. Two well-planned back pockets offer maximum storage space without stretching out of shape.

What the judges had to say: "This shirt stands as a representative for the wave of innovation in jerseys. When temperatures are high, this jersey is ideal to wear for road racing and MTB - and is sure to become popular among hobby cyclists in the future as well.”

Cervélo Rca - Racing Bike Frame Set

Entry ID: 272-125663
Category: Parts/Components
Manufacturer: Cervelo Europe, Cloppenburg/Germany
Design: Cervelo Europe, Cloppenburg/Germany

Product description: Cervélo had made this bike even lighter than the last model, but still retained the rigidity of the R5ca. Thanks to the Concurrent Aero & Structural Engineering approach, it was possible to reduce the frame weight to a mere 667g and to decrease the air resistance with the Squoval 3 tube design at the same time. The new design also includes inner cables, an integrated powermeter magnet and the Integran/PowerMetal Nanovate (TM) technology used to coat the fork shaft to allow for better durability at the reduced weight.

What the judges had to say: "The Cervélo frame set is an outstanding example of successful development work: it is ultra-light, but at the same time very stable, runs without any problems and is suitable for everyday use. And the design is very successful as well. The case is clear: this frame sets a new standard.”

Cambium C17 - Saddle

Entry ID: 272-126444
Category: Parts / Components
Manufacturer: BROOKS ENGLAND LTD, Smethwick/United Kingdom
Design: BROOKS ENGLAND LTD, Smethwick/United Kingdom

Product description: Brooks Cambium is a saddle series made of vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton with a thin layer of structured textile for additional elasticity and durability. This saddle is put together with replaceable parts; it is maintenance-free, waterproof and is comfortable as well as user-friendly. The name Cambium is a term from the field of botany and was chosen because the saddle is produced on the basis of plants.

What the judges had to say: "As a traditional manufacturer, Brooks is blazing new trails with this saddle - and still remains true to its design. The use of new materials is unique to date - there is no other manufacturer who does anything similar.”

Conti drive system - Bicycle Drive Belt

Entry ID: 272-126594
Category: Parts / Components
Manufacturer: Benchmark Drives GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim/Germany
Design: Benchmark Drives GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim/Germany

Product description: Whether for long cycling tours or a trip downtown - the Continental drive belt for bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes is an alternative to a chain. It is light in weight, clean and quiet, robust, durable and maintenance-free. The advantages of the CONTI DRIVE SYSTEM include the optimized tooth profile for greater gear-changing ease at very low tension, a pleasantly smooth ride with outstanding power transmission and high efficiency along with dry, oil-free operation. In addition, it is also compatible with back pedal brakes and gear hubs.

What the judges had to say: "In this case, the advantages of the belt drive were used in the advanced development and the previous disadvantages eliminated: the change in the tooth shape and the division of the teeth makes it possible to work with a lower belt tension. The belt runs easily, but still doesn’t come off. This will set the stage for more bikes to use a belt drive. Very well done!”

Back-Roller High Visibility - Bicycle Bag

Entry ID: 272-126270
Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH, Heilsbronn/Germany
Design: ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH, Heilsbronn/Germany

Product description: Safety first. That is the motto of the new Back-Roller High-Visibility bicycle bags from ORTLIEB. In addition to the bright signal color, a highly reflecting yarn has been incorporated throughout the entire material. Other features: PU-coated Cordura fabric, waterproof, roll closing, Quick-Lock2 mounting system, tool-free adjustment, bright 3M reflectors, inside pocket and shoulder strap.

What the judges had to say: "This excellently worked bicycle bag is convincing particularly because of the use of reflecting thread. It increases the rider’s safety significantly - in the dark, the whole bag becomes one big reflector, which means that cyclists can be seen much more easily and quickly at dusk. All in all, a product that sets new standards.”

ABUS In-Vizz - Bicycle Helmet

Entry ID: 272-126351
Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: ABUS, Wetter/Germany
Design: ABUS, Wetter/Germany

Product description: The ABUS In-Vizz is a new sports helmet with a visor. A helmet with a visor that can be lowered as needed - quickly and easily. The In-Vizz offers the cyclist not only extraordinarily good protection, it is also very comfortable to wear. Up to now, visors on sport helmets were either permanently fixed or had to be mounted with a lot of fuss and bother. In contrast, the In-Vizz allows the flexible use of the integrated visor: with only one hand, it can be inserted into the helmet and pulled out again as needed. Reliable protection for the eyes from wind, rain, sun and dirt.

What the judges had to say: "The visor in the ABUS In-Vizz bicycle helmet is easy to operate with just one hand. That makes life a lot easier for the cyclist. The function of the helmet is not compromised in any way. It’s amazing that something so easy hasn’t been put on the market before!”


After carefully evaluating all the entries, the judges came to the conclusion that none of them deserved the EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD this year. The judges were unanimous: "This special award should go to a product that is environmentally particularly valuable. Unfortunately, there was no entry this year that was able to convince us with trailblazing innovation in terms of ecology and sustainability.”

The Judges’ Comments:
"There’s clearly a lot going on in the field of e-mobility. Which is a good thing. But there’s still a long way to go before we have holistic, integrated solutions. There are already good ideas for delivering bicycle and electric mobility from a single source. But it’s a wide field.”
Nils Holger Moormann (designer, Aschau im Chiemgau/D)

"I think that the mobility-oriented solutions were underrepresented. Many of the entries focused more on sports. However, the products and the technology were on a very high level. Needless to say, it is difficult to present completely new products or developments every year.”
Peter Barzel (editorial board velopress, Düsseldorf/D)

"For many of the entries, you could feel the loving attention to detail and the blood, sweat and tears that were invested in the products - and you could see it in the results. For some of the entries, I would have liked to have better documentation, and it wasn’t possible to try out some of the products. In that case, it’s difficult to give them an award.”
Thomas Linthaler (Zweirad Center Stadler GmbH, Regensburg/D)

"The number of products entered certainly did make the decision difficult. Unfortunately, it was not possible to try out a lot of the electronic products. I would like the companies entering products to describe them better and in more detail in the future. The jury was a good mixture of different experts. There was someone for everything.”
Christoph Listmann (Bike Magazine, Munich/D)

"The quality of the entries overall was very high, and being part of the jury was a lot of fun. I expected a larger range of city bikes in the urban category - with or without a motor. In addition, the manufacturers should present their products more clearly and make it possible to try them out.”
Andrea Reidl (freelance journalist, Buxtehude/D)

"The competent and constructive cooperation between the judges was an interesting experience. All in all, the products entered were of good quality. The entries are backed up by good ideas - but not really thought through in terms of operation or workmanship. In addition, I would be happy if even more companies would take advantage of this opportunity to present their products here.”
Dr. Achim Schmidt (German Sport University Cologne, Cologne/D)

The Judges:

Nils Holger Moormann is a designer and lives and works in Aschau am Chiemsee/Germany. Fascinated by the design world, he ended his studies of law in the early 1980s and moved as a self-taught expert into the furniture industry. In 1984, Moormann founded his own company - which features an internationally respected and multiple award-winning furniture collection today.

Peter Barzel from the editorial staff at velopress, Düsseldorf/Germany, worked as a technical editor for ten years after completing a degree in mechanical engineering - first employed in industry and then later freelance. He has been a freelance trade journalist since 1996 with a special focus on bicycles, bicycle technology and e-bikes for different daily newspapers, magazines and radio (WDR). In addition, Barzel gives talks on bicycle technology and e-bikes and has also co-authored a number of different books on this subject.

Thomas Linthaler, born in Regensburg/Germany in 1968, worked for more than ten years for the family company, Zweiradcenter Stadler, which is one of Europe’s largest retail companies in the bicycle industry. As the category and product manager, he is - in close cooperation with CEO Helmut Stadler - responsible for purchasing and product range as well as for the specification, design and choice of the bicycles. Before that, Linthaler worked for five years as the test and technical head for a bicycle trade magazine.

Christoph Listmann is the deputy editor-in-chief and test and technical editor of Europe’s largest mountainbike magazine, BIKE Magazin, Munich/Germany. He ran his first mountain-bike race in 1989 and was involved in competitive sports on studded tires for 15 years (won the 2003 Transalp Challenge in the mixed category). He has worked in the test department of BIKE Magazin since 1995, which has given him ample opportunity to test and evaluate many new inventions. Listmann is also the author of several MTB books.

Andrea Reidl was first employed as a chemical laboratory assistant before she studied cultural studies and sociology in Bremen and volunteered as a writer at the daily newspaper in Buxtehude/Germany. She has remained living there since 1999 and works as a freelance author for a number of different online and print media, including the German magazines Zeit Online und Spiegel Online. Her main focus is on cycling topics and mobility. Reidl rides a bike almost every day and when on holiday.

Dr. Achim Schmidt has been a research assistant at the Institute of Natural Sports and Ecology at the German Sport University of Cologne/Germany since 1999. The active cyclist is also the author of many books and articles about cycling and endurance sports. His research focuses on the development of sports concepts for tourists and on cycling as a sport. Schmidt also advises companies in the cycling industry on product development and the topic of ergonomics.


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